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Monday, November 2, 2009

Making My Home Sing!

I'm joining Nan once again to do something to make my home sing!!

Most of you know by now that my parents arrived safely from Maine. Thanks to all who prayed for safe travels.
Now when my parents are here we have a tradition to play a game of Rummy at least once a week. (Or as the losers call it, Crummy Rummy! LOL!) Not only is this fun, but it's quality time with my parents.
The kids can play with playdough at the table while they see their parents and their grandparents having sweet fellowship. That is unless Dad loses! LOL.
We played our first game yesterday. Dad and I against Mom and Brad. And I'm happy to say we won! Both times!

So if you are as blessed to have your parents still around and are also blessed to have them near you for any period of time, make sure you take the time to have some fun with them.
I will look back some day and remember all the fun and the "one liners" that came out of us playing Rummy and being together!

How are you making your home sing?



  1. Hubs is away on business.....so my sons are going to be "men of the house" and will "seriously" take care of me!
    ( ;

  2. Hi there! I saw your link on the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme and just wanted to pop over and say "hi." Thankfully, my parents live nearby and my husband and I love to play cards with them. We play Euker but many people have never heard of it!

  3. We are lucky to have both my inlaws who are very involved with my kids and my mom who lives with us.

  4. My parents live very far away so we don't get together as often as we'd like. But we do play games with our daughters and 2 son-in-laws frequently. It's one of our favorite things to do together.

  5. Family game time is SUCH a great idea. We are forgoing all the usual Christmas toys this year and planning on games that our entire family can play and participate in. SO MUCH BETTER! My DH & I play rummy and he usually wins, but I love playing games. That's a perfect way to make your home sing!

  6. Kim,
    I am blessed not only with both parents being a live but all my grandparents. Up until about five years ago, all my great-grandparents were still alive. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to cherish them all. Have a great time!


  7. That is so special my friend and definitely makes a home sing! When my Dad comes to visit, he plays Wii sports with us and likes to go out and about regularly. When my Step-mom was alive, we would always play cards with them when visiting!

    Enjoy your time and have a great day! Big are-your-parents-as-competitive-as-you hugs to you!!

  8. My hubby and I used to play games occasionally with my parents. My dad never liked board games much but he always had fun when he played them.

    Now that dad is gone (and my mom lives with us) the kids and I will sometimes play games with her. She loves 'em!

    Have fun and thanks for joining up!

  9. Kim,

    Family game night continues to be a family favorite here. Even friends that stop by will join in the fun and it is creating fun family memories in the process.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. We love playing cards! How much fun.

    Love you, my friend.

  11. What fun for all! I love playing cards and when we go to the cabin for Thanksgiving with my mom and stepdad we love playing games!!!

    So glad your parents are there because I know your BFF is gone and I would only imagine you would b sooo sad and lonely about now ...... :) LOL I don't think you can get sad and lonely but just had to say that

    Love you

  12. I do love spending with my parents too. My mom loves games. That is fun that you all do this as a tradition. Fun

  13. So, are you saying if y'all had lost, the singing in your home would have been sour notes? *g*

    Please ask your parents to leave the cold up nawth next time they come down. 8-]

    It's been one of those crazy weeks up here. I did a Friday Funny, but couldn't get Mr Linky to work. And our phone lines are wonky, so everything's even slower, so I'm behind on all things puteresque.

    Love ya loads, rummy ruler!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. I sure wish we lived closer to my parents. :( WE get to see them fairly regular though. They are coming out at CHRISTmas, too! :D


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