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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seriously, What can top a post about Baking Soda?

I'm convinced that you all don't expect too much from me when it comes to my posts because I got 27 comments on my post about my baking soda yesterday! LOL!
For me it's all about keepin' it real.

My Mom can't understand why anyone would want to read about my washer and dryer or my obvious love of baking soda or what I find at the thrift stores etc.
Though my posts may sometimes be senseless, it's my hopes that when you leave, you are happier then when you came! That's why you come here right?
Of course, once and awhile you get thrown off your rocker with a cool makeover post or a rockin' craft tutorial. LOL! Oh yeah baby! I have a handful of people who think I'm pretty crafty and wait for the posts when I reveal something amazing. (You'll be waiting a little longer!) Oops, there goes another follower! LOL! Oh me!

Okay I'll stop before YOU wonder why you read my nonsense!
So today I just thought I'd ask for your opinion on something.

See we just bought this great burgundy shag carpet from Wal-Mart online. (They are having a clearance on them if you are interested. Site to Store is free.)
After we painted our living room I never put anything back up on or around my front window.

It's my favorite window in the house because I get to see my front yard with all the birds and flowers and my deck and such, so I don't want the windows to be covered up.
What do you suggest I do to blend the window and the wall space together?
What do you envision?

Here's our new carpet.

And the window space.

Now talk to me.




  1. I don't like to cover my windows either. Like you, I like to look out into my back/front yard.

    How about a balloon valence across the window? I would use the same color as the carpet.

  2. If you could find some old wooden shutters, that would look neat and shabby them up a bit.

  3. I think a valance would look great with some of the color of the carpet and other colors you have in the room. Love that color! :D

    Have a great day!!

  4. I like the idea of shutters but that can be pricey. I too have huge windows and don't like to cover them. I like a valance on the top. I like it way higher than the top of the window molding and I like panels on the side that barely come to the window. So basicly it looks like your window is bigger than it actually is and doesn't cover the actual window. Make sense? Oh, and I love posts on baking soda. Ha Ha

  5. ooooooo. I just remembered...you have a VERY handy husband who could MAKE simple 3 panel wooden shutters and they can be stained or painted ANY color!

  6. I too don't like having my windows covered. I love your colors! Those are my favorite. Things always look better with a third color. I would add a green valance, one of those that comes down the side about half way. I'm not sure what they are called! I'm sure whatever you pick will look great!

  7. You keep us coming back 'cause we never know what we'll get - hee,hee!

    I would think about hanging tab top curtains (that go to the floor) on the sides so they barely cover any of the window. They do make decorative rods that long. Then you could put a stenciled word or phrase on the wall above it if you wanted to.

    In my bedroom we have a big window like that and I have a wooden decorative rod above it with sage green sheer curtains that I got at walmart hanging on the sides. It's enough to match the room and look decorative without blocking the light or the view.

    I like the shutter idea too!

    Big it's-handy-to-get-free-decor-help-from-your-readers hugs to you! Have a super day my friend!

  8. I want to see something breezy and coordinating with both your furniture and your carpet hanging at the sides. Not necessary something that will close, because that would be blocky. Just there for color and to draw the eye up along the wall.

  9. I don't know...I have no brain to process with at this point!!! lol

    but I love ya and can't wait to see the outcome!

  10. I wouldn't do a valence (a bit outdated); nor would I do a solid color drape (too blocky). But rather, something whispy and a bit sheer, something with that color in them -- say a cream or beige or even gold with a touch of burgandy and green (Pier One perhaps??).

  11. I wouldn't want to cover those windows, I love being able to see out all the time. You could do thin panels on each side that wouldn't cover the window, but would bring all your colors together!! I love your blog, and you are right, we do all keep coming back!! Love and Blessings

  12. Kim,

    I would suggest repainting the frame around the window to a color similar to the rug and perhaps add some sheer lace that you can still see through and keep the view intact.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. You keep us coming back and I always leave here happier and smilin :)

    I love the new carpet and agree with all these comments ~ something light and airy-sheer that doesn't close!

    Can't wait to see what you do :)

  14. Love that beeeeeeeeYUTifulllll carpet!!!! And the sunshine! :D

  15. You could do a lightweight valance with hanging panels. You'd hang the valance high above the window with only the bottom just barely touching the top of the window.

    That way your window looks higher than it is. I would move the clock and actually hang the panels (or most of it) on the wall. That way you aren't covering up the window at all.

    Or have hubby make you some shutters and paint 'em the same color as the carpet. Or paint 'em white with some burgundy touches (or whatever red the carpet is).

  16. I think we have the same leather brown furniture...but that wouldn't surprise me since we share the same birthday and all:)
    And like the same music...
    We so need to get together and share a coffee!
    Love the new rug.

  17. LOVE the colour of the carpet - I have a rug with a similiar colour.

    I cover my windows to keep out the cold in winter and heat in summer and from people walking along the street looking in:)

  18. What about a sheer scarf draped over a pretty rod? Or even sheer drapes that are kept to the sides? You could even put up a dark bamboo type shade, and keep it rolled 3/4 of the way up with a couple sheers thrown on the ends of the rod? I have a bamboo shade, and we keep it rolled halfway up, but we can still see through it....yet it looks really cool and gives a bit of privacy.


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