"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mish Mash on Monday *Update* Voting Day!

Hello everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful Mother's Day! I sure did.
I have a few things to mention today.

As I mentioned on Saturday, I have been nominated for the "Funniest" Blog Award . I don't usually "promote" myself but someone nominated me, there's free coffee involved, so I'm going for it. Hee! Hee! AND I was just over there checking it out and I'm also nominated for best "Cooking Blog", go figure! I wonder if I win both I would get 2 Starbucks gift cards. LOL. Anyway Amanda is going to be holding the voting for that over at her blog. So if you could just take a minute to go over there and vote I would appreciate it. Okay, enough about me. Let's move on!
Update: It's a tight race right now for Funniest Blog in fact I see that I'm losing! *sigh* LOL. I need free coffee! Hee! Hee! Every vote counts!

The second thing is, I wanted to let you know about a week long giveaway over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee. Sarah Mae is celebrating her 1 year blogaversary and she's giving away some fabulous prizes. If you've never met Sarah Mae you'll be in for a treat. I have no problem promoting her blog because she has some fabulous stuff on there. Many topics that others wouldn't touch. I admire her so much. So hop on over there and give her a shout out.
Like a Warm Cup of Coffee <span class=

And the last thing is, my friend Sheri is giving away a free e-book, Baby Steps to Better Health. She will have it up for grabs until Tuesday night. So hurry on over and check it out and thank her for such an insightful book.

This just in. Over at my friend Sandy's blog, 4 Reluctant Entertainers, she is giving away a wonderful book called Foods to Live By from Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook! It sounds great. Go check it out!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see if I've learned anything this week! It's always something isn't it? Oy!
Big Hugs!


  1. hooray on your two nominations!!!

  2. Thanks for all the links...you are so sweet...& funny too:)

  3. Just went and voted you all up ...congrats on your nominations, my friend. You are like such a warm spot in the blogsphere and I love ya!

  4. I voted and I saw your name listed in Inspirational blog also! I hope you win and get some more coffee my friend!!

    Lots of fun things going on in the blogosphere lately.

    You KNOW I like to find out what you've learned because it becomes what I've learned then. LOL!

    Saw the Wii Fit stuff. I predict that I will give you all great laughs at the tightrope score.

    I actually got up early this morning, but have had no caffeine yet, so I am VERY sleepy.

    Big awesomest promotinest hugs to you! :)

  5. Congrats on your nominations!

    Thanks for the awesome shout-out and very sweet words! :)

  6. Ok I voted! I hope you win! :)

  7. Hope you win, I"ll go vote right now!! I'll be looking for your package!!

  8. When I went to vote for your blog being the funniest it didnt give me the option to vote. Bummer! Maybe I didnt get there soon enough? Your blog is the funniest Im sure of that.

  9. I already voted for you on all that I could. :) On the ones that you wern't on I didn't voted. But I did see HE AND ME + 3 on there, so I voted for Mimi.

  10. Got you covered, girl! I already cast my vote for you. If I were to win a Starbucks gift card...I'll send it to you...I don't drink any of that stuff :0


  11. Done! Thanks for the reminder, it's been Monday all day, lol!

    I did some digging and found out - possibly - why the top commenter numbers sometimes decrease. You're getting too many comments! It only 'parses' the last 500. (θ¿θ)

  12. I voted for you on both nominations!!! You GO, girl, and whup those other contenders!!!!!!!

  13. I voted!...and, as of right now, you were in the lead! :)


  14. Congrats on winning the awesomest funny blog award. Woo Hoo!!

  15. Woot!!!! So excited, and I wholeheartedly agree with that nomination!!!!!


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