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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sub-Woofers, Food and Friends! Oh My!

*Warning: This post is lengthy so if you don't have time to read it all, you are excused. Those of you who love me, carry on!*LOL!
Nothing like a good guilt trip huh? LOL!

Mother's Day Weekend 2010
I'll be honest with you, Saturday I wish I could have ran screaming from the house with my hands waving in the air. I won't go into why, but it did involve 2 little boys. LOL!
So needless to say when my husband got home from work I was a completely little bit out of sorts. He was so kind and patient and listened to my woes and then lovingly asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I hadn't hinted at anything because honestly I don't need anything. BUT then I remembered that the sub-woofer in my SUV had blown out and it was driving me crazy. (Momma likes her music loud when she's cruising the strip road alone!)

Seriously, IMMEDIATELY he got to work. He took the panel off of the speaker and thought that it was going to be as simple as unscrewing 6 screws and "popping" out the old, blown out speaker.
Boy was he wrong. To make this part of the long story short, let's show some pictures shall we!
What's left of the speaker!

My honey bunches getting what's left of the speaker out with the Dremel tool.
(Oh yeah, he meant business.)
Come to find out, if you wanted to do it the "right" way you had to take the whole back of the SUV apart to get to the speaker box, that had the speaker in it, that was SCREWED into the speaker box, from the BACK!
My husband REFUSED to do it that way. He was on a roll and you weren't gonna stop him!
Don't mess with my husband FORD! You won't win! LOL!

Moving on to Mother's Day!

Sadly I woke up to an extreme headache but I wasn't going to let that get me down.

I woke up, had my coffee and my precious daughter made french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast.
We then set off for church!
After my hubby taught Sunday School the Pastor got a phone call from a friend of his who is opening a brand new restaurant on the river and he needed people to come and give the waitresses a trial run. So after church we headed out to lunch at Grill's.
Did I mention that it was all FREE!!!!

So whoever from our church who wanted to go, got to go. I honestly couldn't believe more people didn't show up, but believe me it was there loss. A total benefit from having a smaller congregation! Woot! Woot!
So here's some of the gang getting ready to enter Grill's!

More of the gang.
The tables were really pretty but of course I didn't get a picture of one of them to show you. Not that you really care either. LOL!
Someone was being a booger when as I took the picture, so my daughter just photo-shopped in a nice picture to make up for it. I think it looks a lot like him! I'm pretty sure he's wanted by the law! Ha! Ha! Oh me!

Some of the view!

For whatever reason blogger is totally messing with my pictures so I guess I'll end the photos here. And I was going to show you the most amazing bathroom. LOL!
Yes, we actually went into the bathroom just to take pictures and sadly I can't show them to you because they keep disappearing on my posts.

So to wrap it all up, the meal was fabulous, we had a great time, we came home, my daughter made me a peanut butter pie and we called it a day!
I love you my family and church family!!
And those of you who actually read this whole post! LOL!



  1. Happy Mother's Day! Looks like you had a super one! And I think you are one LUCKY woman to have a handy fellow who can fix things! (Mine cooks, but can't fix too well, LOL. But that's OK!)

  2. I read to the end of this post and didn't think it was too long, so I must love ya :) I love the nearby water and the cool free lunch. It sounds like a perfect momma day for you. I had one too, I am happy to say.

  3. What a great, totally unexpected kind of day! Aren't you glad we showed up for Church?!!!!!
    Me too.....esp. since I was the blessed recipient of such a gorgeous, beautiful, homemade from scratch, key lime pie from Kelsey!! Just how great is that!!
    Grills was fabulous, and like you, I HEARTILY recommend it. Its going to be our new Sunday after church lunch hangout FOR SURE!!!!!!
    Boy, you must really turn up the volume to make your woofers MELT like that! LOL!!!!

  4. Sounds like a great day...well except for the headache. And it's so nice to be loved by you! I read to the end. LOL

    We got to give the staff of a new restaurant a test run one time a long time ago. It was a BBQ place and was great food.

  5. Yay!!! you love me cause I read every last word!!! Love the pictures, sounds like you had a full but wonderful weekend. So cool that you all got to go eat for free!!! Now, get ready to Shred!! Love you

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Filled with family, food and peanut butter pie...oh my!

    You look sooo pretty ...not sure why you're shredding my friend!

    Love you Happy MOthers' Day

  7. Looks like you had a GREAT Mother's Day:-) That's awesome!

  8. What a fun, unexpected blessing you were given! :) E-mail me the bathroom pics!
    Oh, and I have a question...Brad is going to have to take out that panel to put in a new woofer, isn't he? LOLOL

  9. How much fun!!!! Sorry your bathroom pics were "waste"d. ;)
    You always put a smile in my day!

  10. You should've let me know about this restaurant, and I would've flown down pronto.....though spending $200+ for a free meal just doesn't add up! lol

  11. Oh my friend, it sounds like you ended up having a sweet weekend after all! Of course I read to the end - who do you think I am?? What a good hubby and sounds like a great meal on Sunday!

    All of my meals over the weekend were to-go 'cause of the sick kiddo, but I still enjoyed it all. And hey, the Dr.'s office gave me a carnation yesterday morning when I took my son in!

    Big so-not-ready-for-the-Shred-today-as-I-feel-yucky-but-determined-to-do-it-late-afternoon-ugh hugs to you! Love ya!! Have a super day!

  12. So glad you had a good Mother's Day. And what a sweet daughter you have! Loved the photos too!


  13. I read the whole thing and I don't even know you. :) It wasn't all that long--really! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

  14. What an awesome Mother's Day surprise...that's definitely a bonus of having a small congregation!

    (We're dying to see the bathroom, by the way.)

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Kuddos to your hubby for not letting Ford get the upper hand! LOL!

    Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate it.

    Have a great week!

  16. Great times! Great memories!

  17. Wow that was a difficult task for hubs...glad he has determination and is not a quitter, huh?
    Free lunch on Mother's Day? Doesn't get much better than that. Sure wanna see that bathroom picture.
    Peanut butter pie sounds yummy.

  18. Looks like a great day to me...who can beat getting a free meal?

    The pics are great...thanks for sharing your day with us!

  19. Looks like you had HEAPS of fun. Happy Mothers Day.


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