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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It really isn't all that great!

Well I did my Fall decorating but when I stood back and assessed the situation it really didn't do much for me. I've seen better. Probably on one of your own blogs! LOL I really need a few new decorations. Okay maybe not "need" but would "like" some new to go with the old. You know to spice it up a bit. But this will have to do for now. I'll be okay! Feel free to send chocolate to make me feel better, if you wish!

In fact, if the truth were known, you could probably go back into my archives and see the same exact decorations just in different spots this time. But I'm gonna show you any way!!

Here's a picture of the boys making more leaves to put on the wall. ( It was secretly my way of keeping them busy while "I" decorated in lightening speed.)
Those of you who have been here since last year know about my little OCD problem right? Well unfortunately it has trickled down to my 7 year old because every time my 4 year old would put a leaf on the wall my 7 year old would relocate it. I just had to laugh because it was so me!!
Okay so here we go!

Um, here's my wall! Neat right?
A scarecrow on a table. Are you writing this down?
I will say that you should invest in some really good smelling pumpkin spice potpourri because you can use it all through your house. Here I put some in the glass pumpkin and then set a small votive holder in the middle. Simple yet smells really good! This would be on my dining room table. Hold the applause till the end please.

Here I was getting creative with the camera and the candles. I thought it was cool.
Spanned out version of above picture.

Can anyone spot the lone pumpkin? He's not lonely any more!
I added some floral garland to my curtains. Neat, huh? Yup!

Have you gotten your Fall candle scent yet?
I'm thinking some little chocolates should go in the little leaf trays. Don't you think so?
Some more stuff over yonder here on our little entertainment center.
I threw this together by putting some of the pumpkin potpourri and some left over decorations in this hanging basket. It smells really good when you walk by so it serves two purposes.
Okay now you may applause my awe inspiring efforts.
No no please no autographs at this time.

Have A Super Duper Day My Friends!


  1. I see nothing wrong with your decorations, Ms. Kim. I kinda like them, to be honest :) I need to get some out myself. I have some fake leaves and such left from our wedding (we married in November) so I'll be recycling them again :) Last year my decor consisted of a few candles, pine cones, fake leaves, and pomegranates (I'm so cheap I get edible decor, lol!) Wouldn't it be cool if they made chocolates in the shape of pine cones or acorns? That would be perfect for your dish!

    Have a great day!

  2. I need some serious decorating help. OK, maybe I don't, because I am just too lazy to do it and then take it down in a month or two. I used to decorate before kids. Now they just relocate it or play with it so I never decorate. Yours is so cute and i would love to smell that candle. I love me some Yankee candles.

  3. Precious my dear, just precious! :) I can't do any more Fall decorating until after Saturday...or actually Wednesday. The entire contents of our spare and office is in the living/dining (almost)...carpet coming Saturday!

  4. I AM applauding these awe-inspiring efforts, my friend. Those are BEAUTIFUL, and I can smell the yummy candles from here. :D

  5. I'm motivated too! Wasn't the weather this morning GREAT!!!! (I live north east of Orlando)

    The colors are so warm, your decorating is motivating me. I'm sending a kid up in the attic for a box marked "autumn."

    I like saying autumn instead of fall. I don't know why.

  6. yes i did purchase my fall candle!! I love it and I need to take pics of my decorations.....you have inspired me yet again

  7. Lovely my friend! I do think your decorations are cute and am glad the lonely pumpkin has friends now! I think the chocolates shouldn't just be in the trays - should be everywhere in my opinion. :)

    I don't really have that much Fall stuff - I mixed what I had with other things that weren't really Fall and then have added to my collection by shopping Dollar stores, clearance & thrift stores.

    Big please-pass-the-OCD hugs to you - and your kids - hee,hee!! :) Have a wonderful day my non-giveaway-winning friend!

  8. Kim,

    The chocolates wouldn't last but it might be fun to see how long you could keep them there. Perhaps so candy corn or creme pumpkins instead??

    I love what you have done and just might swipe some of your ideas.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. It seems that you were kinda beating yourself up at the beginning of the post but your decorations look good!

    I like that the boys got to help an put their leaves on the wall!


  10. I think you have some wonderful decorations. Although I don't normally share pics, I just may take some and then you will see how nice your place looks. ;) Don't sell yourself short. And yes, those leaf plates do need CHOCOLATES! LOL

  11. How about no applause, just send chocolate! I think it looks lovely, Kim. I haven't done any fall decorating girl, so you are way ahead of me!

  12. It all looks so inviting and warm. That is what I love about fall decor. You do a great job!!

  13. One of the best things about decorating for fall is the scents you get to add.. pumpkin, apple, etc. I hope to get my fall decorating done in the few days.


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