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Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been 38 years 298 days since my last one.

Yup, I had my very first pedicure this past Thursday. I know I know, the horror!
I'm just not a pamper yourself kind of gal but my wonderful husband got me a gift certificate for Mother's Day so I HAD to go. Yes the arm twisting was terrible and the kicking and screaming finally stopped, so I went. But you can't go alone, on no. I took the person who goat roped me into it and sent me the link to send to my husband as a hint. Yes, the cat's out of the bag. I actually asked for this.
But you can't just get a pedicure and go home, right? Right? No, you have to schedule your appointment just right so when you're done it just HAPPENS to be lunch time. And you can't help it if the place you're having lunch happens to be right next to your favorite candle store can you? No. And it's not my fault that you can see the candy store across the street from there is it? Is it? No. I am innocent. And the fact that by then it was time for an afternoon cup of java and there happen to be a quaint little coffee place right down the road begging for us to stop in, isn't my fault right? No. And the fact that I dipped my peanut butter fudge into my Amaretto Chocolate Coffee wasn't my fau........no, that was all me! It was so good.
Do you want to see the highlights of the day? Well here they are.

This was my happy place for the next hour!
This is us relaxing.
No wait this is us relaxing, maybe a bit to much!
Here I am being turned into Smurfette!
I can honestly say I've never had my feet dipped in hot wax before. That was interesting.
I'm not one who likes to flaunt her feet but you have to see the finished project!
As you already know we had lunch, then I bought me a wonderful smelling candle. It was called Fruit Slices from Bean Pod if anyone is interested. And then somehow we ended up here!I'd describe it as heaven but I know in heaven you wouldn't gain 5 lbs just standing there trying to decide what you're NOT going to eat.
We got our peanut butter fudge and headed out towards the coffee shop. And we didn't want to be rude and eat our fudge there so we opted to get one of their brownies and share it.
Then after the guilt was gone we THEN whipped out the fudge and ate "some". And yes I really did dunk it in my coffee. See!

Here's my friend Kathy on her sugar, caffeinated high! LOL.
Well I could go on and on but I know you all are busy so we'll stop right here. All and all I had a simply marvelous day and it was a nice break from the every day.
Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. Pedicures are wonderful! BUT spending time with a good girlfriend is the BEST!! We girls just have to have our laughing, shopping, eating,talking, blah, blah, blah time with our friends. Glad you had a great time.

  2. Hey Kim, my bloggy friend. I was gonna ask you how you're doing but that's obvious now. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. My toes are begging me for a little tender lovin' care. I think the Pedi Police is on the look out for me for toe neglect.

    I CONFESS...
    I'M GUILTY...

    If they catch me, I'll be sentenced to life. Seriously, they're so ugly right now.

  3. I love the toes they are very pretty.
    Oh, and Fruit Slices from Bean Pod Candle's are my favorite!
    They have a very nice smell. ;)
    See you Sunday!
    #1 fan Kathleen

  4. Your little tootsies look MAH-VAH-LUS! And your pictures crack me up, LOL!

  5. Ahhhh, so jealous! I need a pedi soooooo badly! Looks like you had an awesome day - I'm sure you deserved every minute of it!

  6. Awww how wonderful Kim! You so deserved to have a day like that. Pretty feet. ;) And what a way to relax. (Hee hee I should have left it.) You had me relaxing after reading your post that I had 3 lines of l's here as I snoozed. (blushing) It's so hard to wake up in the morning, darnit! Have a great weekend girl. So love coming here to read your wonderful writings. :) You always put a smile on my face. What a gift you have!!!

  7. What a fun relaxing day! Thanks for letting us in on the fun!

    Have a great weekend and show off those toes now ya hear!!??


  8. What a gift! Never thought of dipping my fudge into my coffee! Sounds like fun!

  9. You are so funny! LOve your perky toes. I think it's so funny you posted this because the first post I wrote on the new Five Moms' blog is about pedicures (of course, it won't be out till Tuesday)....were you reading my mind?????

  10. Girl...that is one GOOD day you had going on....Could it better? Chocolate...Pedi...Coffee...DONE!

    Thanks for stopping by the Mom blog...and you just never know...you might get a guest post one day.....;)

  11. Looks like a grand time. I love to get pedicures.



  13. They are addicting Kim. You will want one all the time now. I love pedi's.
    Great looking piggies too.
    So glad you had a good time.

  14. Wow! Where was I?? LOL. What a fabulously fun day! I am so glad you got to enjoy a beautiful day like that with your friend. So many wonderful things crammed into one day - love it! Thanks for sharing the fun pics my friend! It's like I was there - well, except my toes look awful. I've only had 1 pedicure 2-3 years ago. And I did go with a friend, and Starbucks happened to be next door!

    Have a lovely weekend with your pretty toes! Big pretty-toe-and-fudgy-joe hugs to you!! :)

  15. I forgot to say thank you for putting my cake button up! I'm sure that's worth some extra *virtual* hugs and chocolate from me. :)

  16. How fun is that!! Love that post. Your toesies look so nice!

  17. I wish I were there with you! That looks like my kind of day with my kind of friends! I had my first pedicure last summer in an effort to get over my "no body touchy my feet" issues. It didn't help, but I loved the experience and have done it again recently.

  18. I love it! You look like you girls had a blast!

    I have only had two pedicures in my 46 years...one before our daughter's wedding and the other was a spa package that I got for Christmas from my wonderful hubby!

    We all need a little pampering from time to time. You deserved it!


  19. I've had my hands dipped in hot wax before, but not my feet...the whole thing looked really refreshing, relaxing AND FUN...and the cookies, fudge, oh my I could of eaten a piece of each one. I'm a sucker for chocolate and sweets. It looks and sounded like a great time with a great friend.


  20. Better watch out...those pedicure days can be quite addicting!

  21. Aahhh....what a fun day! Pretty feet, freinds and chocolate...my kinda day!

  22. Oh what a day you had....glad to see the arm is not in a cast nor sling...would make the chocolate eating, coffee drinking, candle smelling all the harder to do. Your hubby did good!

  23. What a fun day!! So glad that your dh made all the arrangements for you!

    Bless you, Kim!

  24. That sounds like a heavenly day to me!!!

  25. Wow, what fun! :D Pedicure, chocolate, coffee, and candles - sounds like an awesome relaxing girl day! :D

  26. How much fun!! I've got you beat. I haven't had one professional pedicure in all of my 53 years. Yep. I'm due for one I'd say. I always look at women's feet who have had a pedicure and think, mine wouldn't look that good, however... maybe...
    Thanks for sharing your girl time adventure with us!

  27. Ahhh... I need to get me one of them!! Glad you had a great time!! Have a great tues.!

  28. Love it!! Your pictures crack me up! What a wonderful way to spend the day!!!!


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