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Thursday, May 28, 2009

How do you know you're a fan?

First off let me tell you that I in no way think that I have pretty feet and by showing them to you twice in the past couple of weeks by no means indicates that. With that said, ( oh yeah you know this post is going to cause some brain mushiness) I was in the shower yesterday ( no need to visualize) and as I was washing my feet,when I realized that I wear my flip flops A LOT. How do I know this? Mainly because of this.
I have a flip flop tan. Now I am not one to sit out and sun myself and if I did I'm pretty sure I wouldn't leave my flip flops on. But unless I'm at the gym, my flip flops are on my feet. And I guess after awhile this is bound to happen. You want to know the really sad thing? I took about 15 pictures of my feet trying to make them look better. Different angles, lighting etc. but I've come to realize that I just have ugly feet and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm okay with it though. LOL. No need for therapy at this time.
So are you a fan of the flop? I used to be a fan of the sneaker and had really really white feet and a line around my ankle where the "tan" stopped. It wasn't pretty. Shortly after that is when the flip flops became the shoe of choice. Plus living at the beach it only seems right, right?

Well you didn't come here for the politics remember? LOL. Oh me! With that said, please take my poll on my side bar. I want your opinion.
Big hugs to you my friends who put up with me on a regular basis!


  1. I love my flip flops, too. But after running, I realized I needed to buy a decent pair to keep my feet from getting sore (mainly my heels). So I bought "orthoheel" flip flops. They are sooo nice to my feet!! LOVE THEM! :)
    BTW, I don't think your feet are ugly! Who gave you that crazy idea?!

  2. I live in Arizona so flip flops are kind of a staple item here. I have a lot of different colors to go with different outfits. So I am a fan! By the way your feet aren't ugly. I have seen some feet that shouldn't be aloud in flip flops. he he I use to wear moccasins when I was younger due to the fact they were mega comfy.
    What bugs me is when people wear the sandals with socks.What is up with that? You might as well wear sneakers.
    Cute post! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. I love the flip flop. Though as I get older I'm realizing that I need to invest money in nice ones so my legs won't look like spider webs via varicose veins in a few years...

    I don't have the tan yet, but that's mostly because I kick my flops off whenever I can...

  4. I hate the way my feet look too, so I don't use the word "pretty" to describe them. But I do love my feet -- for holding me up and taking me where I want to go. I love pampering them now (after years of abuse). I love to paint my toenails or rub wonderful lotion into them. I love to prop them up on a cushion and say "thank you". So, let's hear it for feet!!

    Alas, I don't wear flip flops because after 50+ years, I need something with a little more support. But I do love them. I just bought my 17 yr old daughter 4 pairs recently -- all different colors or styles -- just because I know she's a big fan (and they were dirt cheap at discount stores). So, YES; wear those flip flops on your "lovely" feet!

  5. Girl I have those same tan lines. Too funny! Yes, better than tennis shoe tan lines. LOL

  6. I LOVE flip flops! I have more pair of them than any other type of shoes. I don't have the line though b/c I use Jergens "natural glow" lotion. It works!

  7. I like flip flops, but had some foot problems so at home I wear flops that are molded with support. But out and about, I wear flip flops - I do get the tan line, but I try to take off the flip flops at the park or anywhere that I'm sitting in the sun for a while.

    Your feet are nice - what are you talking about? And your pedi still looks good!

    Took your polls of course! And see? It's turning out that everybody likes you just the way you are! :)

    I hope you are having a great day my friend! I am going to try and get caught up a little at home today - say a prayer!

    Big start-going-barefoot-to get-rid-of-the-tan-line hugs to you!! :)

  8. I think you have cute feet! :-)

    I alternate between tennis shoes and flip flops. I have problems with my feet...painful arches and heels so I can't wear them everyday and it has just about done way with going barefoot too. I am sitting here working in my pjs with tennis shoes on right now. LOL! I walked into the kitchen just now when hubby ran by the house and I said "I have to go put my shoes on cause my feet are hurting already".

    I can't wait to get sand between my toes this summer. That is the one place my feet don't hurt...on the beach!

    Have a great day, my friend!

  9. I love my flip flops.
    Providence calls flip flops SLIP SLOPS. Slip slops are the only shoes she will wear. :)

  10. Hey Girlie! I adore the flip flops! Reefs are my absolute faves but I'm thinking about a cute little pair of Yellow Box flip flops that are calling my name lately. What kind are you wearing?

  11. Kim you rock! I love coming here to visit, just don't get to as often as I'd like to. Your blog is magnificent. The homeschooling part will be a big help once I start homeschooling the grand kids. So I'll be reading up now for pointers. ;)
    By the way, the awards are finally posted, what a pain it was. There are two there for you. :) Big hugs, Tammy

  12. I am a flip flop fan and in the summer I, too, look as if i still have them on even when they are not!

  13. I can't stand wearing flip flops because they irritate the skin between my toes, LOL. I wear crocs, so I have "spotted" feet!

  14. I live in flip flops too. I have them in a wide variety of colors to even match my clothes. Lol. But living in Phoenix, I want to keep cool. And your feet aren't as bad as you think they are.

  15. I don't like shoes that flop, so flip flops are out for me. But I did find a pair that have a wider, elasticized foot strap this year that I am thoroughly enjoying. My favorites are my Keens though. And they leave the weirdest tan lines on my feet!

  16. I love love love my flipflops even though I really should not be wearing them! They don't give me the support I need but I just can't give them up!

    BTW you have cute feet!

    I tagged you on my blog, just a fun post.
    Blessing to you!

  17. Oh Kim...what else is there to wear in sunny Fl!!! If I put anything else on my feet they would totally rebel!

    Your feet look very nice BTW!!!

    Bless you,

  18. Chile, I've lived in flip flops since we called them thongs! I even wore them to court one day... well, it was just an informal 'hearing' thingie, so no biggie. And I had a broken toe, so that was a good excuse. 8-}

    I recently read an article about how they can cause damage to your back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. *sigh* So, for the first time in years, I bought a little pair of slip-ons. Yes, my flips have flopped. Now that I think about it, my hip has been feeling a lot better lately. Hmmm, must be something to it.

    Here's the article, if you wanna know more.

  19. I've been wearing my flip flops a lot now. I had to look at my feet just now and I have some tan lines too.

  20. I don't wear flip flops much as my feet are always cold in the house. LOL! I do wear them going out sometimes though.

  21. I'm not a flip flop kinda gal because my feet are truly ugly and I have an aversion to bare feet. Da toes must be burka'd! I have to wear socks. I think your feet are pretty, though, and I love your flip floppy tan. too cute! My Daddy has a farmer's tan, he's everywhere except where his shirt and pants cover. I used to love it when I was little because I thought he painted himself. Anyway........

  22. you make me laugh! as usual. your feet are not ugly!!

  23. I love the tan!!! A thong tan is better than a farmer's tan!


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