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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Does Your Calendar Reflect?

It's funny. At the beginning of the year I bought a cute one year calendar planner that has been sitting on my desk ever since. I've opened it up and starred at it, wanting desperately to write something in it. But I got nothin'.
Now it's how you view this that's important. At first I viewed it as, I have no life and my family must have no life. Then I woke up this morning and realized it's not that I don't have a life, it's that I have a life worth repeating day after day and I'm pretty good at it now. I like that!
In this season of life, we don't have a lot of "extra" outside activities taking us away from home.
But that's okay. I'm not complaining. I love my home and I love being in it. Ask anyone that knows me.
So I would say that my calendar reflects the fact that I will be sitting on my front porch with a glass of ice tea as some point today. You wanna pencil that in and join me?
Anyone need an 8 month calendar?

Oh yeah! Speaking of calendars, I forgot to take a picture of my lovely calendar for you this month.
So here it is. And if you haven't had the privileged of reading about the calendar ordeal, it's a must read to appreciate this.
(Notice the empty boxes. LOL)

Click on it to read it. It's pretty good!



  1. I would love to join you. May I please have some lemon with my tea? Before I leave for school this morning, I may just have to make a good batch of old fashioned sun tea so that I will have a special treat after school. Blessings to you!

  2. I would love to join you for some tea on your front porch. Sounds relaxing.
    Love that saying too. "If you want rainbows than you gotta have rain". Beautiful!

  3. My calendar is always bare ;) My days are full but not with things that take me out of the house.

  4. Ahhh, this season will past soon enough.

    You are wise to enjoy home and your precious quiver that is full. Haste makes waste. If we hurry through this life, especially now with the primary role as mom, it will be as the British say "rubbish."

    God Bless!

  5. "life worth repeating day after day" - I like that! And I would LOVE to join you out on the veranda with some ice tea, my dear!

  6. I have a similar planner! At the beginning it has all these neat little stickers that you can place on dates, like for appointments, sports, sleepovers, etc.. I don't use many of those stickers!! Mostly I find I use my planner to keep track of bills due and just a week-by-week glance (the days can really mesh together here and sometimes I don't remember if it's Monday or Thursday!...lol!).

    I'd like to join you for that sittin' on the porch bit....but I'll have some coffee, thank you. <3

    Hugs my friend!


  7. Love your calendar for this month! :D Lord, help me appreciate the rain! :D

    Have a great day!

  8. I like the idea of repeating a good life. I think that is what I have:-)

  9. Love it! What a blessing to love your home and being in it. Tea on the front porch sounds heavenly! May we embrace each season of life with such grace. Enjoy your day!

  10. Great calendar page! I think many people would be jealous of your "empty" calendar my friend - just means life is full at home! I have to write everything in my planner or I will completely forget - I also use it to keep track of hubby's things so I can remind him. And I use it to write down what we'll have for dinner or I'll forget to thaw something or prep it!

    Big you're-kind-of-like-a-rainbow-'cause-you're-colorful-hee,hee hugs to you! Have a lovely day my friend!

  11. I do recall reading the calendar ordeal... :o)

    and tea on the front porch sounds heavenly... I can bring the treats...

  12. Your April calendar gal is cute. I like to think of you settin' on your porch and drinking ice tea.
    My calendar has stuff written on it; dentist appt., when I take books to my Book Buddy (volunteer work), lunch dates with lady friends, sometimes when I plant something, etc. I think you picked a darling calendar though.

  13. I hardly ever write events in my calendar. It just means you have a good memory. :) Which might mean that you are so looking forward to your daily events that you couldn't forget them if you wanted to so no need to write them down. LOL!

    But I do use the calendar to help me remember what day it is and I still haven't bought a 12 month calendar for the year. As soon as I get one I'll have to write that in so that I don't forget. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love this post!!! I love my calendar too. We homeschool so we don't have all the extracurricular activities and we are very picky about what we let fill our lives. It hasn't always been this way and I love it. Would love to have tea on your porch, or mine!! If you remember my post about old chairs, I did buy them and love them and am dying to keep them filled with friends all summer!!

    Love and Blessings, Angel

  15. I think it sounds like you have a great life! :)

  16. My calendar is bare...think I will pencil in to read your blog everyday whether or not you have a new blog entry. You make my heart smile even on the saddest of days.

  17. I love that, Kim.
    I am really looking forward to summer when lots of our "calendar fillers" cease.
    I am looking forward to waking up and then figuring out what the Lord has in store for us! Thanks for sharing!

  18. My calendar is over-flowing... we have to purposefully say "No", as to not let life steal time from our family.
    Treasure the "slow" times...
    Be blessed!


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