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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Shred Blog Name and Some Info!

I am overwhelmed at the response that I've gotten for this 30 Day Shred journey.
It's turning into a party!! Woo! Hoo!
Hopefully we'll all be able to celebrate together at the end with some weight loss results.
I've closed down the recruiting as I don't want it to get to big and the Shred Blog be overwhelming.
Here is the final list of people, minus the few of you who are on the fence.

If you had mentioned to me "maybe" I've still counted you as in, just let me know for sure. And if you missed this round it doesn't mean you can't join in still. The only thing you won't be able to do is post on the Shred blog but you will be able to still leave comments and check out how we are doing and tell us how you're doing and so on.
So no excuses!

I see this starting some time next week. I'll give a definite date as soon as I get my DVD in the mail.

Here are some names that we've (me and you all) come up with for the blog.

1. The Shred Heads!
2. The Shred Sisters!
3. Shred n' Shed!
4. This Ain't You Momma's Workout! (This is what I threw up there for the time being!)
5. Summer Shape Up!
6. Blogger Boogie!
7. Led to Shred!
8. Losing It!
9. The Biggest Winners!
10. Shape up or Ship Out!
11. Shredded Flakes!
12. Will Shred for Chocolate!
13. 30 Days of Torture!

Feel free to pick your favorite even if you're not participating. Just pick the number of the one you like best.
I promise my blog will be back to "normalcy" as soon as I get the Shred Blog up and running!!




  1. I like #2 and #7 equally... DVD ordered should be here Tues to Friday of next week....

    going to florida for the weekend so if I can find it in a walmart there I'll have it sooner...

  2. I think that "Will Shred for Chocolate" is most fitting for ME. :o) But the one that you chose is cute too!!!

  3. Still cracking up about "Shredded Flakes" - love it! Also like "This Ain't Yo Mama's Workout"

    Looking forward to getting started!

  4. I don't care what the title is but I do love the one you chose, it's funny!

  5. Too funny...I've been so out of it working on the house that I missed out. I've done it before...actually this time last year. Have fun : )

  6. Number 13, that is what it feels like

  7. I wish you all the best in your weight loss campaign! It is soooo hard to lose weight as we get older (and I have a BIG head start on you on the older part, LOL). We've been trying to lose weight before we go on vacation, but we're not making much progress. I vote for the "Shredded Flakes" name! hahahaha!!!!!!

  8. I'm lovin #12 (of course) and #2...but I like "The Sisters Shred" (wasn't there a 70's group that had a similar name?)

  9. I think #2 and #12 are my faves also! But I will be happy with anything!

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into this my friend!!

    Big dreadin'-the-painful-shreddin'-size hugs to you! Have a lovely day my friend!

  10. #2 and #11

    You have seriously done an AWESOME JOB Kim our fearless leader!! Thanks for everything!!

  11. Shredded flakes! Wonder if Tony the Tiger will be joining you!?


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