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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Can See It!

My breath! It's cold. It's snowing in Florida.
Of course we are only getting ice drops but it has been snowing in North Central Florida.
So if you were coming down here to get away from it, wait until next week when we head back into the 70's!
Here's a picture of my breath. Because I know that all you people in the north never get to see this! Uh huh!
It's the foggy looking stuff in the picture! LOL!Don't mind my son trying to see his breath from inside the house! LOL!
Just had to share!


  1. You sure that isn't from you smoking on the front porch, LOL?! I had to break out my ear muffs today. We sure could use a little global warming!

  2. Haha! Isn't this so cool!? Snow in Florida! Who would have thunk!?

  3. CRAZY!!! My dad would have hated this!!

    Stay warm my friend....have some hot chocolate, coffee, a fire....something to stay warm...

    Love ya

  4. Wow; that's amazing! Snow in Florida. I'm sure it's kind of fun for you but the people on vacation won't be very happy. At least it won't last long. Enjoy it while you can.


  5. Wow, that's cold for Florida! Normal here in Wisconsin though. Our friends are headed down your way tomorrow for a week in Disney. Hope it warms up for them!

  6. Brrr! Shall I send you some feet and hand warmers? :D

  7. Yeah...I feel for you guys. We up in Wisconsin are at least used to the cold so, this doesn't even phase us:-)

  8. Wow. It's cold alright. We're in the 20s and teens here in east TN. I know that's nothing to other places, but I've not been this cold since Japan. (Did you know it really snows there? Like it does in the northern states here).
    Anyway...I feel for ya, I really do. And my poor mil who hates the cold and lives in Clearwater, FL is over in Germany right now visiting her oldest son. Can you imagine?

  9. We've had a fire in the fireplace for days and days here in Texas. Wow snow in Florida!

    By the way -- love the flannel!

  10. I know, 27 degrees in Atlanta is crazy...But we only had icy on the roads...Stay warm my friend.

  11. I am sure my parents are enjoying the cold too. LOL They went down there this week to get some warmth. LOL to your son.

  12. You poor poor thing!! I would tell you to come here to get away from it, but we have had dense fog - ick! Though it would take that static out of your hair - LOL!!

    Big you're-making-me-shiver hugs to you! Have a great weekend my chilly friend! :)

  13. Sending you some SUNSHINE and WARMTH as I have plenty to spare (we are melting at the moment).

    Your cold weather has been on our news and I often think of my overseas friends and family (my brother and his family live in Denver) and pray that you are all doing ok.

  14. Maybe if you'd take that "winter" decoration down, the tide would turn!?

  15. Yep, we get to see that all winter long here. But that is crazy that you are getting snow though.

  16. Now that is something I didn't expect.

    I thought of you for an award so stop by if you get a chance to.

  17. Poor kiddo! Why don't you just let him outside so he can make some "real" circle puff thingies?!


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