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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got asked the question of the year!

So I'm tucking my boys in tonight and my youngest who is 4 says his sweet little prayers. Then it's my turn to say a quick little prayer. And then it's my 7 year old prayer warrior. But tonight the prayer warrior threw his Momma completely off, by asking this question first.

"Mom, how are boogers made?"

And he was not kidding. He wanted to know how boogers were made.

I tried my best to give him the best explanation by which my brain processed the act of booger making in hopes that it would satisfy his curiosity.
Because I'm sorry, I never learned how boogers were made in school.

Should I go check something out at the library and do a Unit Study for homeschooling? I mean don't us homeschoolers made a Unit Study out of every question and comment? LOL!

What's the weirdest question your kids have asked lately?
Do tell!

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?



  1. Too funny! Aaaah...the joys of motherhood. I'm afraid that's one question I would not want to follow up w/a unit study!

  2. LOLOLOL....oh my...why does that not surprise me? :) I love that boy!

  3. Giggling..would of loved to of seen your face. Children are priceless.

    Cindy from Tx

  4. Kim,

    I loved this and thankfully haven't been asked this question yet. You are right, we, homeschool parents would turn that into some kind of Science study right? Isn't that the category it would fall into?

    My daughter asked me if women can become president. I told her yes it's possible and she then told me I should run!

    Hmmm perhaps someday maybe! At least I got her vote!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Well, Beakman's answer was much more fun, but I couldn't find a clip anywhere, so... http://ask.yahoo.com/20060830.html

    Love ya loads, mucus momma!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. Oh that is good! I'd just tell them it was dried up snot and hope that would satisfy him, LOL!

    One time Josiah asked me if horses eat their boogers. Where does they come up with this stuff?

  7. LOL - this is why children are so precious.

    Mine, being older, don't ask these wonderful questions anymore. But last night my 22 year old did ask me what the Doomsday Book was which led to a conversation for the next 10 mins. I do like those moments.

  8. Not having studied the human body in detail with my younger son yet, and besides the by the fact that he has to accompany me into the women's bathroom quite often when away from home, prompted him to ask recently, "Why does pee come out of your hiney?"

  9. My daughter asked me while she had to pee sitting down and the boys at school stood up to pee. I told her boys were made different. So she tried to stand up and pee. Needless to say I had a mess to clean up. What they learn in preschool today. This was two years ago.

    She asked me a few weeks ago if the baby in her teachers tummy could look out her belly button and watch what the kids are doing?

  10. I think it deserves a unit study AND a lap board!!

  11. Well, my kids are grown, so no real "cute" questions arise anymore... However I tried to remember back to when my kids were little... Lets see, I think it was Rachel, now 23 who when she was learning to read at about age 3-4 was at the grocery store with me. We were standing in line at the checkout waiting our turn and she is gazing at the magazines and such that sit near registers. Suddenly I hear (along with everyone else in line) "Momma, what is an orgy"? Oh, Lordy!

  12. Oh that is a fun question. LOL I was asked what boogers taste like. LOL YUCK because I don't know. My kids come up with some doozies too.

  13. lol...ok that's just funny. Mostly because I thought you were going to say he asked THE question. But that is funny. I've actually been asked the same question. I just say it's snot and dirt. :)

  14. Too funny! They do come up with the best questions! Can't remember all the questions I've been asked - one that comes to mind is why don't clouds fall from the sky. I know he's asked funnier, but I can't remember.

    I certainly hope you give the full scientific explanation along with diagrams and a power point presentation (they need those computer skills!). ;)

    Big gotta-know-how-to-come-up-with-answers-FAST-when-you're-a-mom hugs to you! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  15. LOL that's hilarious!! I can't wait until my Daniel is talking in sentences and asking questions! It will be very fun!

  16. HAHAHAHHAH! love it!

    I totally think you should do a unit study on boogers.

    Oh, and I am too embarrassed to tell you what my daughter has asked me to explain one time.....lets just say it involved my boobs and gravity.

  17. LoL! My daughter asked me why our bunny's nose is always moving.

  18. LOL! Out of the mouths of our children... :D

  19. Okay this last week up at my daughters house in Oklahoma..the 6 and 4 year old grandaughters did a song and dance for me..Nana. At first I didn't recognize what they were using for microphones..then the horror set in..TAMPONS..they had opened their moms tampons and were holding them like microphones. I tried not to look aghast or to laugh..I just called their mommy in ..whispered..look at the microphones..and we watched our darlings perform..oh the joys of childhood.

    Cindy from Tx

  20. Lol! I had that one, no lie! And then I had, "Will you die if you eat a booger?" Must be the age. :)

  21. When my son was around 5, he asked me why I wear masks on my chest!

  22. OK - So here's the confession. I read about your son's booger question that day and I kept wondering about it myself. What's in a booger? How are they formed?So even though I had set out that day to learn about various blogs, I got sidetracked because my curiosity couldn't take it any more and I Learned about boogers on Wednesday. Despite trying to talk myself out of it. And since it was the most interesting thing I learned that day I just had to include it in the blog. Just in case your son is still wondering, and to give you a heads-up in case you have people showing up at your blog looking for the "wooger" post. :)


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