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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Wants A Self Inflicted Butt Kickin'?

I've been around the blog world for quite awhile now and I've noticed that the most talked about subject in the age group of upper 30's to mid 40's is weight loss.
I myself am frustrated in the fact that I just can't seem to lose the last 10-15lbs. myself.
So this morning, I actually set out to go to Wal-Mart and purchase The 30 Day Shred DVD. I've heard about it for months now and it has nothing but great reviews as far as getting results.
But, they were out! Ugh! Sooooo... I went online and actually got it for less and it will be shipped to the store in the next 2 weeks.
Now this got me thinking. I know, scary!
I thought I would ask you all if you would want to join me on this 30 Day Shred adventure.

Here's where the "fun" part comes in.
I'll actually start a new blog just for this. AND those of you who want to participate will have access to the blog as co-writers. We can go in and log each and every day of our journey. We can share our pain (cause there will be pain) and our triumphs.
AND the fact that I have to wait a week or two to get mine means you will have time to get it if you don't already. It's not expensive at all. I got mine online at Wal-mart for $8.86 and free shipping to the store.
So the question is, "Are you with me?" I would like at least 5 people to join me in this. Spread the word and see who else might want to join in the "fun"!
I see this possibly starting within the next 2 weeks so don't dilly dally!
I think this might be the kick in the butt we need!




  1. Hey, count me in. I've been looking for a way to get some accountability built in to my goal of getting in shape and re-certified in fitness. I'm going to look for this dvd today.

  2. Let's do it!!!!

  3. I started this on wednesday. my legs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep last night!

  4. I would love to join you in this, I have the 30 day shred and I HATE it, but I need to do it!!!!

  5. What exactly does it involve? Is it really SERIOUS? I want to count the cost before agreeing:)

  6. I already have it..but I've been doing the wii fit instead. If we can share the pain, count me in! I have 7 weeks until St. John, USVI so this will be perfect!

  7. count me in! I need to kick my own butt back in gear... i've committed to two friends to do another bodybuilding competition with them in Merritt Island FL in October...

  8. Oh yeah. I'm in. Yup. You know me. I'm always up for a good challenge...besides I have less than 2 months to be "ready" for my recital, LOL...yup. I NEED this...by the way...I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie as I type this. ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, yes your legs just burn that first night. I tried to just jump right in and do it and ended up with a knee brace on for 2 weeks. So I push myself but kinda tune her out when she says you won't hurt your knees doing the jumping jacks.

    I am so ready to do this again.

  10. OK, I put on my brave face, marched in there and bought the DVD. I'M IN and I know it is going to seriously ruffle my tailfeathers!! When we are done, are we going to go get something to eat?!!!!!

  11. It's funny you mentioned this because I just started Shredding this week.

    I've been doing Taebo for about five weeks or so, but got tired of it. I already had her dvd, so this week I started back on The Shred.

    It's a pretty good work out and will give you the kick you need, lol!

  12. Okay..I am not going to do it..Jillian would have me in the hospital..I need to do it..daughters wedding is end of May...I wish to do it..no extra money for the tape...I will enjoy reading YOU doing it..you make me laugh all the time...I will pray for you doing it..it sounds murderous...I vote that ya'll do it it to Skype..lol.I will watch this.lol Hugs and Love from this fat ole woman..who will envy ya'll in the end.!!!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  13. You can count me in! I have the 30 Day Shred and need someone to help me do it every day! LOL

    I have done it sporadically, but would love to really just do it like I am supposed to!

  14. Ok, I did this a few months ago. Well, if you could say doing it TWO days in a row is doing it. What PAIN!

    My scale told me I was up 7lbs this morning. Rotton Scale!

    Hmmmm, maybe I should think about doing this too!? grrrrrr...I just love/hate Jillian!

  15. oh my gosh...am I really going to type this???? I am scared...but here it goes...

    I'M IN

    sheesh! what have I done'??????????

    I will get the tape asap and join you...I must be crazy!

  16. Have Fun! It only hurts for the first week. Don't do Natalie the first few days...you will regret it:)

  17. Sorry I didn't come and comment over the weekend - was busy with my sick kiddo (who is still sick by the way and is why I'm just getting to blogging now).

    My FRIEND!!! This is TOO FUNNY!!! And I am in by the way! I had recently been researching what fitness DVD to buy and kept seeing Shred as the most effective workout with the most results, but was resisting as I didn't want to do a workout that would put me near death. The thing that finally sold me was that I saw that the workouts are 20 minutes! Near death for 20 minutes I can do, just not an hour - LOL!!

    Sooo...on FRIDAY I was in WALMART and saw that very DVD for $9.00 and bought it, determined to start it up shortly!!!!! Then I saw your post - LOL!! Love it! I do think I'm only going to shred 3 days a week though to start and walk 2 days to let my body recover a bit. But definitely count me in as far as doing it with you and posting about it! :)

    Big we-are-2-great-minds-thinkin'-so-alike-it's-scary hugs to you!

  18. I'll join in, although I don't know if this will be too rough for me---I used to do Wii Fit and that was rough enough, LOL! But, count me in!

  19. I'd love to be added to your shred group. I'll try to keep up with it. I've been sor buried lately that I haven't blogged or commented in forever, but miss YOU!!! I'll try to find the Shred video and join you.

  20. You can count me in on this too.. I will try to keep up as best as I can...

    I need to have some accountability and this would be a great start for me! I am doing weight watcher's and go to their meetings every week, but this could only be more helpful to me!




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