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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Laughed So Hard When.....

Today's topic over at My Cup 2 Yours is recalling a time that you laughed really really hard!

My problem with that is narrowing it down to just one incident and then writing it so that you will "get" the funny.
So as I was thinking about it, this video that someone linked up to my Friday Funnies, came to my mind.
What makes this video funny to me is that while I was watching it, my husband was in the other room and actually thought it was me laughing, because she laughs just like I do. AND I would have fallen apart just like she did had my husband made that same mistake. So knowing that and putting myself in her shoes, I laughed till I cried watching this. My family did too because this gal is sooo me, just younger, thinner and tanner! LOL! But other than that.....so me!



  1. LOL! That is hilarious!! What a way to take the edge off of nervousness. LOL!

  2. Too funny. I was WAY too serious at our wedding so I always love when the ceremony is not soo stuffy.

  3. LOLOLOL...I love that video. The thing is I KNOW you, and I can attest (to anyone who reads other peoples comments) that this is SO Kim!!! I can totally see this happening, lol

  4. How cute! I can know what it is like to start laughing and not being able to stop! Cute post ;0)

  5. I just wanted to say I was blog hopping and came to your blog. What a fun blog you have! I really needed this laugh. It did the same to me as it did to you. It was a good "medicine. Thank you!


  6. Oh I am SO glad you joined in today. Thanks for the laugh out loud! I hadn't seen this. I am definitely going to have to link up to this at some time in the future and share it on my blog. :)

    Have a great day!

  7. I have tears in my eyes! Lol! I needed that this morning. Thanks, friend. :)

  8. LOL!! That is so cute! I would probably be too embarrassed to laugh aloud like that. :)

  9. This definitely had me cracking up! I lost it during my ceremony too when we accidentally blew out our unity candle. With the emotion and nerves, it was hard to get it back in control. I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard. Thanks for posting this :-) MIKI

  10. Too funny my friend! That is your laugh! Oh how hard it would be to get back in control after that!

    Big laughter-is-good-for-the-marriage hugs to you! Have a fantastic day!! :)

  11. Yes, I laughed too!! how funny is that! and that you laugh like that too! that is so catchy. Everyone was laughing!


    Dani Joy

  12. How fun to get to know YOU through HER! Laughter truly is the best medicine!

  13. That is too funny. She was on one of the today shows talking about it. LOL It was a hoot.

  14. And that is EXACTLY what I thought your laugh would be!!!!! Too funny!

  15. Kim,

    I think this is everyone who has ever gotten married worst fear realized, and captured on video Yikes!

    It just makes us all realize life is way too serious anyway.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. How funny! Reminds me of my sisters wedding. She didn't start laughing, it was all of us bridesmaids that did. We couldn't stop laughing, and I don't even know what we were laughing about! We weren't that loud though.

  17. That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  18. That was so adorable!!! I linked over from Genny's.
    I'm taking it for a post, if you don't mind. Hilarious!
    Thanks for posting it. :-)


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