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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stop it! My face hurts!

I know that this post "seems" a little long but it's mostly pictures with a little commentary. I PROMISE this is it!

Can you be sick of smiling? Oy! I feel like I've been smiling non-stop for the past 7 days. I have just had a lot going on and now my face and my head hurts! LOL. Oh, I know! Poor me! Poor Kim that has had so much fun with friends and family that her face hurts. What ever will she do?

I promise that after this post I won't talk about my birthday until next year. But I just know that you want to see some pictures of my birthday right? Right!? Well if you don't then you may be excused, but if you do then hang on!

Sunday was Birthday Celebration #2 at my sweet friend Debra's House.
We started out on the lake, got rained out, went to the house to eat lunch and was back on the lake in about an hour.
Here we are all wet from the rain but in hysterical laughter because of what Debra had just said!
This is the only picture we got of the 3 of us on the tube. Again we were in hysterical laughter. What's not funny about 3 grown women on a tube being pulled behind a boat? I will say that when all was said and done I was the only one left on! Woot! Woot!
And if that weren't enough, put 3 grown women on a jet ski and see if they don't break out in hysterical laughter once again. Are you starting to see why my face hurts? LOL.
And since it's not "All About Me" any more, I'll put some pictures of some others that were there. Here's my daughter and Debra's son having a blast on one of the jet skis. Here's some of the gang on one of the boats.
Here's Debra lost at sea! LOL!
And my sweet hubbalicious wake boarding! Woo! Hoo! Love you baby!
After a long day on the lake we started to wind down at Debra's.
She and Jay cooked us a delicious stir fry! It's behind that bottle of water that for some reason didn't show up in my camera lens! *sigh*
And then they whipped out this homemade ice cream cake. It was so good and as always, when someone else makes it, calorie free!
Jam session anyone? I can't believe anyone still had any energy left. Yeah, that's me on the couch half asleep! LOL
By the end of the night we were TIRED! Yet still had an hour and a half drive home! *sigh*
Um, there's still one more day left. Yeah, my "Actual Birthday".
So here it goes! "REAL QUICK"
3rd Delicious Birthday Cake. Yes 3rd! Oy! Doesn't everyone drag their birthday out for a week and get at least 3 cakes? LOL
Delicious Dinner!!
Best Friend!
Getting presents and a little silly! I know, that's really out of the norm for me!
No comment!
Not sure if she "really" wanted to give this too me! LOL
While the "boys" were outside we "girls" decided to play a game of Farkle but as soon as I grabbed the camera it turned into this. Us throwing dice at my camera! We actually forgot we were playing and never finished! LOLThen things got a little crazy and well, just don't ask!
And thus ends anything and everything about my birthday for this year!!!
I have NEVER had such an outpouring of love and fun from all my friends. That includes all you who came by to wish me a Happy Birthday at least 3 times last week! LOL.


  1. What a fun celebration with 3 of the most fun bloggers. Our family loves to play Farkle too and it looks like love is in the air....I mean on the wave runners???

  2. My oh my...I can't WAIT till next year, LOL...will it be a 2 week party for the big event? :)

  3. I think it's fabulous that you had such a great birthday week. The pictures look fun :-)
    Thanks for sharing them all.

  4. How fun. I'm glad you had a good birthday week! :-)
    Oh, what in the world were you and Kathy C. doing in the last pics???!!!???
    Kathleen O.

  5. That's it! THREE cakes?! I'm coming to Florida for my birthday. And yes, I am totally fake-pouting :) Oh wait...I mean :( :)

  6. Thanks for sharing all of these fun pics!!! I love the end with the hair...oye!

    You are blessed beyond measure but you know what they say....you reap what you sow :) you bless so many others!!! thankyou !!!

    love you my friend bunches!!!

  7. So so fun - loved hearing about all of your birthday adventures and seeing the pics and drooling over the cakes!!

    What a celebration and you weren't even turning 40! Guess you'll have a birthday month next year. My son actually suggested that we have a birthday year - LOL. I'm all for that! So maybe you need to make ME a cake, 'cause it is my birthday year - hee,hee!! :)

    Happy Birthday again my dear friend and you deserve all the love from all your friends and family!!

    And I know how you operate - now you're gonna get ready for Christmas...

    Big doesn't-everybody-celebrate-their-birthday-for-a-week-and-have-at-least-3-cakes hugs to you!!! :)

  8. Great post, looks like you had a lot of fun!

  9. Wow, what a fun week you had. How fun to meet Debra!

    Love the hair picture. I used to be able to put my hair in a pony tail and pull it over my face and it would reach to my waist, but it's to short now, lol!

  10. Kim,

    What an incredible birthday week! I love all the dark clouds on the day you were on the lake! WOW! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! It sure looks like loads of fun and I felt like I was there with all of you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. what awesome fun! You had a very nice birthday this year. Good for you!

  12. LOL! You got some great pics of your birthday fun! :D looks like you had a blast!

  13. Hope you didn't getting any wedgies while riding on the tube! I hate when that happens.

  14. Oh, I wish I was there!!! So much fun!!! Happy Birthday... again and again!!!

  15. Oh my gosh Kimmy, you had me cracking up again at these pictures !!!

    LOVE the teacup ... would you believe me if I told you I had one just like it? I do! Coincidence? I think not!!! Love ya!

  16. I loved all the birthday pictures! But, I hope you kept some smiles for when we arrive on Sunday.

    I am so excited to get to experience some of the Kim fun and laughter IRL...won't be long now...2 more days. :-)

    Making memories and developing friendships for a lifetime.

    (((hugs))) for now until I can get a real one.


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