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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Blame It on the Weather!

I'm supposed to be Making My Home Sing with Nan from Momstheword! But I've been having a hard time doing that with this cold weather.
I mean, I've been very busy doing things like,
dressing badly and being completely unprepared for this weather,

taking pictures of my static lovin' hair and

bribing my husband with pancakes, just so he'd go out in freezing weather to take a picture of our frozen birdbath ,just so I could blog about it. Oy!
So as you can see, I've been to busy being cold, to sing.
But I can faintly hear a tune in the distant future.
Yes folks, the 10 day forecast for Indialantic is looking up.

And when it climbs above 50 during the day I'm going to break out in song and get back to planning our homeschool, after our long Christmas break and getting my kids back on schedule. Because a schedule makes my home sing!
What's making your home sing?


  1. I tried to get back in the swing last week but my youngest came down with strep. So, this week is attempt number 2:-)

  2. Oh, getting a new home makes my home sing!!

    Schedules are nice too!

  3. I love a schedule too my friend. I have to have one. and a really good to do list:)

  4. I am hoping to get on track this week! It is hard to do when you're cold, right? We can't be expected to do much more than eat chocolate when it's not sunny and warm, right??! :)

    Big you-would-not-be-a-very-good-eskimo hugs to you! Have a fantastic Monday my friend! I hope it warms up SOON for you!

  5. The Isaacs! We saw them in concert recently. Yep, we be lovin' us some real good gospel country bluegrass to get and keep us "singing" and"cutting a rug or two around our homestead!

  6. It's been super cold lately here, too. Glad it's finally back in the 30s. LOL

  7. We've used our fireplace all weekend! This extremely cold weather is a sure distraction for us Floridians!!

  8. I hope you're putting that picture of you and hubby on your Xmas cards next year! It's wonderful!

    My house sings lately because it's so clean! But that's because I just recently took the decorations down! It's also singing because of the lovely soups and biscuits I've been making. One of the good things about winter!

  9. I'm gonna blame mine on the bitter cold in Arkansas that the local news keeps referring to as the "Deep Freeze" and being sick x 11 days now.

    I am glad to see that you guys are going to burst out into the 70s soon as we climb into the 40s...I'll be putting on my shorts if we hit the 50s. lol

    Take care and stay warm, my friend! I think, I can hear you humming that tune all the way up here. ;-)

    (((HUGS))) from Arkansas!

  10. This is one of the reasons I love your blog, you're not afraid to poke fun at yourself!

    I don't think my husband is surprised at the pictures I post anymore, although the picture of my toilet drew a comment (I haven't posted that one yet). Maybe this week.

    I can't believe how cold it is for you guys. I mean, we're used to this kind of weather but you guys aren't. I expect warm weather when I come to visit. Get on it please!

    Thanks for posting.

  11. I know exactly what you mean! This morning (all morning), I hid under two blankets by the fire place trying to shake off the "chilled-to-the-bone cold I've been feeling.

    I'd settle for some weather in the 30's!

  12. Stopping by from Christina's place. It's cold here too. I do not do cold weather well.
    Burrr and blessings.

  13. I have another few weeks before school starts so we are still in relaxation mode. Off shopping this week for "school stuff" for my 17 year old.

    Happy singing.

  14. I am really trying to get back in the swing of things as well. It's HARD~!

  15. Wow! It sounds like you've been hit hard!

  16. I agree! Schedules does help my home sing! Need to get back to that. Ugh! :(

  17. Is this NOT the craziest weather.
    I have to do laundry more then usual because we only have so many warm clothes..LOL

  18. Oh, I loved your post...it made me chuckle through and through. All things are relative, however, as we hit the high 40s, so I ran out and gave my car a bucket wash with warm water - I couldn't see through the back windows! We're hoping for routine next week...fingers crossed.

  19. My kids worked real hard last week in order to get to go to Busch Gardens today. They got tickets in their stockings this year and if you buy for one day you get in the whole year. Poor kids were so bummed to realize it will only be in the 45-55 range! Not so much fun to brave the cold. Our blood is too thin!


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