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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will Blog For Chocolate!

That's right you heard me. There's not much I won't do for chocolate. I love it so. But when my friend Lisa told me about a company that will actually send you FREE chocolate and all you have to do is blog about it, it was a no brainer. I love to blog and I love chocolate!! Easy Smeasy. (I will also blog for coffee!)
After sending in my information I got a sweet response from one of the company's workers. Needless to say we hit it off and started emailing back and forth like we were old school chums. I now lovingly refer to her as "The Chocolate Whisperer!"
I even got to choose which chocolate I wanted to sample, though I don't think that's how they usually do it. I think she was just being nice as I had perused the website and happen to state a couple things I was drooling over.

My only concern was that I live in Florida! Why is that a concern? Well it's HOT! And chocolate and hot don't mix. Ask Lisa! So I looked at the tracking date and was determined to be here when my chocolate arrived. Yesterday came and it was important that I run out for a couple of hours. Surely it won't come in the peak of the day in the 2 hour span that I'm gone. Right? Right? Wrong. There is sat on my hot front porch for who knows how long. I felt a cold chill run down my spine. Will my chocolate be a goopy mess? Please no!
I didn't panic. I let my husband open the box and we decided it would be best to just let the chocolate sit a while before we opened it. It was packaged very well and had what used to be an icepack in there to help keep them cool.

Long story short. They still looked great. We only lost one double chocolate truffle to the heat but licking it off the paper was not a problem.

Now for the review. Stick with me!
First up was the Organic Peanut Butter balls. My husband liked these a lot but I'm guessing that my sweet tooth is a little more sensitive (and probably ready to come out) then his and I didn't think they were sweet enough. But if you like the all natural taste of peanut butter and chocolate, you'd love them.

Next up was the Double Chocolate Truffles. The kids tried these. They all seemed to like them quite well. Don't you love this picture?

Last up was the Organic Chocolate Coconut Balls.
LOVED THESE!! Yes these were my favorite out of the bunch. In fact I had 2 with my coffee this morning. I'm pretty much on a sugar caffeinated high right now, hence the super long post that I hope you're still reading.
Now that you've made it this far, do you want to know how you too can blog for chocolate? Well head on over to Chocolate.com or you can go directly to the form here. But I suggest perusing the site and all its yumminess first, just to give you an idea of what you're getting into! LOL
And if you just love chocolate but don't want to blog about it I'm sure you'll find something there to tempt your tummy. They have great gift ideas!!

Thanks for sticking it out with me my friends. I hope you enjoyed my chocolatey post today!!


  1. *drooling*

    YUM! I think I'll be heading over there.....thanks for being an enabler and whacking me off my diet! LOL

  2. You are so funny....licking it off the paper. Haaaaaaa. Thanks for the idea.

  3. The spirit is willing (to have self-control..at least your fav. one was organic), but the flesh is weak,eh?

  4. Yummy! Yummy! Gotta love chocolate...and if it's free...that's like icing on the cake! Now that I'm thinking about chocolate, I might have to have one of the brownies I made yesterday for breakfast. Hope you have a great day enjoying your chocolate!

  5. LOL, you go to great lengths to get your chocolate fix! Those look quite delectable!

  6. How exciting! I totally headed over there and signed up. (Yes even before I commented here, sorry Kim). Thanks for the hot 411!

  7. Awwww man. I'm sooo going to ask momma if I can blog about chocolate! Either way I'm going to their site!

    P.S See you guys Saturday!

  8. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. You always bring a smile to my face! I'm heading for my stash as soon as I get done with this comment. Blessings!

  9. KIM!!!

    lol lol lol lol

    wow, love the sign!


  10. Another comment. :)(This post is worth comenting twice on!) ;p

    I just went to chocolate.com, I'm going to go ask my mom if I can. (I don't think she will say no.)
    Then hopfully my sweet bundle of joy will be on its way!

    P.S Your right, you do seem to get more comments when you blog about chocolate!

  11. Your chocolate looks fabulous my friend! I know I would love those coconut beauties!! Sigh - I'll have another spoonful of melted bittersweet truffles to console myself...

    How fun! So glad you got to do it and that it turned out OK!

    Hope you are having a fantastic day! Big if-you-are-what-you-eat-then-you-might-start-melting hugs to you!! :)

  12. YUM! Can't wait to meet up with you in 30 minutes for my share of the goods! :) hee hee hee.

  13. Kim,

    I too, confession time, went directly to the site and filled out all the required info. I got a generic response saying they will be in touch shortly. How long before you got additional details???

    This is a great idea and I only wish more people did this. I mean satisfy a woman's craving for chocolate and we get to blog about it too! That takes care of two of my favorite hobbies and past times in one!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. You know I love balls! And shipping chocolate in the summer is very tricky! I am glad that they made it to you intact:-)

  15. All I have to say is YUM :P

    Those look good - even the Organic Peanut Butter Balls :)

  16. Kim,

    This is great.... I LOVE the sign!!! I would give you chocolate for that :)
    That is really cool...you blog for chocolate...I blog for books ....ain't bloggin grand!!
    Love you .....ENJOY EVERY BITE!

  17. I don't if I would blog for free chocolate, but now cheesecake would be a different story. :) The chocolate does looks yummy though.

  18. OH MY GOODNESS girlfriend.. you have just TOTALLY made my day.. I SOOO hope I get to do this.. I WOULD LOVE to blog about eating chocolate.. are you kidding me.. I'd tie myself to my laptop if someone would send me free chocolate..LOL

  19. Oh my...this is my kindof post. YUM on the chocolate. I think you found your calling. Blogging for Chocolate. You are so funny with that first picture.

  20. Wow, awesome! I'm going to check that out!

  21. Blogging for chocolate? What a super great idea! Now I am definitely wanting some!

  22. How fun is that! You are the ideal candidate for them.
    So glad it didn't melt. I had an incident like that when lived in FL. I had ordered gift baskets for my brother-in-laws. All the chocolate stuff inside was melted, so they let us keep them and resent more baskets straight to them. Yahoo!

  23. Yum! I heard about this from Lisa, too. Isn't she sweet to SHARE this opportunity?

    The coconut and peanut butter chocolates look and sound wonderful!

  24. What an awesome idea - and what a lucky girl you are that the arrived (almost) intact. Enjoy!

  25. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing information!

  26. Where do I sign up?! LOL! CHocolate is my weakness!

  27. thats alot of CHOCOLATE for just bloggen about it!!!

  28. More chocolate posts? Who knew?


    Great family fun!


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