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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Funnies! The Anniversary Date!

Hello my friends. How is everyone today? Are you in need of a funny or have on to share?
Then you ended up at the right place.
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Today I'm going to share a little of our Anniversary date with you. It was Wednesday, which was also Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. You remember Mondays post? You know the one about me giving up chocolate for Lent. Just keep that in your mind and read on.

I'll warn you that there's lots of pictures. But who doesn't like pictures?

Here's my hubbalicious getting ready to escort me on our date.
Ain't he a handsome thing?
We were going to our favorite place to eat on the planet, Carrabba's!

I'm reading the lovely card he got me.
He's so sweet!
Eating a most delicious salad.

We decided to branch out and get something we have never gotten there before. Because frankly we were stuck in a rut. Even though it was a most delicious rut! LOL!

I got the surf and turf.I always eat my veggies first because I don't like them cold.

He got the seafood cannoli's.

We finished our scrumptious dinner and were talking about what we wanted to do afterwards, while we waited for our check.
And then our waiter appears with this!
My husband saw him coming with it and busted out laughing. I was wondering what he was laughing at and then saw it coming at me like a Mack truck on a down hill slide.
We didn't order it. I was going to be good and skip dessert, but the guy brought it out to us for our anniversary!

What does one do, when one just Monday, said that she was going to give up chocolate starting THIS day, Wednesday, her anniversary day?
I'll give you one guess!

DUH! Yeah of course we ate it!

I admit, I felt a little guilty.

But I got over it pretty quickly!

Are you laughing yet?
See, I'm not perfect! But I hope you already knew that! LOL!

We ended our lovely date at the river. We wanted to get a nice sunset shot.

Here we are getting ready to brave the cold.
The sun was setting quickly so we didn't have much time.
I ran and sat on the swing while he found a place to set up the camera.
He snapped this shot without me knowing it, but it was pretty cool.
You can't see it but I'm actually shivering and moving around frantically to stay warm.

It was so cold that we only managed to get one shot!
But it was a pretty cool shot!

You'll be happy to know that I haven't had chocolate for the past day now. LOL!
And how come all of a sudden my husband is eating more chocolate then normal?
I think he's testing my will power.
I'll make it as long as I make him hide all the Hershey's Kisses and don't go anywhere!
Happy Friday my friends!Align Right

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  1. I love that you are frozen there in Florida. I am frozen up here in northern Canada :)

    Mmm that is a tasty looking dessert. You know this means you have to avoid chocolate for an extra day after lent ends :)

  2. YUM! Yes, a huge challenge to give up chocolate. Lots of smiles as I scrolled through your photos. Happy Anniversary you two! :~D

  3. Great picture! That chocolate dessert looked incredible! and Happy Anniversary -

    Love to you'

  4. Oh, MAMA! Just look at that pile of CHOCOLATE! It would have been sinful to NOT eat it, after he so nicely brought it out for you and all.

    That swing shot is fantabulous! You gonna frame it?

    Love ya loads, cheater chum! ;}
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. I love that picture of you both on the swing; that is a treasure to keep....oh, and I love the Yum on the plate; that made me laugh out loud.:) I think it'd be pretty hard to give up all that Easter chocolate....that's when the best chocolate comes out. Kudos to you and your stamina. Happy Friday, Kim!

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I would have eaten the dessert too. GREAT photo of the two of you on the swing. Very framable!

  7. I heard that you were having colder weather in Florida! BTW, who can resist chocolate dessert? Happy Anniversary. I loved your photos and your smile.

    Love you,

  8. What a great date! I love Carrabba's... I haven't eaten there is years :( cute pictures!

  9. How funny! I *think* I see a speck of guilt in your eyes.....or was that a sparkle as all that gooey chocolate was in your belly?

    Have a great weekend....thanks for the giggle.

  10. YUM is right! What a sweet date with your honey hunk!

  11. What a great anniversary date!! Loved the pictures and the chocolate looked divine! Overpowering temptation huh? Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  12. awww...looked like a perfect date, especially since it ended with chocolate and a sunset. ;-)

  13. WHAT? You're not perfect???? That's it! I'm turning you in for a different best friend, LOLOLOL...Um, I need to remember to tell them it's my anniversary next time I go there!!! HELLO???? YUM!

  14. I was going to say you definitely can't let chocolate go to waste! :D Looks like an awesome anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Our favorite place is Carrabba's, also. YUM is right!

  16. Love all those pics my friend - looks like you had a lovely time! Too funny (and not surprising) about the chocolate dessert - LOL!!

    Big what-if-everybody-starts-offering-you-free-chocolate-wherever-you-go hugs to you! Have a lovely day my friend! :)

  17. Not only am I sitting here laughing like crazy, but Jesus is sitting next to me. He, too, thinks it's pretty funny. There is more than one way to "sacrifice!" Thanks for taking us along on your anniversary date!

    Hugging you,

  18. Sweet, cute, adorable, HILLareeeeous! I love you. Just do. You make me smile. Happy anniversary! We're fixin to celebrate 20 years in a few weeks!

  19. What a beautiful sunset picture.

    And I loved when you wrote in your dessert gloop!

    When you mentioned it last week, you also encouraged me to give up chocolate. But I haven't cheated yet! So, I'm one up on you.

  20. Fantastic pics! That chocolate didn't count, remember? You had no choice. It was your anniversary, you didn't know about it, they gave it to you, you were out to eat...all good excuses. :) And it looked divine! I love the sunset picture of you two. It looks like the perfect shot to go on an anniversary card.

  21. Oh my goodness! I am laughing so hard! You just crack me up!!! But I am glad that you enjoyed your anniversary and I absolutely love those last two pictures. They are so romantic looking and beautiful!

  22. You are making me laugh...a girl after my own heart. Way to NOT be legalistic! I love that about you! The picture is gorgeous as well...definitely one to frame!

  23. I love your date night! Also, I would have eaten the chocolate dessert, too. How rude it would have been if you had not taken such a gift and enjoyed every drop of it. Right?

    Anyway, haven't had any funny in my life lately to share on here, but was glad I looked on here today to see your fun date story. Happy Anniversary friend!


  24. Oh you know how to make someone laugh like no other my funny and um bad girl friend that you are?? ;) I am so glad you had such an awesome last bit of chocolate and wonderful memories were made to get you through Lent! Those pictures were precious and Yes I did laugh OUT LOUD and then there was the awwww....Such a special night even though it was chilly. Can't get any sympathy from me for that one! I am so sick of cold, snow, ice and anything that involves me needing a coat! (OK done venting :p) back to YOU! Have a beautiful weekend and I pray it warms up for you guys

    Love u

  25. I gave up candy and boy have i been craving it everyday. Hmmm. You are too funny, but I am glad your anniversary was so fun and so yummy:)
    Good food you can't go wrong with and that dessert looked amazing.
    Happy Friday!

  26. Happy anniversary! The shots by the water are so special! Miki

  27. Ahhh, you naughty, naughty girl! LOL :D Hey, not your fault your anniversary fell on Ash Wednesday, right? And it was given to you, it is rude to turn a gift away. LMBO...Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the pics especially your guilt pic, yummy pic and of course, the sunset pic of the two of you. Definitely one to blow up, frame and hang. Love you my friend. Thanks for the giggles!



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