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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's YOUR Perfect Christmas Weather?

I'll tell you what mine ISN'T!
It's this....See the little hand? It's pointing to what the weather is supposed to be on Christmas day here. High of 79 and Thunderstorms.
Now I can tell you that this is not my first choice for my perfect Christmas weather. See I had many a Christmas' in Maine where most of the time there was snow or it was at least really really cold.
Not so in Florida. I'd say 90% of the time it's in the mid to high 70's and raining.

But if you really want to get technical about it, Jesus probably wasn't even born in the Winter, but more likely in the spring or summer. But that's a whole nother Google search! Feel free to take that upon yourself. LOL!

But for some reason we've come to the conclusion that it's just not Christmasy unless we're freezing our noses and toes off. But in reality we SHOULD be in shorts and flip flops! LOL! Mmm hmm. Yup!

Just for fun I checked what the temperature is going to be in Bethlehem on Christmas Day. And you know what? It's going to be 62 degrees for the high. Snow can't survive in that.
SO, if I think really hard about it, Florida weather is probably a bit closer to the weather that it SHOULD be!

Just smile and nod your head, because I feel a bit better now.
Love you my friends!!!


  1. LOL. I would rather be in that weather any day my friend.

  2. Our weather is going to be white until spring:-)

  3. I would so love to have at least a little bit of a white Christmas, but probably won't happen for us either :) My dad grew up in Plant City, Florida and he used to tell us about their Christmas mornings growing up included taking their toys out and playing with them in their shorts, lol. I had read something about the likelihood that Jesus wasn't born on December 25, but rather during the Sukkot? but, I'm not sure when that is either, lol. I do think it would be hard for the shepherds to have been out there in the cold of winter that we imagine. Why would sheep be grazing in the winter? Gives you something to think about though! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  4. It's usually that way here too. So far it's been cooler, but now that you mention it. I need to to check and see what it is going to be like here Friday.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  5. We are suppose to be getting a ton of snow, starting tomorrow!

  6. This is the first time in a LONG time that I am actually missing snow.
    80 degree weather is a little much..

    But thankful for it either way!!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I would love to copey and paste your post to my blog but everytime my northern family members hear me say ANYTHING about the temperatures here they have a cow and e-mail me all sorts of smart remarks! I too wish for seasons again but alas, God's plans are better than ours! I have been sporting jeans and a sweatshirt as of late though due to the 'cold front'! SO SAD! I don't know if I can take those cold temps anymore if I am such a wimp in 60 degree temps with 'wind chill' in 40's? My blood needs to thicken up a bit! :o) I am just glad I don't need my AC for a while! Have an enjoyable warm Christmas!

  8. No white Christmas for you, LOL! It would seem strange to me if I had to wear shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas! So I understand!

  9. It is funny that we assume we must have snow for Christmas when so many parts of the country don't!

    After much research, our Pastor concluded that Jesus was most likely born in October during the Feast of Tabernacles. But that's still just Fall, not Winter!

    At least you will have 70's rather than it being hotter! No snow here either - it will be partly cloudy and in the 50's on Christmas Day. Just turn your AC up and you'll be fine - LOL!

    Big put-a-scarf-on-with-that-tank-top-for-a-Christmas-feeling hugs to you! Have a fantastic day my friend!! Oh, and I just got my post up for the day. Can you tell I'm running behind?! Hugs! :)

  10. Too funny!
    You are right about FL being closer to the "right" weather, but I like me some hot chocolate by the fire!!!

  11. I prefer warm weather... no rain. I am a true Florida Girl.

  12. I've been boycotting the weather men ever since they took snow out of our Christmas forecast and replaced it with rain.

    Four inches of rain.

    If that were snow, do you know how much that would MAKE??? Robbed! We've been robbed! lol!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Love your family picture, btw. :)


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