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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Funnies! The Face!

Happy Friday everyone!
Let's start the weekend with some laughs, shall we?
If you have a family friendly funny to share, by all means link it up. 
It can be a video, a joke, something that happened to you personally, etc. Just as long as it's funny! Hence the whole point of Friday Funnies.

My funny is all about a personal recollection I had this morning.
I'm titling it...

The Face!

 You are going to fall into one of 3 categories. 
Not there yet.
Going through it.
Been there done that.

So here's what went down. As some of you might know, as you get older one might tend to have stray black hairs appear sporadically somewhere on your body. If you're "lucky" you may only get a few.

Well I started noticing a few years back, 3 sporadic hairs that would grow on my face. I knew where they were and I thought I checked them often enough to where they weren't noticeable. I mean I only had 3 to worry about.
So the other day my daughter said, "Mom, you got a long hair growing out of your chin."
(I'm sparing you a picture!)
"What?" I answered. "I just checked that last week."
I blew it off and went about my day. 
Fast forward to this morning. I'm in the bathroom and I decide to do the "hair" check. 
And there it was. About a foot long, the black hair. Okay it wasn't a foot long but it seemed to have been eating Miracle Grow because I had just plucked that bad boy and it's cousins, a few days ago.

Anyway, since that one decided to grow back so quickly I figured I should check the other guys.
And I am NOT liking what I saw. The other hair on my chin decided to invite all it's kin. Have mercy!
I must have plucked 10 black hairs from my chin. Ewww, People! Give me a break. It's bad enough all the other things we have to worry about when we get older, but a beard? Okay, it's not that bad, but I now am checking my face DAILY for NEW strays that are trying to make their debut on my face!

So here's where I ask you if you can relate and you sympathize with me and say yes!
Please say yes!

As always, this is Kim, probably telling you more than you want to hear!
You're welcome!

Happy Friday my friends!


  1. Kim..Kim..Kim..

    mine are grey and black and curly!!

    yep...did we see a film in school about this..nope. I warned my 4 girls a while back about these little "friends" that will appear someday in their lives. They were grossed out.."Did we inherit that" my answer..I duuno know..I didn't even know about it till it happened..just get some tweezers and be armed and ready!!
    I think the "talk" went well.

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Sorry, Kim...not there yet. Actually, I'd be surprised if I did because well, in my family women have very little hair other than our heads. We have thick heads of hair. But, I've never shaved my legs because - well, there's no hair!

  3. Interesting - I do not know what you are talking about - never heard of such a thing. I am KIDDING!!!

    Woo Hoo - I'm not the only one - LOL!! You just described me! It's so very annoying and wrong. What's worse though is that some of my hairs are not black, but appear white (as in grey hairs??)! Sigh - you can just start calling me Greybeard. Apparently this turning 40 thing has a bit of a down side. :)

    You are too funny my friend and not afraid to tell it like it is! Big tweezers-are-a-girl's-best-friend hugs to you! Have a super day!!

  4. Oh, I have so been there done that! Hairs on the chin are the worst, especially when someone else points them out to me....so embarrassing!LOL Because then i think, how long has that been there, was it there at church? Was it there last night when so and so was here? Eww....I feel ya. I laughed out loud on this and had to hush it up because my kids are still sleeping....:) Happy Friday, Kim!

  5. LOL! Count me in the white/gray hair club! My son recently told me: Mom, you have a mustache! The joys of aging with dear children who notice everything!!

  6. Yep, been there, done that. lol I'm so glad I'm not the only one. :) I just plucked one yesterday. Good thing since we went out last night. :)

  7. Hahahaha ....yep I can relate, I can sympathize too! Those darn hairs ~ I hate them! Here is a secret I will share....Keep some tweezers in your car ~ those suckers show up best in the sun when you are sitting at a light or waiting on the kids :0) always look around before plucking tho ;)

    Happy Friday and thanks for linking me

  8. I don't know what you're talking about. Do you know a what good set of tweezers COST these days? Just asking. Cause I don't know. Why would I?

    I've got to go tweet a request for an electrolysis referral now.

  9. Between the hair that is sprouting on my upper lip and the hair on my chin it is getting ridiculous! I am so with you girl. I now have tweezers in my bathroom, my purse and in my car. Gotta get those pesky hairs any chance I get! Their going down. I will be victorious! :)

  10. As I was reading this, I put my finger up to my chin where the unruly black hair likes to grow and so far so good. Thank God for magnifying mirrors.

    Happy Friday, love!

  11. Yes! Unfortunately I can relate.

  12. Yes Kim I can feel your pain, literally.

    That along side of losing my vision, hearing isn't that great, hot flashes and all.

    Oh the joys of maturing!!!

    So glad to be back to FF! I've missed you~

  13. I feel your shame and pain!

  14. Bless your pea-pickin' pre-menopausal heart! LOL! Mine is in my philtrum. Hurts like a sumgum to yank it out.

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  15. Oh, girl, I'm there...unfortunately! ;-)

    Plucking away in SW Virginia,

  16. I'm cracking up! I thought I was the only one!!!! We'll be plucking pals!

  17. HA! HA! HA! I'm cracking up over here! I haven't been following long enough to know even about how old you are but I remember once when my mom discovered an unwanted hair. She kept complaining that something was poking her in the eye but she couldn't find what. Then she kept brushing at her hair (the ones on her head) thinking that her hair was in her eyes. Finally at the end of the day she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and spotted the rouge hair bothering her eye. She was determined to pluck it out so followed it all the way down to her chin. Yep, it was about a foot long too! She was mad at me saying I should have said something a lot sooner, but I honestly did not see it.

    Fast forward to about a month ago and I was looking in the mirror and saw what I thought was an eyelash on chin but it just kept coming back when I tried to brush it away. Turns out it was a six inch black hair rooted in my chin. And so, it begins....

  18. Hilarious! This is why we love your blog, Kim! :D

  19. Hilarious! This is why we love your blog, Kim! :D


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