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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday- Spring Table Decorating

I am just a stickler for making my house seasonably fun. My kids love it too. It just makes a house homey. So I got the spring bug yesterday and went to work on my table. Not only was this inexpensive but EASY!!
I'll show you the pictures first and tell you what I did after just in case you hate it and want to end your time at my blog now and move on to your next destination. LOL. Aren't I thoughtful? Cute huh? I made this for under $5.00 I could have made it for almost free had I used my husbands handkerchiefs, but since they were mostly blue, black, and camouflage and the fact that he does USE his, and the fact that it would have been really really ugly, I opted against it.

Here's what you need.
4 or 5 springy handkerchiefs. I found these at Wal-Mart for a $1.00 a piece. I only needed 4 and my table is average size.
A couple of votives for some tea light candles. Use what you have. I had these but they were pretty plain so I just grabbed my acrylic paint and just added a splash of color.
I didn't go for perfection. I went with just having some fun and they came out cute I thought. No one will be critiquing your paint job I can assure you.For the center piece, I just added a simple vase and some fake springy flowers. I'm sure you have an extra vase or two lying around somewhere. My husband is good about buying me wild flowers every month so fakes will definitely be replaced with those soon. But for now they looked cute. Also my flip flop salt and pepper shakers is what inspired me on the color scheme. Find something you have already and then work around it. This goes with any kind of decorating project.

To sew the handkerchiefs together you just overlap each end about an inch and sew a zig zag type stitch to connect them.
Here's what you DON'T do.
See the folded corner sewn all nice and neatly onto the back side? Yeah, don't do that! You don't want that to happen. That causes you to sprout a few gray hairs and make you wonder why you have a sewing machine in the first place. But I'm kind of glad I did it or I wouldn't have taken a picture of the stitch so you could see it. Now remember this is the backside. You aren't going to have that over lap showing on the right side.
Well there you have it. Come back tomorrow as I'm going to have another springy decorating idea ready for you.
But for now, why don't you go check out more Tackles over at 5 Minutes for Moms.
Feel free to ask me any questions about this project!
Have a most excellent day!


  1. What a cute idea Kim! My table is round. I could get a long, rectangular piece to drape down the center, probably.

    Thank you for your advice. I totally agree that anything that is opposite of what we teach needs to go.

    That is wonderful that your daughter has no interest in dating. Good for her!

    I am definately going to be praying on this. I should've gotten up early this morning so I could specifically pray for this, but my lazy boot just wouldn't get up. :( I hate the flesh! It's so weak!

    Have a great day sweets!!! ((Hugs))

  2. Kimmy,

    These are just so precious, my friend. And I'm a season friendly home decorator too. I'm with you..makes a home warm and cozy and says "come in..we'd love to have ya"!

    Big hugs to you today!

  3. That is a very cute tackle!!

  4. I just love seasonal decorating, too. This is very cute!!

  5. That is so creative...thanks for sharing!

  6. YOu are so clever! And frugal too! Good girl!

  7. Very nice Kim !
    Is that red vase, avon from the
    70's? I have a yellow one,I think I will pull it out for Easter. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  8. It's very Springy and fun and cheerful my friend! Great idea sewing those together - so funny (for me anyway) that you stitched the corner in there! It just had to happen, didn't it?

    And the votives are cute too. That could be a fun little Spring Break project. Good job, Miss Creative!!

    See - on your decorating, you actually made stuff. I just moved stuff around, thus you are more creative! :)

    On a completely unrelated sidenote, I know you have the Bloggy Giveaways carnival button. I JUST discovered that her site is closing and the carnival that was going to be in the beginning of May is canceled! Can you believe it? So many people will be having giveaway withdrawals - LOL!

    Big Super-creative-painting-sewing-cheerful-colorful-spring-decorating hugs to you today!!! :)

  9. Great job. I love it. So colorful and easy.

  10. Great idea! I may do the votives for Easter. Your table is gorgeous!

  11. Kim,

    That turned out very cute. I recognized those flip flop shakers:) You are so creative. Nice job!

  12. Absolutely adorable! I need some spring decor.....

  13. It's positively A-dorable! I sold my table and chairs, thinking I'd be soonly getting a new one. LOL! We do a lot of eating on our feet, though there is a small table-ette in the kitchen, attached to the islet.

    My morning was spent clearing said islet and I can't B-lieve the difference it made!

    Be C-ing you, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. I love all the bright colors. Looks great.

  15. OH! I totally forgot to mention how much I LOVE your votive art! 8-}

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  16. You are amazing with all your talented ways. Thanks for sharing. I too love to do the seasonal and holiday things in the house. Drives hubby nuts, but he gets over it. ;)

  17. I have seen those made into bedspreads for a boys room. A western theme.


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