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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Wants To Come Over for Coffee?

Because I'm pretty sure I'll have enough cups for everyone.

See this happens all the time.
It all started with me wanting to move my spices to somewhere with more space. Which meant I had to remove items from the place to which I wanted to put my spices.
In the end I moved my spices around 3 times and they ended up right back to where they started from, but not before I had everything out of my cabinets onto my counter and discovered something.

Do you want to see something troubling?
It's sad really.
Okay, here it is!Those in the above picture were all in my cupboard.

I have these packed away and they are strictly Christmas mugs!

When you put them all together they look something like this!
There are only 2 coffee drinkers in our home and I rarely have more than 5 coffee drinkers here at any given time.
But let me plead my case just a little.
See 8 of those mugs came with my Corel dishes. And 8 more of those mugs came with my Snowman dishes. And 4 of those mugs came with my Fiesta Ware. So that accounts for 22 of the 70+ mugs. Plus I do rotate 4 or 5 of my favorite mugs and use them. And then my husband has his favorite. And well, who knows when the kids will all start drinking coffee......

Are you buying it?

Alright fine, I admit it. I have a problem!
There you happy?! LOL!

You'll be glad to know that I am purging a lot of these and will only keep what will fit in a designated space in my cupboard.

So who wants coffee OR tea!

What's in your cupboard?



  1. I must say that I am so proud of you for not beggin the other blogger that had the smily mugs for her collection! Looks a bit like you do not need anymore and might be able to get rid of some dish sets too! LOL! Way to get on a roll!

  2. OH, WOW! You are just a coffee cup collector! :D You never know as they might be collector's items one day and sold on Ebay. :D LOL!

  3. UMMMM I am seeing a theme here....felt, coffee cups
    KIM ~ You need HELP!!! ;) or wait ...I KNOW! We could just have a massive BLOG coffee party at your house!
    That way we could all choose our cup and then you could keep them for the next time we have a party

    just let me know when to this party is going on K!

    Love you my friend

  4. I'll be over in a few days...lol! Oh, how fun that would be.

  5. You need to find some creative uses for mugs and what a lot of Christmas mugs:)

    I will have tea thank you:)

  6. Yes! :) hee hee hee Coffee, and chocolate, and cookies and cake...Oh My!

  7. Wow, that is alot of mugs :) I feel your pain... before we moved 3 years ago I have alot of mugs also.... hubby made me get rid of alot :( I enjoy reading your posts... you make me smile!

  8. That IS a lot of mugs! I had a similar problem and now, I rotate them for each season. When Valentines is over, I will put those away and bring out my Easter cups:-)

  9. I can't believe how many things we have in common...forget Step Class, forget coffee addiction. How could it be that there is another individual out there that has the same problem that I have with coffee mugs. I have literally told my husband and kids if I go to reach for any kind of coffee mug at a store to call security!!! There has got to be some Coffee Cup Anonymous out there, right?

  10. I can sooo relate to this, Kim! Most of our mugs have been gifts from our kids over the years (guess they know mom loves coffee), so it's not like I can just get rid of them!

    (Actually, I've tried and then gotten busted by my daughter... "Mommy! You're not getting rid of those are you?!? I GAVE you those!" lol

  11. Girl...that is A LOT of mugs. Maybe I am jealous b/c I need some : )
    You could make some hot chocolate mix or something and give them as gifts : )

  12. Wow. Just. Wow.

    So is there a coffee mug giveaway on the horizon? lol

  13. Oh that is a LOT of mugs my friend!! I used to have lots but having moved a few times forced me to purge many mugs.

    Now - I was feeling kinda good about having less mugs than you until I just went around my house and counted. *ahem*

    My confession: 27 mugs plus 8 cups/saucers that match my dishes plus 4 Irish coffee mugs plus 22 espresso cups/saucers plus about 36 teacups/saucers. Because 22 people might stop by all at once and want coffee, espresso, and tea all at the same time.

    Big thanks-for-using-your-problem-to-point-out-my-problem hugs to you!! L.O.L. Love you my friend! Hope it's not too "muggy" there today! Hee,hee. :)

  14. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of coffee mugs! I was looking at all of them and noticed I have some of those mugs in my cupboard too. but not that many!!! LOL

  15. No coffee for me thanks. But I will take one of those pretty coffee mugs -- the blue ones please!

  16. Hahaha, that looks like our collection of coffee cups before we started the marathon cleaning out three years ago! I even see a few Garfield ones, which we sold in a garage sale, LOL.

  17. Girl that is alot of coffee mugs. Seriously, where do you store them all? You are too funny.

  18. Hang on to those mugs my precious sister. You never know when you might move to a cold climate and be fixin up a bunch of hot chocolate for the kids and their friends.

  19. I collect coffee mugs...which really is silly because I have my favorites and I only use them. Not to mention I am the only coffee drinker in the house.

    Love your blog:)

  20. I tried to purge some of my mugs but my husband found them in at the reuse shed at the dump and brought them home again. Hey honey look at these really nice mugs I found! Sigh.

  21. I just got rid of a bunch of Christmas mugs, too. Seriously, how can you possibly use at once? I bet you have a lot more room now, too! Love to purge!


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