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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Because I know you care!

About what, you might ask?

Well, uh.............this!

I had to take a picture of this because it cracked me up! Yes this is actually in my fridge.

I don't have a problem! I mean, I'm...uh...I'm good! I'm fine.
Alright, I admit it's a little odd!

Come on you coffee drinkers, back me up here. You can't tell me you don't ever have 4 half and half or creamers in your fridge at any given time! Three? Two? Oh come on!
FINE! Let me explain. See I shop at Sam's Club once a month and they have a GREAT deal on Half and Half with no hormones and all that garbage. Soooooo... I stock up on it to last us a MONTH! See it's smart spending! I've learned the hard way that running out of creamer is no fun and coffee with plain milk is gross! Not gonna happen again. Uh uh! No way!

This post just about did me in! Do you feel all mushy inside from reading it? LOL
It's funny because I get more comments about my funny senseless stuff then I do anything else so in a way you asked for it! LOL!!!
AND you got the added bonus of knowing where to buy really good half and half for cheapness!!!


  1. A woman after my own heart! You are so right. There is nearly nothing worse than stumbling to the kitchen in the morning, pouring your coffee, reaching for creamer and..... *thud*

    And yes, coffee w/regular milk IS gross! :)

  2. Yup! You are a little odd! (Said with much love .....)

  3. Well my friend, I understand, you KNOW I do! :)

  4. I see you have your cows all lined up in a row! Very MooTfull! Have to say I am a tea drinker myself so no need for the creamer but yours is utterly fun to look at--
    :O) Karyl

  5. Ha, ha, ha!! Doesn't it go bad before you can use it up?

  6. How much creamer do you use in your coffee???? Uh, would you like some coffee with your cream? Ha! I have one very LARGE creamer in mine....I may have to try your method. I heart Sams Club!

  7. You are fine Kim, absolutely fine...not weird at all!


  8. I agree coffee with just milk is just gross! I can't believe you took a picture of what was in your refrigerator. I am not that brave! I would never be able to do that or I might accidentally get something really disgusting in the picture that I did not realize was there! HAHA

  9. Do you use it all before it go's bad??? /:-/

  10. Kim,

    I am so like that, I buy definitely more than one creamer as well as bags of coffee and I make sure that when I get to the last of either I go out and get more.

    I have been to that unhappy place where you run out of one or the other, and it isn't pretty. I get all grumbly inside.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Wow, lol! We don't have any half & half in our fridge. That's because my husband is the only one who drinks coffee around here and he only makes it on his days off. He drinks his coffee black, I think.

    However, I will usually buy four gallons of milk at Costco and they take up lots of room. But I don't like running out of it and my son drinks it like it's going out of style.

  12. Oh yes maam......there are no less than 3 at a time, plus the one I am using!!!! hee hee! might run out of bread but NEVA..... creamer!!!

  13. What a MOOving post. Cow tails (the candy, of course) could make neat stirrers for your java!

  14. You are so funny! I have multiple flavored creamers in mine and we don't even drink it on a regular basis. I guess the expiration for 1/2-n-1/2 is longer than it is for milk!

  15. You would love Costa RIca! We have the best coffee.

    Delighted to meet you and splash around here.

    Hugs for your day,
    Sarah Dawn

  16. How do you have room for all of that in your frig?? Or do you have a second refrigerator?

    You know what you like and you get a good deal on it - you GO girl - LOL!!

    If I consumed that much half & half, I'd have even more of a weight gain problem!

    Have a great day my friend! Big I-saw-the-inside-of-Kim's-refrigerator-and-I-lived-to-tell-about-it-LOL hugs to you!! Have a great day my friend! :)

  17. Oh I just laughed out loud......there was a sale on creamer and I bought four myself this week and my husband gave me the strangest look when he was unpacking the bags.

    And I will tell you that I even sleep better knowing I have everything ready for my coffee in the morning. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

  18. Yes, coffee without cream is just not right. Too funny, when you open your fridge you have a herd coming towards you. LOL

  19. Oh yes. I can relate to that photo all too well. I can't stand it when I run out of half-and-half. Of course, you have to drink it before it goes bad. Now that I'm watching out for the low-heat pasteurized kind (as opposed to the popular ultra-pasteurized that lasts for months) I can't buy it so far ahead anymore. But I've been known to have several quarts in my fridge in years past, lol!!!

    I'm also that way with butter. People can't believe how much butter I have in my fridge at times. When it's on sale, I stock up.


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