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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Yankees are Coming!

Okay, it's just my Mom and Dad but they will be here today. We are so excited. At ages 77 and 73 they still make the drive from Maine to Florida and well, back to Maine FROM Florida each year. They stay with us for 5 months and we cherish every moment with them. See I have 3 out of their 4 grandkids so I got some serious bargaining tools. Our kids love my parents. My husband loves my parents. It's a God thing for sure. We really look forward to this time each year.
Listening to my 7 year old and my Dad's intense conversations can be interesting to say the least. I have to tell my Dad to quit pulling his leg half the time because my son thinks Papa knows everything and believes him! LOL. My Mom is the snack queen. My kids will not lack for snacks for the next 5 months! LOL.
So my note today is to ask for special prayers as they finish their trip today, that they are safe.

See you tomorrow for Friday Funnies!!!
P.S. Where were you all yesterday, I only had 9 comments about my Thanksgiving Recipe week. That's not like you gals! LOL If you missed it, check it out!


  1. I'm praying...and how cool that they take that drive! Here's to Yankees! ;)

  2. Hi Kim, I have MIA for awhile, but I have atill been able to sneek a peek at your posts!! Love the kitchen makeover and I will praying for your Mom & Dad!! Have a great day!

  3. Surely will pray for a safe trip. Enjoy, enjoy!!! Such fun!!

  4. I pray that your parents have a safe trip to Florida. You are so blessed to still have them around.

  5. Oh how wonderful for you all! What a treasure for your children! Just makes me tear up how very special this is for all of you!

    I will be praying for them and know that they will surely be a part of your post in the days to come :)

    Love you my friend

  6. Somedays are like that in the comment world. Hmmm. Makes me go hmmm.
    That is so awesome that your parents get to stay with you all for 5 months out of the year. Yea for winter huh?
    Praying they have a safe trip. Your mom with the snacks would get along great with mine:)

  7. Wow 5 months is a long time! So, they will stay at your house?!? That would be so much fun!
    Sorry I didn't comment yesterday,,, I don't know why.

  8. That's great that your parents are able to do that! They get to enjoy their family and their alone time. We should all be so smart:-)

  9. Will definitely pray for your parents! Maybe they're already there! So exciting!

    I love how you "beg" for comments and you get a bunch more - LOL! You have very obedient readers. :) Let it be noted that I have not missed commenting on a post, while you did miss one of my extra posts last week - hee,hee. That makes up for the fact that you never let me catch up to you! :)

    Love you my friend!! Big bring-on-the-snacks hugs to you! Enjoy the time with your parents!!

  10. Kim,

    What a great time of the year to spend with your parents and they get a chance to escape those cold wintery days!

    Here is hoping and praying for safe travels and much blessings when they arrive.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Wow! That is wonderful that your parents spend 5 months out of the year with you! What a heritage to pass down to your children!

  12. Prayers for a safe trip are being sent their way...What fun to have family with you...You are very blessed.......

  13. Yeah! Have fun with your parents!! :D

  14. Sorry that I have not been able to visit much with you! Hope you have a lovely visit with your parents! LOL, I bet the kids really enjoy the extra attention and love.


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