"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's just never ending!

Some weeks the lessons just keep on coming!

So this week I learned that:

1. if your 7 year old son makes up a board game you might find yourself dancing like a chicken, acting like Winnie the Pooh, making the letter H out of playdough and doing the karate chop dance! (Don't ask!)

2. eating buttered popcorn while watching the Winter Olympics can make you feel like a big lazy pig! LOL!

3. doing this search in Google (how do I make holes in the side of my fabric) will lead you to just the thing you need and you'll be excited because you had no idea it existed a few seconds ago and now it's on it's way to your home.

4. Lent isn't just for Catholics like I used to think.

5. after making the decision to take part in Lent and give up, *gulp* chocolate, I noticed that our anniversary is on the same day it starts! Oy! Stupid! LOL! Now that will be a test! (Mental note, try looking at a calendar before you start something!)

6. I made the best biscuits and sausage gravy on the planet for breakfast the other day. I'll be posting it on my cooking blog today!

7. the crinkle of a bag, that may or may not have chocolate in it, will bring your children out of the woodwork, but open up a bag of carrots and you have them allllllll to yourself! Why can't carrots taste like chocolate but still be good for you?

Well that's it for now!
Join Jo-Lynn from Musings of a Housewife if you to learned some stuff this week!



  1. Delightful post! Thanks for bringing a big smile to my day.

  2. LOL. Yeah, Clair has been making up the 'best games in the world' lately. (they really make no sense.. I figured that out when
    I was told to run around like a mad bull! "Uh.. why??? I just won!?") lol
    So Lent starts on your Anniversary eh? *gasp* Poor you!!! Aww! That really stinks... so what will Mr. W. be getting you for the special day,,, maybe chocolate that you can eat in 40 days!

  3. Yeah...one time I fasted desserts with a friend (praying for her marriage). I just happened to give it up right before Halloween, Thanksgiving, Brea's 1st birthday, and Christmas...WHAT was I thinking???

  4. Some how I can be eating healthy and still feel like I don't quite measure up to those that participate in the Olympics. They are amazing that is for sure.

  5. #3 is throwing me for a loop....????

    AND I'm not even going to discuss #5...nope, not sayin' a thing. nope. not me...I'm keepin my mouth shut. yup.

  6. Ok, just one thing....Um chocolate? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO I do believe this takes us through MY BIRTHDAY Does anyone in this blog know what kind of cake Kathy has on her birthday?????? Hello? Is anyone in there????

  7. Good for you giving up chocolate! I don't think I could do that right now. Well, for God - yes, but I feel certain he is not asking this pregnant woman to do that. :)

    Fun lessons - love the karate chop dance!

  8. ok I'm w/Kathy on #3....HUH?

    My dear the Lord is your s=Strength and HE will do amazing things during Lent in and through you ~ of this, I have NO DOUBT!

    heading to your cooking blog now! I finally started that book review blog....we shall see how it works!
    I have missed you!

    Love you

  9. Good luck with Lent - just think how amazing those chocolate eggs are going to taste after the wait. X.

  10. Chocolate, huh? Good for you - and good luck!! You'll do great!

  11. Love your learnings friend!!

    And I can help you out by eating your share of Kathy's birthday cake - anything for a friend. ;)

    Big carrots-and-chocolate-should-not-be-mentioned-in-the-same-sentence hugs to you!! :) Have a super day!

  12. I suppose you could try chocolate covered carrots ? :}

  13. Kim,

    One can only wonder just what kind of games your kids are dreaming up? They sure sound like a lot of fun!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. I know!! The Olympics are supposed to inspire us to get up and go...not sit down and eat!

  15. I feel the same way when I'm watching athletes on TV! I'm usually eating some chocolate and feel a sinking feeling while watching "Dancing with the stars". :D

  16. Had to crack up about the board game and the bag of chocolate. My oldest can hear a gum wrapper from around the block. LOL

  17. Lol! Do you have any idea how much money we would save if google searches weren't so darn easy?? I love your list. :)

  18. LOL at the made up board game! I would love to watch that game being played. :)


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