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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

I wasn't sure if I had something that was working for me this week but then realized I did. Woo! Hoo! My recipe binder. Most of you know that I have a cooking blog, but I also have those recipes neatly tucked away in one handy dandy binder.
All you need is a colorful binder, one that will stand out and you'll know exactly what it's for. Some page protectors, page tabs and a printer.
Simply print out your favorite, tried and true recipes, put them in a page protector (helps protect your recipes from spills, for those of use who have a reputation for being a bit messy), make category dividers and you're done.
Here's mine. I picked a binder that stands out from my plain ol' white binders. I know without a doubt that this is my recipe book. (Word of caution. Don't set plastic binder on hot burner and then wonder what smells like burning plastic. Just don't.)
Here's a peek inside.
I take all my favorite recipes from all my cookbooks and compile them in this one. Then there isn't any hunting around for your family favorites. I used these free printable dividers from Sheri or you can make your own.

To see what's working for others head on over to We Are That Family.


  1. I like that idea. I think it would make a great gift! I have a stand up one, but I like the one you posted. I was thinking ,there are some smaller blinders that would work great.

  2. I started one of these for my mom 20 years ago, and then made my own. It's time for a major overhaul! I like the idea of dividers and making everything pretty :)

    One thing I have done to mine, when I didn't feel like retyping the whole recipe, is just write the title and where to find it and stick that in the recipe binder. That has been a major time saver.

  3. That is a CUTE binder!! And LOL about setting it on the stove! I know I've done that before. Sometimes I'll leave a utensil in the hot pan that's still cooking on the stove and wonder what that horrid smell is! DUH!
    Very nice.
    I actually have a binder to sort my recipes, but it's not as pretty!! BUT, I can slip a piece of paper in the top cover (protective sleeve). Soooo perhaps I can print out something pretty and put it in there and on the binding! I need to get some new recipes added!!

  4. Sweet! I really need to do something like this with my cut out recipes. :D

  5. That is so professional...great job. I may have to steal that idea.

  6. Hey Kim, that'll work for me. I've been wanting to do somethin' like that for a while. I've got tons of magazines that I can't bare to throw in the trash cause there's some really great recipes in them. I'll get around to it some time, I guess.

    I left somethin' lovely for you on my blog. :)

  7. Hey, sweet thang! Now that's a binder I'd pick. I keep seeing bedroom sets like that and think about redoing mine, but I think Duller might have a problem with the look. 8-}

    I actually started binding all my stuff a couple years back, but have let it slide. Reckon I should do something with all the loose stuff and maybe inspire Duller to do the same.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  8. Mine looks exactly like that!!!

  9. I use the notebook idea too with recipes that we have tried and love and it sure helps me having to look thru my hundreds of cookbooks to find the recipe I want! lol....

  10. Sigh - organizing my recipes is yet another of my procrastination projects. I hope to get it done this summer. Unless of course you come here first and take care of it for me. :)

    I like the binder idea! Um, it's not like I already own recipe binders, page protectors, and all necessary supplies since I meant to do this years ago *ahem* . ;)

    You're so organized my friend - you do inspire me to get my act together!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day! Big smokin' binder hugs to you!! :)

  11. This would be a great thing to do with all my favorite recipes. That way I wouldn't have to hunt through countless cookbooks! Thanks, Kim!

  12. Kim, I actually read your pedicure post the day you posted it, and I commented on it that my first post for the Five Mom's blog was on pedicures! I thought it was funny that we each had written a similar post, lol.

    I loved your post and the pictures, it was cute. (I was commenting as momstheword, my personal blog)

    I love your recipe binder. Do you use a 3 inch? I am going to try it because mine are out of control. Thanks for the link!

    ~ Nan (for the Five Moms)

  13. What an awesome idea! You are WAY organized, girlie!

  14. I have at least 3 binders for myself that I've had for years. A few of years ago when the 1st of my 3 girls moved away from home, I bought pretty recipe binders (a different one for each girl) and began typing up recipes of their favorite dishes, traditional Xmas cooking, etc. They love it!

  15. Yeah great idea... I'm sort of torn, because I have a bunch of small 4x6 recipes, or handwritten recipe cards, and then internet printouts like these.

    I created a great recipe book for my 4x6 sixed stuff out of an extra photo album I had, and it was my WFMW this week. It doesn't fit the printouts, though. I was hoping I could find something online that had BOTH sizes in one binder, but no such luck. :)


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