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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday! - Back to School Edition!

There is a themed edition this week and I thought I would participate in it since it's all about back to school planning.

MY plan was to homeschool all year this year and take off weeks here and there. Well as I quickly saw that plan make it's way out the virtual window I just took a deep breath and said, WHATEVER! And am now starting anew. It's looking more like we will start around the same time public school starts.
Speaking of public school, as I was in Wal-Mart yesterday I heard moans and groans from what I'm going to assume are Mom's. I look and they are wondering aimlessly through the school supply aisle with a list a mile long in their hand. Is it really that bad? Yikes!
Our lists consists of 3 ring binders, lined paper, crayons (just because they were 25c a box and I couldn't resist me a new box of crayons!), page protectors and the SAME glue from last year, the SAME pencils from last year, the SAME ruler from last year, etc. Do you buy new at the beginning of every school year if you already have some left from last year? Just wondering.

So that part of my school planning is done.
This year I chose to use Far Above Rubies (that I snagged when it was on sale) for my daughter's curriculum. She's entering the 10th grade. It's all inclusive (except math) and based on Proverbs 31. For math we will be using Abeka Consumer Math.

My 7 year old son is continuing his phonics and starting to read quite well.
He excels in math so we try to keep him challenged there. I think we are leaning toward Math U See with him in the near future. Each day he does copy work, keeps a weather journal, studies nature, does artwork and this year I am going to start reading some old literature to him.

My 4 year old is learning to write the alphabet and his name. He doesn't speak very clearly right now but is greatly improving. So we will keep on that track with that and see how he progresses. Math with M & M's sound like fun! LOL!

Don't let this post fool you! I do not always have it together. In fact I struggle daily with it all. But I've learned to just relax, keep in prayer and make sure I have my coffee every morning before they wake up!
So what do you do to plan for your school year?
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  1. Doesn't it feel great when a plan comes together like that?

  2. As for the buying new...I think it's a peer pressure thing. You know, the whole "All the other kids are going to have new school supplies." And of course, the marketing strategies of the entrepreneurs.

  3. You brought back memories for me with choosing curriculum for the homeschooling year. What fun it was! And we had an amazing home-schooling support group here; we'd do several field trips during each season and we had a Xmas get-together and a science and art fair. That was about 12 yr ago.

    Thanks for the memories, and happy year.

  4. I absolutely CAN NOT resist a new box of crayons...I even get one for myself! The curriculum you are using with your daughter sounds amazing. Please let me know how you like that! Thanks for sharing you plan!

  5. Hmmmm, what do I do to plan for the new school year? Well, right now we are planning a vacation, LOL. Yup, rub it in... "I'm a retired Homeschool Mom"....but you know, most of the time, I miss havin' my baby here with me - they grow up way to fast and it freaked me out when you said Kels would be startin' 10th grade....PUT ON THE BRAKES! It's all happenin' too fast!

  6. Yep, relaxation, prayer, and coffee. That sounds like a winning combination! I used to homeschool until my fourth one was coming upon school age and I thought it was time for this momma to have a break. At that time, Josiah was going into 5th grade, Rachel in 4th, Olivia in 3rd and Amanda was going into kindergarten. This year Josiah is a sophmore, Rachel is a freshmen, Olivia is in 8th grade and Amanda is in 5th grade. Man the time has flown by. Now I have Jacob at home to keep me company and running most of the day. :) Life is good though! Really good!

  7. Sounds like you have a great plan my friend!! I have homeschool friends that do year-round and do great with it and other homeschool friends that say no way - I want summer off! Our Christian school starts 8/25.

    I do have the supply list, but we do have most of the items from last year - I try to reuse whenever possible. Though sometimes these crazy deals right now make it a good time to stock up for the year!

    Thanks for sharing what you're doing! Have a super day my friend! Big I-have-not-had-any-caffeine-and-do-not-have-a-snappy-hug-line-today hugs to you!! LOL! :)

  8. Your plan sounds great. We did not have a mile long list this year and many of the things we did already have. Yeah. If we already have I do not buy new even though my kids would want me too.

  9. Kim,

    You know with me, it's all about planning and preparation the night before.

    I get schedules planned, books and materials ready, coffee prepped and then I try to get up and ready an hour before the kids so I can check email, do attendance and paperwork and even sneak out a blog post or two.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Haha the only math with M&M's around my house would be subtraction. Well I guess there would be some addition with the pounds i would put on :)

  11. You go, girl! There is no way that I could homeschool but I admire those who do.

    As for the supply list...I am so thankful that Ty is in high school and our list is much shorter than elementary. Yes, we bought all new stuff every year. Ughhh! It is not cheap that's for sure.

    Wishing you all the best this school year!


  12. I soooo admire that you home school! I tried it only because the new school my daughter was in became infected with TB. It was awful and I failed miserably. I had just graduated from beauty college and was starting my business in our home plus trying to homeschool her. Man what I would give to go back and do that again :) Your children are so very blessed!

    School supplies? If we got it~ we use it! they don't care if it's new or not.

    love you my friend, you amaze me every day

  13. We only buy school supplies when needed, although when they were little we bought new crayons each year! We homeschool too.

    I used the Rod and Staff curriculum for English, Math and Spelling until 6th grade. Then I used Abeka and Bob Jones, which I was already using for Health, Science and Reading.

    I would have used Far Above Rubies if I'd had a daughter!

    My friend uses Math U See and they love it.

  14. You're a smart mama...why on Earth do kids need so many new things each year?

  15. When I read your comment on the journal giveaway I had to come visit--I thought I had written it at first! :) I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  16. So far we only have a large deep and wide plastic container and sand to do archaeological digs in the backyard.
    Umm....Kim if we run out of sand can I count on you to UPS some from your beach front? ? ( ;


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