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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home is.......

Home is...

My dear friend Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer has started a new Meme and I wanted to support her and join in today. 

Today she wants us to talk about the delicious scents that are in our home.
To me, certain smells trigger certain memories. Good or bad. But I try to focus on the good.

For instance, the smell of coffee in the morning means it's a brand new day.

The smell of a turkey cooking brings to mind, memories of family and friends coming together to enjoy some of their favorite foods.

The smell of flowers means my husband has taken the time to stop and pick a bouquet out just for me.

I love candles and have them burning quite often in my house. Different candles mean different times of year for me.

I have my Christmas Wreath candle for Christmas. A Fruit Slice candle for Spring. Clean cotton for Summer and Pumpkin Spice for fall. They all bring happy memories to mind.

A smell that my family could probably smell every day and not tire of, is the smell of my homemade pizza cooking. That gets everybody happy!

What kind of happy smells are in your home?
Visit my friend Sandy and join in the fun!


Pssst! How do you like the new look?


  1. love the new look - very cute!

  2. Hi there,
    Lots of lovely smells there, lots to make me hungry too - we love homemade pizza here too. I'm a huge fan of Yankee candles - not found anything to beat them yet.

    I do like the look of your blog, although I think it's my first time here so I can't say how it compares.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. We were just talking about this the other day. I had asked my grown children..what scents or smells do they remember from our home.
    No specific order..
    vinegar..from canning every year
    vanilla..from all the familly pound cake
    cinnamon..cinnamon toast and homemade cinnamon rolls
    Pumpkin spice..fall candles
    Their daddys "work smell"..lol
    Lemon..on cleaning days

    Este Lauder perfume from their grandmother when she visited

    And now...Scentsy..almond mocha

    We were a perfume chemical free house as much as possible.

    Now if I could capture the scent of the beach..minus the fish smell..lol
    Cindy @ Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. I meant to tell you I ADORE your new header..it tells the story of you without revealing too much..very clever!!!

    Now for this newbie..HOW do I Grab a Button..after this week No telling where it will end up..lol

    MMM I would love to be smelling homemade pizza right now!!


  5. Chanel No. 5. My mother wore it and she is no longer with me. On special occasions and for SURE when I meet a new grandbaby, I wear it....to remind me of her, to bring her with me and to introduce the new ones to her scent and now mine.

    Your new heading is so YOU!!

  6. I LOVE the new look! It's so crisp and clean and spring like. How did you do it? Can I do it too?

  7. Oh I love the new look! The header is awesome.
    Some smells in our home would be something like cookies, pancakes, dirty diapers.... never mind, I won't go there.
    Have a great week!

  8. Home smells like food to me! LOL, I love it when DH is in the kitchen and cooking up something special for us.

    Love the new look here on your blog! So pretty!!! Sorry that I have been a bit absent. We went out of town for a few days last week and I have been trying to catch up ever since!

  9. Cute! Though I thought I was lost in cyberspace for a few moments!

    Fresh Spring air blowing inside after being sealed up like Tut's tomb during the winter!

  10. Love the new look!!

    I am such a HUGE smell person. My favorite is lilacs in the spring:-)

  11. It's dinnertime here and that pizza looks delicious! I think I can smell it through the screen!

  12. Hi Kim. Thanks for linking up today! The pizza looks so yummy! My home smells like coffee right now, but I'm sure that will change today because Abby is making a cake :) Your new look is awesome! :)

  13. Right now the smell of fresh clean spring air permeates my home. It is a beautiful day and all the windows are open. Hope you have a great day!

  14. It is amazing how may scents remind us of home. I could have written a book on all the different scents...your list was great, I can especially relate to the coffee and pizza!
    504 Main

  15. This was fun to read! And I like the new look of your blog.

  16. Love all those smells too! :) Your new page is adorable...I love how you and Brad are on the porch havin' "coffee". :) :)

  17. With three guys, I can't say that all the smells in our house are happy smells! lol

    We do like the smell of my Cinnamon Coffee Cake while it's baking...it smells wonderful! Actually, any kind of food smell is a happy smell for my gang. ;-)

  18. Kim,

    You can't see me because if you could, you would see my mouth hanging wide open at your beautiful new page. I guess I am going to have to get together with Ms. Edie and have her do mine.


    My favorite scents, are cinnamon apple, blueberry muffin and pumpkin. They just remind me of something wonderful being hand baked with love!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  19. Love love love your new look. So cute. The turkey smell totally brings back childhood memories for me too. Love it.
    Always have a candle burning to make it smell as I am baking something. LOL
    Cause we all know I am not. LOL

  20. Gardenia! That has to be one of the best scents God created. That and 'beach'... along with the sound of waves rolling in to shore. Isn't it funny how a quick whiff can instantly transport you to another time and another place? Shalimar always makes me think of an old friend who introduced me to my favourite cologne years ago. And coffee is such an oddity... I don't really care for it, but I love the smell. Then there's pasture... my family thinks I'm so weird coz I love to roll the windows down and breathe deeply when we drive by one. Sometimes I'll simmer cinnamon, cloves and allspice to make the house smell like apple pie. (That's a great trick when showing your home, BTW.) Anything citrusy takes me back to running barefoot through the orange groves. OK, now I need to go find a turkey dinner. Any chance you have one in the oven right now? 8-}

    Love ya loads, swee'-pea!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  21. Love your new looK! It is fabulous! :D

    I love the smell of candles and have a tart going almost all the time except for when we are asleep. LOL!

  22. Oh my friend - your new blog look is so absolutely lovely!!! The header is so YOU!! :)

    Mmmm - lots of yummy smells! I'm getting kind of hungry now - LOL!

    I like too many scents to list, but baking scents are especially nice! Big glad-you're-not-listing-the-bad-scents-'cause-it-would-clash-with-your-pretty-new-look hugs to you!! Have a lovely evening my friend!

  23. Jonquils, daffodils, lilacs, Gardenias, frangapani

    Coffee, baking biscuits, roast in the oven,raisin toast, hot cross buns.

    Candles (just bought one yesterday that smells of frangapani - beautiful)

    I love the smell of mowed lawns - takes me back to my childhood.

  24. Your new blog header is adorable! I wasn't really poking around before so I don't know what else has changed, sorry.

    I also love that cute smiley face vase.

  25. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! I love all of those smells and I like how you share about associating them with a memory.

    I also totally love your blog header!


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