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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are Wii Fit?

Most of you know that I enjoy going to the gym and working out. It's very therapeutic for me and it actually looks like it's starting to pay off. I also live a much more sedentary lifestyle then I did when I worked full time before I got married. I'm not saying that I sit on my butt all day but I admit I'm not jogging around my house with my laundry basket over my head doing reps. I also homeschool as most of you know too and I admit my 3 kids probably don't get as much exercise as they should. We go out and play but I often wonder if it's enough. With that said, about 2 months ago my Mom and Dad bought us the Wii fit. I was a bit skeptical at first but it has slowly won me over and now I just love it. I do it on some days in addition to going to the gym just for a little extra push near the middle of the day. I feel like a total goofball doing it but it really is neat. (By the way I secretly video taped my Mom doing the hula hoop, but she won't let me post it on here. *sigh*) Now I know for a fact that a few of you have one and I don't know if you know this about me or not but I like good healthy competition. So I was thinking that those of you who have one and myself could post our recent standings in each category or if you want to keep this on the down low, then we could email them to each other and do that once a week to see how we compare to each other. Are you up for it? Did this post make any sense at all? Cause I'm reading it and I'm not sure if I worded things correctly! LOL. Where's my editor? I think you get the idea. If you have a Wii Fit and wanna play with me let me know and we'll hook up!



  1. I'll play along...but I will do it via email if that is ok. I can't do the yoga though because my ceiling is too low where they wii is set up and I can't extend all the way. But everything else I can do.

  2. No we don'y have a Wii Fit.
    It sounds really cool!
    I saved up my money to buy a Wii but I decided I would buy a trumpet instead. :D
    @ www.n-orenczakfamily.blogspot.com

  3. Wii have one too...but I haven't had the nerve to step on the thing. I don't want it to scream, "Get off! Get off!" LOL

    My girls love it. I'm almost at the end of school, so I am looking forward to getting fit this summer. You go girl!!!

  4. Sounds like fun! :D Wii love to do it, too!

  5. We do not have one,but it sounds like fun.

  6. Oh my goodness, YOU are a hoot. And I would LOVE to see your mom doing the hula-hoop.

    You would whoop me on the wii fit. I went back to working out about a month ago, and lemme say, it's been comical.

    One day, I was rushing, rushing to get to my fitness yoga class. Put my keys down, laid out my mat and looked up to a bunch of sweet, older ladies staring at me. Apparently, the schedule had changed, and I was in the SR. Citizens' yoga class.

    I stayed, cuz I' didn't want to make them "feel bad," but I wish I'da left, cuz they kicked my BUTT. Man, I hope I can do that at their age. Anyway, back to your post...I'm thinking, "NO" to making any scores public. I have my pride, you know.

  7. Now that YOU have told everyone that it is me I doubly won't let you put it on there. I love you, Guess WHO?

  8. I have a Wii Fit and LOVE it.. well when I get on.

    Our whole family does it and has a great time.

    I'd join in but our schedule is so crazy lately I just can't commit..

    Have fun with this!

    I LOOOOOOVEEEE the boxing. A great work out!

  9. I have a Wii but not the Fit! I am saving up for one:-)

  10. I am actually picturing you running around the house lifting your laundry basket up and down above your head - LOL! You may have come up with a new workout - you'll make millions! :)

    I am for this my friend as I need motivation to get back into it. Of course I will have to get back to my own toilet-seat cover providing state first. :)

    Had kind of a rough day my friend, will e-mail when I can. I am fine though!

    Big Hula Hoopin Hugs to you!

  11. I have the thing but """GIRL""" I go to the gym 5 days a week so there is NOOOO way that I am pluggin that thing in to do more...if you know what I mean! Hope everyone has fun tho!

  12. It sounds like fun! I'd like to get one.



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