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Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Confirmed! I fully admit it!

As some of you know (those that read my blog on Saturday) we went to our neighborhood garage sale this past Saturday. I believe that you can find just about everything you don't need at a garage sale, a thrift store and Goodwill. The good thing is is that these things that I don't need but kind of "have" to have, doesn't cost me a whole lot of money.

Here's a picture of my garage sale treasures.
Let's see if you can find a theme here!
Let's see there's a
Christmas Clock
Christmas CD
Christmas Snowman
Christmas Pooh Video
Christmas Ribbon
Pipe cleaners for the Christmas Craft I'm going to do.

Seriously, I was a magnet to this stuff! It called to me from every garage sale we stopped at. At one point we were pretty much done and we were driving by one last garage sale and my son said, "Mom, I see a snowman!" and without blinking an eye I said to my husband "Pull over!"Yeah it's that bad.
So I fully admit that I, Kim am a Christmas addict! I love all things Christmas! Yes, I realize this stuff is meaningless to the real meaning of Christmas, but I do love to decorate and get caught up in the "feeling" of it all. It's just the way I roll!

But wait! Here's proof that I did purchase something besides Christmas stuff.
I got this 18 volume American Heritage set for $10.00. Being that we homeschool, I couldn't pass this great resource up.
So total spent on garage sale finds?

Not so shabby!
What treasures did you find this weekend?


  1. Girl you rocked the garage sales. Good for you. You really can find treasures out there. Great finds! Cracking me up with your love for Christmas things:)

  2. Now me and my youngins' just can't ever pass up a fantastic book bargain.....that's our addiction...wish I would've beat you to that fabulous history series snatch! Unfortunately, you had about a 1,000 mile head start on me!

    I got my hubby a brand new BIble for $2.99 at Ollies recently. What a steal... considering the one he had been toting around was being held together with heavy duty clear tape......

    I started Christmas present shopping......but decoration purchases start usually with the first snowflake around here.........

    You are indeed a Christmas decorating divia NUT!

  3. Girl, me too!!! I can "Deck the halls" with the best of them........Great finds.

  4. Great finds! Don't you love getting good deals. Last week I found Brea the princess lego set she wanted (reg. 29.99) for $3 and it was just missing 1 piece!

  5. Ok, I think I need to start getting our local newspaper, look for the ads and start going to some of these garage sales!! Wow, you cleaned up girlfriend!...lol!


  6. You are soo funny! Teaching your children to follow in your footsteps :) They will love Christmas as well!

    That is a great deal on those books and I am sure you will use them ALOT!!

    Happy hunting!

  7. Wow; you really found some great deals! I wish you lived in Phoenix as I have a garage filled with goodies I would love to sell. The association won't allow garage sales here though. :(


  8. Wow, you really made out!! Great finds, for sure!

  9. Kim,

    What awesome finds! We did the very same thing. I needed a computer chair and my oldest has been in need of a dresser. Well last weekend our next door neighbors would hosting huge sale. I got my computer chair for $5.00 and the dresser for $ 10.00. With some sanding and new paint and hardware it looks like brand new.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Haha! Cute...I do love a good garage sale myself. Way to be Miss Thrifty! It's such a good thing when summer comes to an end for ONE reason...I don't HAVE to go to ALL the garage sales! ;)

  11. You did great! That's a great set of books you have there.

    I love Christmas too, but so limited on space so I HAVE to stay away from yard sales. LOL

  12. OK, you did get excellent deals, but yes, my friend - you have a problem - LOL!! At least you redeemed yourself with the American Heritage purchase! Ha,ha - I do love Christmas stuff, but have been avoiding it. I REFUSE to buy Christmas stuff before November! :)

    How fun - I enjoyed doing a little thrift store shopping on Friday. Hopefully I can find some time to do it again this week at some different stores. Not sure though - busy week.

    Big I'm-surprised-you-didn't-redecorate-your-kitchen-in-a-Christmas-theme hugs to you!!! LOL - love ya!! Have a super Monday my friend!

  13. Wow! Great deals. The American Heritage series was a wonderful find.

  14. Wow! You go girl! You got some great finds! Love your CHRISTmas items and books! :D

  15. No garage sale, but I did get some great deals at a couple of thrift stores we went to. I got a second wipes warmer to leave at my mom's house. We got a great pasta maker. We haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the previous owner only used it once! My husband has been wanting one forever. He had one as a teen and loved it. Now we can make our own pasta. I hope it's a fun as it seems. :)

  16. I love garage sales. You'd have to come to Colorado to see my house tour and I'd tell you all about my deals. :)

  17. Great finds you got there! :) I have found tons of homeschoolin' stuff at our local mini mall (which I also have a booth where I sell junk) and yard sales!

    My bargain for the weekend - my entire family ate at Fazoli's for less $18.00 with some coupons!! That is pretty good for us.


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