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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holly Jolly Week Giveaway!

It's almost here! Holly Jolly Week is just around the corner. Go here to get the run down of it.
And when you have such a fun week, you have to have a fun giveaway. Right? Right?

Here's what you'll get if you win!

First I'm giving away 2 of my homemade ornaments and a homemade wreath pin.
(This is a glimpse at the crafts I am going to show you how to make.)

Second, I'm giveaway away a Christmas Gooseberry Patch Booklet.
Third, My best friend Kathy made this cute little Christmas Apron.
Isn't it adorable. Can't you see yourself making Christmas cookies in that?

And last but not least, my friend Sheri has offered one of her fabulous E-Books.
A Season For Giving. Go here to get a preview.
She offers other fabulous e-books at very reasonable prices, make sure you check them out.

Isn't it fun?
Oh I can't wait.
So what do you have to do to enter? I'm glad you asked!
I'm going to make it easy.
1. Each day that you leave a comment next week, during Holly Jolly week, will be an entry.
2. If you are a follower let me know in a separate comment. (Just one time.)
3. If you subscribe by email let me know. (Just one time.)
4. Spread the word and come back and let me know.

That's it. Easy Smeasy!
It's going to be fun!!
See you in a couple days!!

And I'm sorry but this giveaway is only for US/Canada residents.


  1. Sounds fun! I would love that apron! God bless - Holly

  2. Yay! I can't wait. You are so much fun. I am going back to work next week, so I'll try to visit early. Thanks for your encouragement an your prayers. I am so blessed by you!

  3. You are so right! This is going to be fun! Woohoo!

  4. Fun, fun! :) Hee hee hee, I'm lucky I already got first pick of your cute ornaments! :) Thank you my best friend...I love you!

  5. Such fun and great giveaways!! Can't wait!

    Big you're the craftiest homesteader I know hugs to you! Have a great weekend my friend!

  6. What FUN gifts! Thanks so much!
    God bless!

  7. I've yet to win a giveaway but I won't give up trying! lol

  8. What a fun giveaway.

    TTFN ~Marydon
    Visit/join our new blog ~ blushingrosetoo.blogspot.com

    Our 6 GIVEAWAYS ends Dec. 8th

  9. That apron is adorable. How talented that Kathy girl is. I will be back:)

  10. Love all the prizes. I was wondering if Kathy used a pattern for the apron, and if so, what the pattern number is? I love all your posts. You keep me entertained.

  11. Cute little wreaths and I LOVE that little apron! It's so cute!

  12. Kim,

    All of these are simple too cute and would make a lovely gift to receive from you. I have to agree the apron is darling for cooking with all year round!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. Kim,

    I am also a avid follower and fan of yours as well as a chocolate lover!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. What a great giveaway! I have been looking forward to your Holly Jolly week!!!

  15. I follow you! And I will definitely be checking out the rest of the Holly Jolly Week posts! :)

  16. This is the first chance I've had to see the fun week of posts! Fun stuff! I love your giveaway, as always! You need to post "how to's" for the pins and the apron! Those would be fun to see how to make.

    Take care,

  17. Great giveaways. I love the apron.


  18. Still following. Still love all the items. Apron especially.



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