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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Funnies

Welcome to Friday Funnies. If this is your first time here have a seat, grab your cup of coffee and prepare to laugh a little. If you've been here before then you know what you're in for and welcome back!

Okay, this week has gone by way to quick. And are we really already half way through August? Yikes! Slow down already. Well I hope you slow down long enough to enjoy some giggles or share your own. Just go post something silly and come back and link it up!

I have a joke to share today and yes, I'm sorry, it's a blonde joke! But I know all you blondes (natural or dyed) will love it! Enjoy!

The Office Worker
One day a blonde office worker comes out to the warehouse to walk around. As she is walking she looks up and sees a co-worker hanging upside down from an I-Beam in the ceiling.

She asks "What ARE you doing"?

The co-worker says "I need a few days off but the boss won't let me have them so I'm hanging upside down from this I-Beam acting crazy.

The boss will see me, think I need rest and send me home for a few days".

The blonde says "That won't work...uh ohh...here comes the boss now, you're in for it".

The boss spots the blonde looking up and sees the man hanging up there and asks him "Just WHAT do you think you are DOING?!!"

The man says (in a "crazy" voice) I'm a light bulb...I'm a light bulb"

The boss says "Buddy, you need some rest..take the rest of today and tomorrow off and get some sleep".

As he is climbing down he winks at the blonde showing her it worked.

The blonde thinks about this for a moment and starts to follow the man out the door.

The boss asks her "WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?"

The blonde says "I can't work in the dark".

Who says blonde's aren't smart?!

Happy Friday my friends!!!


  1. Very funny Kim. You always brighten my day. Happy Friday!

  2. LOL That was a GOOD ONE!!!
    Have a ☺Happy☺ Friday!!

  3. Very good! I love the twist on this one!


  4. Bu dum chi!!! You are too funny Kim. I know darn well that Jeffrey has done something funnier than that though:-) LOLOLOL!!! That boy is YOU for real!

  5. I only wish I had been as lucky in December when I was caught doing only 15 over the speed limit! LOL

  6. Funny! I love dumb blonde jokes!

  7. Oh my friend,

    That is way too funny! I loved it....but......please remember and never forget I LOVE YOU MORE!!

    Happy Friday!

  8. BAAA HAAA! That is hilarious. She is one smart cookie!

  9. YOU FUNNY.....



  10. You always make me laugh! Have a wonderful Friday!

  11. LOL - very funny one!! Now I know I'm not crazy - I peeked last night and you had a different joke! What are you trying to do to me? :)

    I love your Fridays my friend! Hope you have a fabulous one!!

    Big I'm-a-blonde-but-I-try-not-to-act-like-one-too-often hugs to you!! :)

  12. Very cute! I like that blond joke!

  13. That was definitely a laugh out loud joke. I love it, "I can't work in the dark." Too funny.

  14. Love it.
    Being a brunette - I always find these funny - but I do have my blonde moments.. LOL

  15. Oh, that was a good one! lol

  16. I just have to share a similar kind of work story; your joke reminded me of it.

    A man comes into a coffee shop in the morning with a bull. He orders a drinks a hot cup of coffee, then he turns and kills the bull, and leaves.

    The next morning the same guy shows up, with another bull.

    "Wait a minute!" said the coffee shop owner. "We just finished cleaning up the mess you made yesterday. Why the bull? What is going on here?"

    The man answered, "I am in management training. Come to work in the morning, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave the mess for everyone else to clean up."

    Managers may not appreciate the joke, but I bet employees will!


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