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Thursday, April 9, 2009

General Blah Blah Blah! BUT it might be beneficial!

I didn't think the title General Blah Blah Blah was going to go reeling you in so I had to add the last part just so you would consider reading it out of curiosity. Did it work? LOL.

As usual I have a few things rolling around my head. For one, we are going to buy a new computer. We have stretched the life of this one for probably 5-6 more years then it should have been and it's tired! It wants to retire. So we've been shopping but we can't seem to find one that has the stuff we are looking for at a decent price. We definitely don't want to pay over a $1000.00. We really don't even want to get to close to that. LOL. All those zeros scare me! Anyway, I would like your opinion. What do you have and do you LOVE it. We really need something that will edit our home video. Everything else is less important but yet still important. Ya picking up what I'm putting down? Okay moving on.

Have you been enjoying my little spring decorating ideas? Do you want another? I have one more little spring decorating idea but didn't know if you were tired of it yet or not. If not I'll whip it up today and post it later. What I should be doing is SPRING CLEANING not spring decorating! But the cleaning isn't near as fun as the decorating.

I've been tossing around the idea of another giveaway but I couldn't figure out for what? LOL. I'm way past my bloggiversary. My birthday isn't till July and with the exception of Easter there isn't another major holiday for a while now. So I looked over at my friends on the right side bar there, that for some reason faithfully follow my little blog, and thought, "How about I have a giveaway when my friend count reaches a hundred." Now granted this could take A LONG TIME! LOL. But that's what I'm going to do. So if you been tossing around the idea of being my buddy, now would be the time to do it.

Oh yeah and I've had a few people comment about my weeding out the movies post and one had an idea about posting what we DO watch as a family. Is that something that would be of interest to anyone else? I know we are all at different seasons of our lives. We have small children, therefor our movies have to be able to be watched by them as well. It's hard to pick a movie that everyone wants to watch. I mean we have 40 years to 3 years old to make happy. Sometimes we give up and just talk, which isn't a bad thing,because we can't agree on one!

And last but not least, don't forget about Friday Funnies tomorrow!!!! I've found yet another joke out of the archives!
Oh and Saturday Show and Tell will be canceled until further notice.

Oh yeah, (I keep remembering things) I'm going to be posting a yummy carrot cake recipe on my cooking blog. I just made it last night and it was FABULOUS. It's on the healthier side so you don't have to feel as guilty!

Okay so let's recap.
Help us with computer choice.
To spring decorate one more thing or not to spring decorate one more thing, that is the question.
Giveaway at 100 friends
Posting our movie listings.
Friday Funnies tomorrow.
No Show and Tell Saturday this Saturday.
Carrot cake recipe

Tell me your thoughts. I have 93 friends and only get like 10 comments! LOL.


  1. Yeah on a new computer! Hope you find one in your price range.
    WE have a Dell that we have used for years.

    Ugh, spring cleaning!! LOL!

    Can't wait to hear your movie recommendations.

    :( on Saturday. I wasn't able to participate the last 2 with so many things going on.

    Going over now to check out carrot cake! Nothing like dangling a carrot before me. LOL!

  2. Laptop or Desktop?
    As a general rule I've been happy with Dell or HP products. I'm not into a lot of fancy stuff and typically aim for the good solid product without a lot of frills.

    Post the spring ideas and we can take them or leave them. But you make all your posts entertaining and usually there's something useful there too.

  3. lol I have to laugh at the 93 friends but 10 comments.... I can see how many people visit my blog everyday and its NO WHERE near to the comments I get. Ho hum. If only? :)

    I am liking how your blog looks! Very beautiful!!

    Many blessings!

  4. We have a Dell with a Vista OS and I hate it! Vista is the most thing to come out of Microsoft ever!

  5. Shopping for a new computer is HARD WORK! I had ordered a Dell over a year ago, and it was dead on arrival. They sent me another one. It wasn't built per my spec. Sent it back. They sent another one. Still was built incorrectly. Gave up and got my $$$$ back. They have terrible customer service. I then got a Gateway. Mine has been great. DH's identical computer has not. Gee whiz! Our HP laptop (which we take on trips) has been terrific.

    That's quite ambitious to get to 100 followers, but you can do it! I'm still stuck below 50, LOL.

  6. We love our HP touchsmart! They ARE expensive, but really nice!! We have in the past instead of buying an actual home computer we invested in a laptop for our main computer. We almost always buy our electronics off EBAY. We have never had any issues. We even bought our range microwave on ebay! Have a good day and happy shopping!

  7. I like your blah blah blah post my friend!

    We bought a laptop several months ago (Desktop was gettin old, still barely running so gave it to son just for games - no internet - until it completely dies). We did decide on laptop as it took up less room, could be taken on trips, and wouldn't keep us trapped at a desk.

    It's an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC with a widescreen (like 17 in.) - great for media stuff though that's not necessarily why we got it. Got it at Costco 'cause it was the best deal and Costco has good return policy. Would also consider Best Buy. Desktop would definitely cost you less money though. We were looking at a Dell laptop in Best Buy when the display one froze up and stopped working - LOL! Not good advertising - we steered clear of that one. :) Did I help or just ramble?

    Yes to more Spring decorating and yes to you Spring cleaning my house - you offered that didn't you?

    Yay to a giveaway at 100 friends! Hmmm, can I get myself on there more than once - LOL?

    Yes to posting the movies that your family watches - that is really an excellent suggestion. You should give some sort of prize to the person that suggested that. :)

    Always love the Friday Funnies!

    Sad about Show & Tell Saturday, but I have too much going on with my blog right now to participate. :(

    You made a cake just for me? In honor of my Blogaversary? Thank you - that was so sweet!! Yum!!

    Have a fabulous day my friend! I love seeing all your comments on my blog.

    Big blah blah blah hugs to you!!

  8. Girl,

    You are cracking me up with this long post. THanks for the recap because by the time i got to the bottom I forgot the first one. LOL
    My mind went blank...
    I have many followers and not as many comments either...LOL

  9. We have a Dell laptop, have used Dell for years. They have super fast shipping service.

    I'm gonna miss the Saturday Show and Tell, but look forward to joining when you bring it back.

    I would be interested in the movie listings.

    And giveaways are great.

  10. Blah blah blah was interesting!

    Our computer is hanging on by a thread, girl! I'm interested to see what you choose. Mine is getting painfully slow since I've started uploading pictures and doing verses on them and such. I need something super-fast. (For my patience and sanity, of course.)

    Yum-O on the recipe! Can't wait to check that out.

    I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Funnies. I have a couple of good ones to share. Much love!

  11. So you're a July baby too? Of course I probably knew that last year and forgot! Sick child, sleep deprivation ... I'm ready to crash.

  12. I got to the lieberry late and my time is running out. But I'll be back and tell you about my puter(s). I'll be in Tampa this weekend. Hopefully, I'll catch some puter time down there. If not, have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

    Love ya loads!

  13. Girl...you are for real! I like your writing style and how you put it out there.
    I need to do some Spring Cleaning OUT! LOL I need to get down and clean out all the drawers and closets in my house. I just get overwhelmed thinking about it!
    I keep thinking 1 drawer at a time and that is as far as it goes. Now I need to actually clean the drawer instead of thinking about it.
    I am excited you are close to the 100 mark. I can't seem to get out of the 30's ....just glad I have that many who show me some love. When you have time come by and check out my place ...who knows you may decide to be my buddy too!

  14. Kimmy,

    On the new computer ... go to HSN.com and look up their Gateway home computers. Sometimes they have amazing offers and the Gateways are awesome! I think you can get really good packages with HSN for like $799 ... I'm waiting for one to go on sale and I'm grabbing one!

    Love ya!


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