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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hutch Makeover!

Have you ever come across a blog or a picture in a magazine that inspires you to do something you've never done before?. Have you ever gone completely out of your comfort zone and done something that turned out way better than you thought it would? 

Well this week, I did just that.
I was inspired to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. 
To take something that should be used for one thing, and use it for something else.

I saw on someone's blog recently that she used an ordinary hutch for storing her craft supplies and fabric and I was hooked. I immediately got on Craigslist and started searching for my project to be.
Here it is.
I only paid $25.00 for it. It was pretty scratch up and needed some love.

Now for those of you who don't have time to waste. 
Here's the after.

Be honest. What do you think?
 I found that you can call something "Shabby Chic" and it covers all the imperfections and makes it seem as though you meant to miss a spot painting here or there, or that the paint drips were on purpose!  LOL!
Because it is not perfect by any means.

If you have to leave because you have 300 other DIY projects to look at,  then you may go!
If you want to stick around and see some of the transformation, then by all means stay with me.

Here I am giving it a good sanding. This is key if you want your paint to adhere nicely.
Though I still had to do 3 coats of paint because of the dark wood. I chose to use a  paint brush because it gave a better coverage overall, though I did have some runs that I didn't catch until to late.

Here my husband was gracious enough to take off all the hardware and little guy was "helping" me sand.

He was so excited that he got to use his sandblaster to blast all the hardware so I could paint them.

Doesn't everyone have one of these in their shop? LOL!

I primed the hardware before spraying on the red paint.

I had ideas come to me as I was working on it and one of them was to take the glass out of the top doors and replace it with fabric. And since red is my favorite color, I knew it was the perfect choice.

I made it easy on myself and used my hot glue gun. If you don't have one, get one!

I recommend that you let your hot glue get fully hot before attempting your project or you'll be peeling off cold glue from your fabric and doing it over again. Not that I did that or anything. Nooooo, not me!

So when that came out super cute I thought I should do something to the doors below and so I cut a piece of the same fabric to go inside the square that is in the middle of the smaller doors.
And I have to tell you. Spray adhesive is my new best friend. That stuff is great! And if you look at the door it had a crack in it, so this was perfect for covering up that flaw and tying everything in.

Sweet huh?

I'm so excited about this and I can't wait to put it in my craft room. And I'm sure my husband will be glad to get his workshop back! LOL!

I hope this has inspired YOU to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Thanks for coming by!

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  1. WOW! Very nice!! :D You go girl! :D

  2. Love it!! I really like the bold contrast of the white and red, lovely fabric too! Lookit you being all ingenious and stuff :D

  3. You did an incredible job, and it looks very pretty with the white and red accents. That is a huge job. Well done!

  4. GREAT JOB!!!!!! Check out my end table that I put on the DIY party tonight also!!! I am digging Craigslist right now!

  5. Red is also my favorite. It looks awesome. You will enjoy looking at it.
    Now then..adhesive spray...Is it as sticky as contact paper?..lol
    You know ..not on the object..but on me? Tee Hee
    Looks like you had some good help.

    Bye ..Cindy from Tx

  6. Wow is the word I would use to - that is excellent and will look great full of crafty things. How long did it take?

  7. It is extraordinary! I did the same thing this week with our living room:-)

  8. Super cute!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  9. DAWG! I'm impressed! I really like the fabric you used. Reckon that spray adhesive would let me stick fabric on top of the vinyl on my bench? Wanna come up here and do another project? 8-}

    Love ya loads, krafty Kimmy!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. I am TOTALLY impressed! You did a wonderful job on that.

  11. Wow that is so cute. What a good deal too! HLO

  12. I love it! You've been describing this to me since you started it, but I couldn't quite visualize it...it's a complete transformation...VERY cute! :) I want one now!!!! Hmmm.... :)

  13. This turned out so cute! I love the fabric. I also LOVE your Jefferson quote!

  14. Well poo! I have tried over and over and I get all but the finished picture LOL but through you progress shots I do get the idea and WOW!! I love it! Red is my color!!!!! You really did awesome my friend!!

    I love your new look on your blog tooo! Makes me want to go to the beach.....:)


  15. SO impressive my friend - WOW!!! Turned out really cute - great job Miss Crafty!!

    Big you're-gonna-have-to-turn-your-blog-into-a-home-decor-blog-now-'cause-you-do-such-a-good-job hugs to you! Have a wonderful day!!

  16. And I keep forgetting to say how much I love your new look! Makes me wanna go to the beach. 8-]

  17. AHHH! Love it! You guys did a great job! That would go for hundreds of dollars in a store. AWESOME!

  18. You have an eye! and yes I am a little jealous..

    Love to you

  19. I can honestly say NO! My husband is a perfectionist and I am not crafty, so I have never dreamed of attempting something like this. But...you did an outstanding job. This is gorgeous! Way to go!


  21. Impressive !!! You and your husband did an awesome job.

  22. It looks so cheerful and pretty! I love the red fabric and hardware, what a wonderful furniture makeover. None of my paint projects are every perfect, but they are so much fun to do.

    I also love you Jefferson quote at the top of your blog! I wish our politicians would listen to him more. =)

  23. How fun. I like how you personalized it.Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  24. GREAT JOB! The sanding part of the job is what can seem overwhelming...love the red fabric panels and the red hardware. So pretty.

  25. I love it! The red and white are perfect together!

  26. Very cute! I love seeing makeovers like this, it is very inspiring!

  27. This turned out awesome. I love the red on white. Great job.

  28. Okay, I have to laugh. This was my hutch! Well, it was my parents and if you put the drawers on the outside and door on the inside... there you go... my old hutch! I ended up Freecycling it because I didn't have the vision that you have! All I can say is wow and where the heck were you a couple of months ago before I got rid of it!!!! LOL

  29. It looks great, Kim! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing this, too. Have a wonderful week!

    Take care, Robin (from CHK)

  30. That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for linking up.

  31. That is so neat. I love the red and white. You took an ugly ducking and made it great!! thanks for sharing.

  32. You did an awesome job! It is beautiful!

  33. It looks like a brand new piece!!! It has fantastic storage too! Great job, thanks for linking!

  34. Love this! Now I can't wait to see it all organized with your craft supplies!

  35. I think it is just gorgeous! This hutch party has been great!

  36. What a great transformation.... It's soooo happy!

    Warm blessings,

  37. That is absolutely beautiful when you re-did it! What a GREAT job! :)


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