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Friday, January 1, 2010

Are You Getting Organized for the New Year?

I think one of most famous goals for the new year is to get more organized. Am I right? It ranks right up there with losing weight. *sigh* But I'm not going to talk about that. Cause that's depressing and I don't need to go there right now! LOL!
But I did want to let you in on a great sale that Gooseberry Patch (one of my favorite places) is having until Monday of next week. I just ordered this cute appointment calendar.
It's normally priced $14.95 but it's on sale for $1.00. Can you believe it? Go HERE to check it out and take a look inside. They have tons of other great things on sale as well.

But wait there's more. I'm An Organizing Junkie is having a giveaway at her review site for organizing your menu online. Go HERE to read about the giveaway. It looks pretty cool!

I had to share these two things with you because they were too good to pass up.
Happy Organizing!


  1. I stopped by their site yesterday and got several things. IT is an AWESOME sale!! :D

  2. Awh Kim I'm right there with you on the organizing...as I sit here eating my ice cream thinking about starting the 30 day SHRED! Talk about depressing huh? I think it would just be easier to get up and get another scoop of ice cream than to work out for an HOUR! Thanks for the tips Kim! Have a nice day!

  3. Oh sure,...thanks a lot....you just cost me $16 at Gooseberry, LOL. :)

  4. Well of course I need to get organized! I just need you to come here and do it for me - LOL! I suppose I should think a bit about some goals for the new year, but also action plans or the goals won't happen.

    Great sale!! I will definitely be checking it out! Big can't-pass-up-a-deal-like-that hugs to you! Hope you have a lovely day my friend! Still praying.

  5. Ha - I so want to be organized again, but I guess because my job requires to be organized, I don't do so good in my personal life - lol...

    I will check out the two sites you mentioned - $1 - wow :)

    Love & peace,

  6. Those are great ideas, thanks for sharing the links!

    Happy New Year. :)

  7. I have just spent the morning going through all my books and CDs and now I have 6 large bags to take to charity plus 3 bags for the bin. I feel SO good - its very liberating:)

    I seem to collect a lot of things I never use or need!??

    I have also bought a couple of calendars that were on sale - down by 50% which makes quite a large saving.

  8. Wow! Looks like I'll be doing a little shopping before I go to bed. Thanks for sharing with us!!


    Oh, and I love your snow flakes thing going on. They look really cute!

  9. Shoot! I've tried and tried, but can't get that particular gooseberry page to open. Aaaaaanyhoo, I've missed you! Past couple months have been nuts and dial-up was just WAY too slow - moreso than usual - and I just gave up trying to get everything into a day. But now... NOW... I have DSL! WAHOOOOO!!! The speed is making me dizzy, lol! Once I get caught up, I can start reading blogs again!

    Love ya loads, gooseberry gal! 8-]
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. I always think I am somehow going to get more organized for the new year, but it never seems to happen. I will definitely go to the webisites you recommend. We are making a move this summer, to God knows where, and I really want to organize somewhat.

    I didn't know Gooseberry Patch had a website. Thanks. I have a few of their cookbooks and love them.

    Happy New Year.

  11. Just catching up on Blog world after being in the country for 5 days. Hope all is getting better. I will be praying for your family!

  12. Hmmmm, I should check it out. You and another blogger have mentioned them several times but I don't have any of their cookbooks (or anything else they do). How ever I am holding YOU responsible!!!!!

    Oh, and don't mention weight, I now have 17 pounds to lose instead of the 15, lol!


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