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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

The family and I went out to the garage sales this past weekend. It had been a long time since we had gone to any but I felt the need to bring more stuff into my home to give me something to weed out in 6 months!
There were a few Estate sales which are always fun to go to. One in particular had a lot of nice dishes and china and in and amongst that were some very pretty tea cups. My husband saw me perusing them and asked if I would like him to buy me a couple. Hmm, let me think...YES! She had $8.00 on each, except for the one I wanted which was a Lenox Christmas tea cup. No, she had $10.00 on that. But I set off to make a deal and a deal I got. I asked her if she'd take 2 for $8.00 and she said no. So I said 2 for $10.00 and she said yes! Woo! Hoo! Kim was doing the happy dance! (Something you have to see to appreciate!) So I ended up getting the Lenox Christmas Tea cup and another very pretty tea cup for the price of one! Yeah! Now I officially have 6 tea cups. I'd say it's time to throw a tea party. Hmmm maybe for my daughter's sweet 16 coming up in September! Anyway I also snagged some like new readers for my sons at another garage sale for $5.00 and a lighted Snowman for $1.00. (I collect snowmen, so I was pretty stoked about that one!) Do you want to see the "stuff"? Of course you do.
Did YOU go garage saleing this past weekend? What did you get? Oh and did you know that when a company is hired to run an estate sale, whatever they don't sell has to be donated to Good Will? I didn't know that. So make sure you haggle a little the next time you go!


  1. Cool stuf Mrs. W! I liked the teacups.
    Did you pick a winner for you one day Give-a-way?
    Orenczak girls

  2. Lisa @ Stop and smell the chocolates blog is not working! I have tryed like, 20 times to get on her page! :(

  3. Oh, I love estate sales and I did not know about them having to donate what did not sale,so I never ask for a better deal,thinking they are professionals and do not haggle.
    I love your tea cups!

  4. I have the itch to go to some so bad. But it seems I always have to do daycare on Fridays :( I can't wait to go though. It's so fun.

  5. I love garage sales.

    I also love snowman. Super cute. Good deals you got.
    Let me know more about Debra please.

  6. Between the price of gas and the heat - I've been opting for Goodwill stores and others.. but looks like you found some great stuff!

  7. You are a great haggler my friend! You got some great stuff!! Love the teacups and that snowman is so cute!!

    We don't go to garage sales very often - we aren't early risers and that's when the best stuff is available. Also, I do tend to find all sorts of things I "need" since they're such a great deal, so I actually save more money by not going - LOL!

    By the way, not sure why some people are having trouble opening my blog (and other blogs), but it's only in Explorer and it's not everybody (works fine for me). Try Firefox - no problems at all!

    Thanks for your update and prayer for Debra my friend - very sweet and I will be praying!

    Better go - must get ready for Friendship Days! Did you get my e-mail?

    Have a fabulous day! Big don't-ever-pay-full-price hugs to you! :)

  8. Hey, cool snowmen! I collect them, too! 8-] It's too steenkin' hot to step out the door, much less walk around somebody else's yard! I like that yellow cup, as well. Was that part of your booty?

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  9. Looks like some great deals. I have some teacups too. The kids and I have tea parties once in a while.

  10. Wow! You did great! I always just seem to find junk at garage sales.

  11. What great finds and deals! Woohoo!
    Every once in a while I will go out to yard sales. Last year I was needing a desk for ds and found one. :D Usually I go to our local DAV to get things as they are quite cheap. :D

  12. I love, love, love garage sales and yard sales. I love sales PERIOD. I love them so much that I've been getting up at the crack of dawn (well, not quite but pretty close to it) every Sat. for the past month. You know what they say, the earlier bird gets the worm. I keep thinking, today's the day I'll find some awesome clothes for my little guy. And I end up coming home with anything but that. Does nobody dress their boys anymore. Where have all the boy clothes gone. I keep finding really adorable stuff for my 8 yr old niece but I'm out of luck when it comes to my little guy. I'm on the prowl til I find my treasure!


  13. What pretty finds!!! The snowman is cute.


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