"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Friendly Shout Outs!

I love promoting things that my friends are doing (when I have the time) so that's what I'm doing today.

This first shout out is for my friend Erica from Amazing Adventures Await. She has been working hard on a kids book that had finally gotten published.
Here is a link to learn more about it and pre order a signed copy of her book.
You can also pre order an unsigned copy at B & N.

I've known Erica in the blogging world for quite awhile now and she has a heart of gold and a great love for her family. I'm sure this book will be a delight for you to add to your child's collection.

Okay this next thing I can't honestly believe I'm telling you about. Because I really really want this and by telling you all, (who will probably really really want this as well), I'm not helping my chances of winning. But because I like this fellow Floridian and blogger so much, I'm gonna do it.

My friend SophieMae from Shabach the Rock is giving a way a copy of this.

I don't know why, but I just want this! I don't need this. I'll probably gain 10lbs if I win this.
But me likey, me wanty!
So feel free to just completely ignore this half of my post and go along with your day.

Oh and since you're here don't forget about Friday Funnies tomorrow!
Get your funny ready and then come back and spread some cheer and grab a smile yourself!



  1. Thank you so very much!
    I really appreciate your "endorsement" and encouragement.
    So, I am going to have to check out Pioneer Woman...it is the 3rd time this week, I have heard about her!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Good Morning Kim,

    I am still taking a break from my blog, but that doesn't stop me from visiting yours where I always leave with a wwarm heart, happy smile.

    I have the PW Cookbook and it's pretty good. She's a good writer and has good stuff to read, lots of ranch girl humor, and the recipes are pretty good too. I've tried several and all are yummy.

    Have a great day!

  3. I want that too! I can't believe I haven't just gone and bought it yet. I'm going to go try for it now...

  4. That childrens book looks really cute and the cookbook sounds awesome too!

  5. Thanks, sweetie! I would LOVE to have the book, but I put in my comment that it should be sent to you if I win!

  6. That first book looks very cute! And me wantey the PW cookbook too!!

    Big it's-good-to-share hugs to you! Have a super wonderful day my friend! :)

  7. Kim,

    Just hopped on over and let them know you sent me. Here is hoping that they will pass along something really sweet too you!

    Be sure you stop by today for a last minute opportunity to participate in two giveaways for tomorrow.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. You are so sweet to let us know about these. Good luck. I hope you or kathy win the cook book. You can share if one of you wins:)

  9. This is a cute new look you have going! Thanks for the shoutouts! Me and cookbooks...ha! Funny girl!

  10. Hey, Kimmie-Mae! Thanks ever so for the shout-out! Sorry it took me so long to get over here today. I've just decided I need to make this my home page on IE, coz it's all I ever open it for, LOL! OK, I lied, I open it to do 30 MyPoints searches a month, as well, but I'm still making this my home page. 8-}

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. I checked out Pioneer Woman's cookbook from library, so I could check it out before I bought it. Yeah, it is one that I want to buy! :D Love it!


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