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Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend!

Warning: If you are waist deep in snow you may want to click out of this right now as it may depress you beyond help! Read at own risk.

Okay now that that's out of the way, here's my post!
This weekend was a blurr. We had a most excellent time on Saturday. We made the 2 hour trek over to Clermont to see my sweet friend Debra and her family. Most of you know Debra from Clothed with Scarlet. If you don't then you should go meet her because she is a very sweet lady. We met somewhere in blogland. They came to our Christmas party and we all just really hit it off. This was our first time over there and we all had a blast together. They live right near a beautiful yet very cold lake. We guessed the temperature at around 68 degrees. So needless to say it was just going to be the brave men that do anything involving actually getting or falling into the water! Though Deb did get a little backspray that was a bit cold, huh Deb? Now on to some pictures. We have a lot of the same pictures so for times sake I'm not going to post a lot of the pictures because I know you people are super busy and I don't want to bore you first thing in the morning with our daily activities! LOL. With that said.....
.......here's the lake that we played on. It's it beautiful. Look at those blue skies. A perfect 79 degrees and sunny!

Here my son got a bit excited and decided to wear his life jacket on the way to the boat ramp. I thought he looked so cute!
Here's my most excellent family!
Here is my beautiful friend Deb and my son doing his impression of Popeye the Sailor Man!
Two handsome dudes! My handsome dude is on the right and Deb's is on the left. I'm so glad they liked each other it makes for a funner time! LOL. Is funner a word? I should have said more fun, Huh? Are you writers cringing yet? Oh it gets better. Read on! Hee! Hee!
I just liked this picture!
Here is my man skurfin' or what some people call wake boarding. We call it skurfin'. I guess that's East Coast talk. LOL. I kept telling him he looked hot. I also kept telling him that he's going to be REALLY sore in the morning. Guess what? I was right! Ha! Ha! He hadn't skurfed in about 5 or so years. But he got right up on his first try. YOU GO BABY!
Here is my daughter and our future son in law Josh. I'm kidding. Well sort of! LOL. She so didn't want to fall into that cold cold cold water and Jay was really good about keeping them from tipping over. They had fun!
Josh was so sweet to take our son on a ride. He (my son) thought that was so much fun. He looked like he wasn't sure at first but once they hit some wake and bounced around, the smiles started showing!Check Spelling
After a full day on the lake we got to go back and relax as Jason and Deb's house. They made a delicious dinner and we just got to hang out and fellowship with some really great people. I admit after being on a boat all day , that 2 hour drive home was hard! LOL. But well worth it.
Losing that hour wasn't very helpful either!

Come back tomorrow when you'll find out what I learned this week! Oh the wisdom I'm going to share!! You won't want to miss it! Hee! Hee!


  1. Kimmy,

    We did pick a lot of the same pictures but we love the same, it's so clear! What a great day the Lord made for us...so lovin it!

    Happy Monday, my sweet sis and big hugs to you!

  2. Blogged over from Debra! What a super fun day! Everyone looked like they had so much fun! Thanks for taking us along thru the pictures! Have a great week!

  3. Great pictures! love them all!

  4. Very fun! That's the great part about living in FL.
    Just yesterday Brea asked me if we still lived by the beach. I told her there was a beach here, but it wasn't that close. She then asked, "What, are we in the desert?"
    Too funny.
    Love your new look!

  5. Very fun! That's the great part about living in FL.
    Just yesterday Brea asked me if we still lived by the beach. I told her there was a beach here, but it wasn't that close. She then asked, "What, are we in the desert?"
    Too funny.
    Love your new look!

  6. What a fun weekend my friend! Looks like you all had a great time together and enjoyed the nice weather! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! Great big Boat-sized hugs to you! :)

  7. Hi Kim!

    So THATS what it's like to enjoy a boat??!!!??

    Your email address came back to me...I sent the Friday night contact list to your business address.

  8. Guess what happened - when we got HOME from our vacation:


  9. That is so awesome that you guys could get together!! I found Debra in bloggyland somehow and realized that we go to the same church!! I can hear the music now... "it's a small world ..."! Great weekend!!

  10. Not sure why my comment didn't go through the first time.

    Anyhow...the pictures are great. Looks like yall had loads of fun.

    When we lived in Florida, we used to do some skiing in the cool months of January and February. Well my hubby did (he barefooted), but I definitely didn't. I went in the boat---not the water. I like my water about body temperature---about 96 degrees. Really!! My pool wasn't comfortable for me unless it was close to 96 or 98 degrees. Might as well take a bath, huh? (Except that I use 100+ degree water for that!)

    Anyhow, I'm definitely envious of the blue sky and warmer temperatures.

    And I'm with you on the lost hour. I'm not a daylight saving time fan anyhow, but this weekend (which is 3 weeks earlier than we used to do it!) made it even harder. We had our adoption class all day Saturday, then a long drive home. Not the best weekend for me to spring forward.

    Anyhow, love you, my friend. Thanks for sharing the great photos.


  11. I found you through Debra's blog. She also told me I would love you and that we both have an interest in healthy living. Love your photos. That's so cool that you and Deb met from blogging but that you were able to get together.

  12. I saw more pics on Debra's blog. Looks like ya'll had a FANTASTIC time! I'm so glad. You both have beautiful families.

  13. How fun for both you and Debra. I am so jealous. You two are so neat. Can't wait to get to Florida and meet you both:) Hint Hint!
    Who wouldn't want her Josh as a son in law. What an awesome young man. Great choice:) Before I read Debra's post and saw them together, I thought it was Josh's girlfriend. They are so cute!
    Glad you had a great time!

  14. Yea - that is so fun that you have connected with a blogging friend IRL. I love that. :)

  15. Awwww...I'm jealous! The skies are gorgeous and you guys looked like you had a blast!

    It was pretty cloudy this weekend with threats of rain but we didn't get any! Whooohooo!

    Today was beautiful blue skies and 80 degrees and we had 6" of snow last weekend. Go figure!

    Glad you had fun! Me and Laurie from Women Taking A Stand are going to meet Laurie Ann half way on the 27th for lunch! I am so excited to meet in person.

    Loved the pictures!!


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