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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Funnies! The Calendar Edition!

Hello my friends! These Fridays sure do sneak up on you don't they? Well I'm ready to give and get some giggles today. How about you? If you have a family friendly funny to share, go post it and come back and link it up below.

I wasn't actually sure what I was going to post for my funny today but then I got a package in the mail and Voila', a funny was born. Such is my life! LOL!

You all remember my calendar incident at Hallmark right? Well I did end up ordering the one I saw there, online and.... well........I'll let the pictures help do the talking!

First off, this is the box that was on my door step. I couldn't remember what I might have bought that would require such a large box.

So I opened it.
Wow, packing paper. Neat!
Lots of packing paper. Neat!
What's this?
Well I'll be.... it's my calendar....... tucked underneath all that paper...... in the extremely large box.
Hello? People, it's a cal-en-dar! Not a ski jacket from L.L. Bean!
I mean look at this box compared to the calendar!
Okay are you ready?
I'm putting it out there. Here is why this calendar is perfect for me and yes this truly is the person who writes this blog.

Wait for it....

Yup! In case you forgot what the front of the calendar says and you are to afraid to click on the picture to make it larger for fear of breaking out into hysterical laughter, it says:
"Pretending to be a Normal Person Day After Day is Exhausting"
Can I get an Amen to that! LOL!
I highly recommend for all you crazy ladies!!



  1. You're a hoot! Your calendar looks like fun... and what an exciting big box!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, e-Mom

  2. You're so funny! That is definitely a lot of packaging for such a small, unbreakable item, LOL!

  3. What a cute calendar! And hat, by the way!

  4. Oh, major HAR! I've gotten packages like that. What ARE they thinking?!

    That pic of you is priceless, LOL! You'd belong in that calendar but you've obviously given up on pretending. 8-}

    Love ya loads, goofy gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. You are such a goof ball Kim. And I love that about you!

    Hugs and love,

  6. You are hysterical!! I love this!!
    I want this calander!

    yes and the question of the day,
    "What is with that big box?!"

    I will be joining you in honor of my Christmas Crunch Challenge today.. if I can get the time to post.

    Your silly friend,
    Dani Joy

  7. LOL You crack me up! I need that calendar too! Honestly, what is normal? LOL

  8. Hope you'll be sharing some of the excerpts from that calendar in the months to come, funny girl! Love the pics!

  9. You are just so fun! Thanks for keeping it real for the rest of us!

  10. That is too funny. I hope none of the corners were bent from it sliding back and forth in that huge box. LOL
    Cute picture and calendar.

  11. That is hilarious.....and enlarging the photo just made me laugh a little louder!

  12. Kim,

    At least you have some stuff to recycle in your recycle bin right? I mean whatever happened to people trying to reduce waste?

    I am super glad that you got your calendar and that once again, you've hosted an awesome Friday Funnies!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. LOVE IT :) your such a hoot!!!

    Happy Friday....

    been praying for you!
    Love you my friend

  14. We called that toning down the crazy:-)

  15. Girl, you are funny, funny, funny! I love that your hat has smily faces on it to match the Friday Funnies theme!


  16. I took a chance and enlarged that picture and laughed so hard!! Thanks! I needed that!

  17. You are an enormous weirdo! And I mean that as the largest compliment! Nice calendar, by the way!

  18. They packaged the calendar that way because they knew how important it was to you and wanted to make sure that nothing could possibly happen to it! :)

    Um, you are scaring me with that picture of you. OK - so I did laugh! But it was nervous laughter... No, really - you are funny! Funny in an odd way... Hee,hee,hee! Truly you are goofy and I love you for it my friend!! :)

    Big what-would-life-be-like-without-a-laugh-(and chocolate)-on-a-Friday hugs to you! Have a wonderful Friday!

  19. You are such a hoot, Kim! I'm so glad you got your calendar, too! :D

  20. I love it that you have no fear of looking silly! Love the calendar title!

  21. Girl.. you are a trip!! What a fun calendar and I can see that it TOTALLY fits you!! LOL

  22. You do realize that we will be waiting to hear what each month says, don't you?? And pairing it with a new picture would be fun, too...

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Hey you! Thanks for stopping by! :) I totally understand what you're saying. Seriously...you can't beg people to be interested, he he. I think our blogs just automatically fall into a niche, ya know? Do what works, and have fun!

    BTW, I love your calendar. It is totally you!! :) That's a good thing by the way! Just so you know! :)

    You just keep brightening up people's days! That's your gift! ((Hugs!!)

    Of course, if you happen to stumble I something you've been through before, you know your input is ALWAYS welcome LOL So PLEASE don't hesitate! I highly value the wisdom of those gone before me. :)

  24. There's only one word I have for you: GOOBER!

  25. Hi Mrs.Wilson,
    Your Hysterical! L.O.L.( My new word)
    Very Funny.
    See you tomorrow!
    Alyssa C.

  26. Good Granny Gravy Kim - I just love you. I'm so luck you're my best friend...people just don't know what they're missin'! ;)


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