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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's just better when shared!

Okay most of you who read my blog on a "regular" basis already know about my chocolate stash. My love for all things chocolate and the need to have it handy at any given moment runs deeply through my veins. But seriously how pathetic is it to stand in your closet or bathroom and shove whatever your chocolate of choice is at that moment, in your mouth and then walk out like nothing ever happened? I mean where's the enjoyment there?

No, you need friends to share the moment with you. And I don't mean call over a friend and have her stand in the closet with you. Nope, that would just be weird! Eating chocolate should be fun. You should at least, one time hear your friend or you say, "It's okay, have one more their small!" or "I made them with "organic" ingredients so they are actually "good" for you so that means we should have a bigger piece."
And if that wasn't enough, eating chocolate with a friend will help burn calories and give you quite a good ab workout. Cause I don't know about you but eating chocolate with my best friend Kathy ALWAYS gets us some good laughs.
Coincidentally I got to meet fellow blogger Tiffany from Tea with Tiffany yesterday and well let's just say she fit right in. At one point I actually asked her if she was okay, cause chocolate was flying everywhere and we were shoving it in each others mouths. But she just acted like it was just as "normal" to her as it could be. Ask anyone who's met me (all 3 of you) and they'll tell you that I am who I appear to be! LOL!!

Here we are looking pretty innocent at this point but.....

Hand us some Hershey's Kisses and ........this might happen.
Yes my friend Kathy did indeed have at least 3 pieces shoved in her mouth at the same time.
Girlfriends and Chocolate go together like Coffee and homemade Gingerbread cake! (I know this because I ate that for breakfast this morning!)

Anyone want to come over? LOL!


  1. Thank you for the ab work out, fun, laughs and chocolate! What a sweet treat to find you and Kathy two blocks from the hotel we were staying in.

    Great pics.

    Thanks for making me feel right at home!

    Loved meeting you two.

  2. Visiting from Tea with Tiffany! Looks like you girls had a blast!!!


  3. Oh Kim...you can turn any opportunity into a celebration!!! Wish I could have joined in the chocolate 'madness'~~~

    Bless you,

  4. Girl, you just crack me up! I love your out going personality. Thank you for the giggles this morning. MMMM, next time, can I get in on the chocolate eating frenzy too?

  5. oh too fun!! Chocolate and good friends! What a great combo!

  6. Hey, throw a piece over here! How fun that you got to meet! Looks like you had a lovely time together - and how could it not be, with chocolate and laughter!

    Hope you are having a fantastic day my friend!

    Big I-see-you-are-back-to-your-cake-is-a-breakfast-food-ways hugs to you! :)

  7. Awesome, my friend.....wish I was there throwing kisses too and eating them more! lol

    Tiffany is a sweetheart and so are you and Kathy! I tell ya, God is doing something amazing in blogland! Love it!

    Big hugs!

  8. Wow! Interesting!

    Y'all had an awesome time!


  9. :) :) :) :) ......:)
    Enough said,...well maybe not. I love eating chocolate, and I DO remember a few times that we did hid together eating it (from the kids of course). Meeting Tiffany was such an added bonus to my day, and um...gingerbread cake? YUM!
    I love you my friend!

  10. Meeting internet friends is sooooo fun:-)

  11. Kim I just saw your comment. After posting to my blog. What is so funny I just mentioned you in the post over some ice cream you would like.
    Publix brand cappuccino fudge blitz
    I am about 2-3 hrs north of you so I know what you mean about December.

  12. Excuse me while I run to the pantry...

  13. Never stand in the way of girls and chocolate. It's just not a pretty sight, and always have plenty of it on hand, there can never ever be enough.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Hey, toss some over my way! Think you can throw all the way to TN? Fling it, girlfriend! I'll open up my mouth REALLY WIDE! Okay?

  15. Sooo glad you are back, sharing pics, chocolate and bringing smiles and laughter to my day !!
    I just love you and have felt every single prayer!!! thankyou soooo much

  16. Looks like you girls are having so much fun!! Who doesn't like... I mean love... chocolate?!

  17. I so wish I lived closer...but I might have to buy a bigger wardrobe if I did:) I love me some chocolate too!

  18. Well, your chocolate rations just went up, because I haven't eat chocolate for over a week so feel free to have my daily ration!

  19. LOL! What fun! Friends and chocolate! :D

  20. Getting to meet blogging friends and sharing chocolate? Sounds like a great time! I want to come over!


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