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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning Learning Learning!!!

The Learning just never stops here at the homestead. 
I know you're sitting on the edges of your seats ready to find out what was learned this week, so I'll just get started!

This week I learned that......

1. .... if you link a project up to the DIY site or to Make It Yourself Mondays, about 300 new people will come by your blog and only one person comment. *sigh*

2. .....when your 7 year old son asks if he can go outside you probably shouldn't answer by saying, "Sure, knock yourself out." Because you might find him standing at the back door wondering why you would tell him to do such a thing.

3. ...everyone but me must be on vacation, because traffic sure has been slow at the ol' blog lately. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me?  Say it isn't just me! Say it! SAY IT! Sorry, I've just been missing you gals! :o)

4. .....there are a whole lot more ways to make Mac' N Cheese then I ever imagined and Gooseberry Patch is sharing their collection with you for FREE!

5. ...when you start writing down EVERYTHING that you eat, you realize you eat more than you think, and not as well as you think. *sigh*

 I'm sure you're just elated that you dropped by once again so that you could come along side me while I learned these valuable lessons.
What have you learned? 
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  1. Funny! I don't have anything funny, but I did learn yesterday, that those who are bound up try to make you bound up as well. Thank God for the freedom in Christ I have!
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi, sweetie! We've been running ourselves a bit ragged, so it has been a struggle to keep up with blogging friends and my own blog. Life is getting in the way, LOL. AND we're now headed out soon for a little visit with my elderly mom. I'll catch up with you on the other side!

  3. I learned that when your 5 year old eats 2 waffles and a toaster stroodle, she will still be hungry...

  4. Lol! The knock yourself out thing sounds like something I'd be explaining to one of my boys. It cracks me up when I realize they totally what I said and how they took it.

    About the blog traffic...Spring is taking root.

    Spring yard work, Soccer, house cleaning (don't I wish) and extra school activities are making it next to impossible for me to keep up with everyone I like to visit. I bet I'm not the only one. :)

  5. My comments have gone down too.

    I keep telling my five year old that you learn something new every day!!

    God Bless.

  6. Here's some visitor love from me! Smooch, smooch, huggie, huggie!!

  7. You are quite the learner ain't ya? :) I'm not a big Mac n' Cheese person, so...knock yourself out, LOL. :)

  8. Oh no...we're not on vacation, just a little behind on our blog reading! Thanks for sharing the cheesy goodness in your post today...love ya, Kim! :)

  9. OH and we forgot to add...these recipes are only up through the end of the week so if you want 'em, get 'em quick.

    When we hit our next Facebook goal of 40,000 fans, we'll be publishing another chapter and it's one you're gonna love...all chocolate chip cookies!

    Thanks again!

  10. HI! Waving! I think it's a busy time of year. When my kids were younger Spring and Fall were CRAZY busy with school activities, sports, etc. So I've noticed a slow down also. However I haven't been posting as much lately. Even though my daughter isn't crazy busy in HS, life has just been busy for me. And the weather was SO bad I couldn't paint and work on projects. Hoping it will pick back up soon!

  11. What did I learn last week? Well, I'm getting older and it is taking a lot longer for my body to heal. Had oral surgery on the 10th and this is the first day I have not noticed pain in my mouth in a LOOOONG time. I am truely grateful for that.

    Don't feel bad if people don't comment when the weather turns nice we are all out soaking up the sunshine :)

    Mrs. D

  12. I am so sorry...I was cracking up at the knock your self out comment. Kids are so literal sometimes. LOL
    Too funny.

  13. Yes, elated was exactly the word I was going to use to describe how I feel about learning these valuable lessons! :)

    #1 is the sort of thing that happens a lot - funny. #2 - Never thought about that - LOL! #3 - I've heard a lot of people say that their kids are on Spring Break this week so I think they're too busy to read blogs. #4 - did not know there are that many ways to make Mac & Cheese (and please don't hate me that I still love the very bad for you box of Kraft - LOL). #5 - Been there, done that! The only times I've been successful losing weight are when I track my food, which I'm doing right now.

    Love your lessons my friend!! Big I've-learned-so-much-that-now-my-mind-can-go-blank-for-the-rest-of-the-day hugs to you! Have a wonderful day!

    Don't be jealous - I got to have coffee with Genny from My Cup 2 Yours this morning!! She's so sweet!

  14. Spring fever is going around. YAY!

    This week, I've learned that today's young people have a really strange sense of humour... that I can no longer go all day on 2 McDonald's burgers... and that there are a whole lotta ways to use tuna, as well. Now I'm going to follow your link and see if I can discover any new ways to combine tuna w/mac & cheese. 8-]

    Love ya loads, knock-out mama!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  15. I love your lessons. Made me chuckle and that is always good medicine. It says so in the bible. ;)

    I think it's slow all over the blogosphere.

  16. I can identify with #1, I've had that happen too. And I have noticed things are slower around the blogosphere lately, must be all the sunshine people are getting. #2 Cracked me up! I could just see my kid doing that too.

    Have a great day!

  17. I love comments, too and I get really disappointed when I see people have come by and didn't leave a comment. So, I will leave you a comment---I love your blog! I love Gooseberry Patch! I'd be TERRIFIED to write down everything I eat, LOL!

  18. 5 things I have learned this week..

    1..contact paper will curl..as soon as you pull the back off.
    2..contact paper will stick to your hair..when bending over
    3..wadding up contact paper to throw away..sticks to everything..and draws bad words to your mind!!
    4..I can outwit the contact paper!!!
    5..You are not a follower of mine..sad!!

    Enjoy following you tho..hugs and smiles Cindy from Tx

  19. Love me some life lessons! LOL! :D

    I downloaded the GP cookbook the other day and need to figure out which one I want to try first. :D Good comfort food!

  20. Love your lessons!! You always make me laugh. But I think you alredy knew that!! :)

  21. I'm here, I'm here!! It's been crazy busy around Delaware with the spring weather calling us to go outside. We have to enjoy the warm days since we don't have them all the time like SOMEpeople! Can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks!!


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