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Saturday, October 10, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This!

I have always read these from Mimi's blog and thought how wonderful it is that she logs these thoughts down and then it hit me today as I was reading hers once again. Why don't I jot down the little memories that touch my heart? So I'm going to start doing that each weekend as they come. You can play along too with your own memories. The home for this Meme is at Pam's blog.

It came to me the other night when I was putting the boys to bed. My husband usually does that but with his new job schedule, I've been doing it. The routine is, I read a couple of books and then I tuck them in and shut out the lights. I then lay down with my 7 year old and we all say prayers, starting with the 4 year old. If Dr. Suess had written the bible, that is how my 4 year olds prayers are, but I love them. My 7 year olds prayers would touch your heart. He is a prayer warrior. But when the prayers are done my son asks me to stay and listen to crickets and sing a song (usually Jesus Loves Me). By now my 4 year old is usually sound asleep. After a bit when it's time for me to get up we hug and then he breaks out into his little good night dance. If you missed that, I actually posted it as my Friday Funnies here. I am SO going to miss that. I'm wondering how long he will do it. Lord knows I'm not ever going to tell him to stop. In fact we got a chuckle thinking about him doing this when he's a teenager!
What are you going to miss?


  1. Oh Kim,
    I would for sure miss that moment too if my kids danced for me every night. I so remember that dance & that post. I laughed so hard & he isn't even mine. Great moment. By the looks of things, he won't be stopping it anytime soon...as long as you laugh, he will dance:)

  2. Makes you want to have more kids, doesn't it!?

  3. Listening to the crickets creeps me out. :P I love the dance 2, so funny/cute.

  4. LOLOLOLOL - do you know what I'm laughing at? I'm laughing at Noel's comment...oh my friend...I know you way TOO well, LOL.
    Knowing Mr. Dance Machine as I do, I'm thinkin' he's going to be doing that upon request (and payment) when he's a teen...anything for a buck! :)
    Love you! Are we gonna buy fabric today????

  5. What special times my friend! So sweet! Now you're making me all sad at the things I'm going to miss and some things that are already past.

    Big dance-party-usa-every-night-at-Kim's-house hugs to you! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. BEautiful moments! I hope your kids will enjoy those bed-time rituals for many years to come.

    Wishing you good things this weekend!

  7. It was fun reading about your night time rituals with the kids. Great moments to treasure.

  8. Oh, this is so sweet. I guess we all have our "little" routines that we do every night. Sounds like yours is WONDERFUL!!

  9. This is precious, my friend. I'm going to your Friday funnies to see the dance!

    Love you mostester!

  10. I loved the dance!! That will surely make for some precious memories. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm going to miss Brooke calling shirts, "shirks" and Brea calling tummy aches, "stummy aches."
    I will miss knock knock jokes, regardless of how random they are and kisses for no reason at all.

  12. I have a prayer warrior too, it is so special! He is my toughest, most stubborn child, but when he starts praying my heart melts. I always think that God will do something extraordinary with him because he has been prayed for so much. Once he channels all that stubbornness for the Kingdom, we'll be getting somewhere! Thanks for sharing your special moment.

  13. oh what sweet memories you are making for all of you!


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