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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I ignored them right to death.

It's no secret that I LOVE flowers. My husband knows this and brings me a bouquet every month from a vendor on the side of the road. I try to make them go as long as possible just so I can have fresh flowers INSIDE the house. But I also enjoy them outside and I've recently been planting some.
We had a bird bath that was not being used over in the side yard so I had my husband bring it over and place it in front of the deck where I would be able to enjoy watching the birds and squirrels get drinks and watch the mocking birds take baths. It's just fun. But it looked naked all by itself so I planted some pretty flowers around it.
Here is a picture that I took at night of it that I think came out pretty cool.
I also had done some planting directly in front of the deck. I diligently watered them all and pulled off the old flowers and just really kept up with them. Making sure they had just what they needed.
Meanwhile...... in another part of the house, this was happening.
The sad thing? I didn't even notice they were dying. They didn't get this way over night. How long had they been that way? I was eating dinner (where these are basically right in front of me and have been for awhile now, obviously) and I looked over because a flower head had completely fallen off (because it was past dead) and it caught my attention. I was like "How long have these been like that?" and my daughter says quite awhile and she'd been wondering why I hadn't thrown them away. *sigh* My poor inside flowers were completely neglected as I pampered my flowers outside. *sigh* Sad huh?
The good news is is that we finally got a good rain yesterday and all my plants and flowers are loving it!


  1. Alright my comment for the day.
    !Lovely birdfeeder!
    We have some dead roes's in our house from Mother's day.
    I took one of the roes's and planted it in my little flowerbed. So now I have a lovely DEAD roes in my garden.

  2. Oh how pretty. Love the plants. Can you believe we have not planted flowers yet here. The rain has just been so horrific, but now there is some sunshine, I think I need to get down and dirty SOON...

  3. Your flowers around the bird bath are so pretty!!! I am determined to take care of my outside flowers this year!! They are looking great so far!!!

  4. LOVE the flower bed/bird bath! That is the biggest reason I don't get flowers anymore. My thumb is purple!! :o)

  5. I love flowers!! Especially when they come from my hubby!!

    At least you got to enjoy the one's inside for a little while.. and God took care of the others :-)

  6. Ok, that is why I don't want hubs to bring me flowers. Seriously, in days they all look like that. I never have been able to keep anything alive for too long. Not really sure how the kids are surviving. Oh yea, my mom lives right around the corner. LOL

  7. Love your flowers and birdybath! I keep trying to get DH sold on the idea of having one...he says that the pool is enough water in the yard!

    Take care,

  8. I love flowers too but unfortunately, I don't like taking care of them. I do have some indoor plants that are soooo easy to take care of. When I finally get to watering them, they're already limping. But as soon as I give them some tender loving care, they perk right up. They're so loyal to me. Now If only I can get the flowers to work with me like that. I would be set.

  9. I am definitely a flower lover, too, but I am NOT a green thumb at all. My grandparents offered me a tomato plant, but I assured them it was much safer in their yard.

  10. Flowers and I have a LOVE hate relationship. I love them and they HATE me!!! LOL. I can keep them alive outside but inside for some reason not so great!

  11. Here I am!! Did ya miss me? :)

    I am so terrible at keeping flowers alive!! Hubby got me some for Mother's Day and I managed to keep 'em going for over a week, but they could have gone longer if I would have stayed on top of it better!

    You must have been too distracted whenever you were inside, probably thinking about coffee, chocolate or cake. Those poor flowers - would they have been neglected if they were made out of chocolate?? HA! :)

    You really need a DaySpring vase to go with those flowers...hee,hee. I think I should become a Rep for them. :)

    Big Kim-killed-the-flowers-but-we-love-her-anyway hugs to you!!

  12. I love flowers too, but boy are they a lot of work! LOL!

    This reminds me of how we work so hard at keep our outward appearance pretty and "flawless" while we neglect the inside...the spiritual aspect of our lives. The inside...we think no one will see and we get busy with life. The thing is, God sees the inside and what He sees in me at times...isn't pretty at all. If we neglect the inside long enough...it will show on the outside too.


  13. I thought the same think as Jennifer too. Made me think about tending to my inside/heart more than the outside.

    I love flowers too... unfortunately outside plants do well... inside plants do not...hummm

  14. Don't feel too bad. I have killed before too!

  15. I'm trying to keep my flowers alive outside. I tend to have a brown thumb so we will see.


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