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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Thoughts on Packing!

Okay folks, yesterday was all about my thoughts on selling a home so today my thoughts are geared to packing up your home.
Here's what I've come up with.
Random and in no particular order, which would be random. Oy!

1. Packing isn't fun. Especially by yourself, without chocolate.

2. I realized I have a lot of breakable items and went through a lot of newspaper and washed my hands about a 1000 times in one day due to the ink all over my fingers.

3. I also realized just how much stuff a family of 5 can accumulate over time.

4. At first I thought that it was only my sons who had a problem with setting their stuff on all the extra flat surfaces but soon realized that we are all guilty of it. Who doesn't love a clean flat surface. I know I do!

5. Moving all of this is not going to be fun. Can you OD on chocolate and coffee? LOL! I may just find out.

6. Putting extremely heavy books in a big box probably isn't a very good idea.

7. I never want to pack again. EVER! In my life! EVER!!!

8. Fitting all this stuff in a P.O.D is going to be fun. And when I say "fun" of course I don't mean "fun" I mean hard, not fun, agonizing. We may need 2.

9. Sometimes the thought of leaving it all here and just starting over crosses my mind.

10. We've gone through 5 rolls of packing tape already.

11. Craigslist is the place to look for moving boxes. We have been blessed with over 200 moving boxes for mostly free. I think we paid $10.00 for some of them, but that's it. Woo! Hoo!

Well there you have my thoughts on packing.
The good news is I did manage to go buy me some Dove Dark Chocolate today so I'm feeling pretty good knowing that it's there when I need it. Like a good friend. LOL!

Love you my friends!



  1. Oh I hear ya. Its so hard to pack...

  2. Not a fan of packing my friend. Although I would give anything to pack and move closer to hubbies job these days.

  3. I know how you feel. We had "help" packing. My hubby said the next time we move we're locking the doors and packing without "help". Good luck and thank goodness you got your chocolate!

  4. Kim,

    I don't mind the packing and unpacking, its the actual moving of the boxes and stuff I don't like about moving.

    Glad to see you got your chocolate. Check out my blog tomorrow afternoon, just for you in mind.

    Please visit my hubby's blog today. He needs some prayer and encouragement and no one has stopped by.


    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. That is actually what my hubby does for a living. He packs people up and loads them in his semi trailer and moves them across the country. At least you don't have to do it daily, right?

    Good luck with all the packing...

  6. Bless your heart. I wish that I could bring over some dinner and help you finish packing!

  7. We often talk about being in the wrong century, right? But can you imagine transporting all those boxes in a covered wagon?! Without packing tape?

    I guess there was a reason those folks didn't have much in the way of material goods, huh?

    Can't wait to hear that you are settled in your new home.


  8. We bought I-don't-know-how-many bundles of packing paper. It was worth it! We bought our boxes too, and got some great deals on banker boxes with the lids. Our poor bodies took a lot of abuse from the packing, moving, and then packing, moving again! The unpacking on this end has been nonstop for 2 weeks and I'm SICK of it! LOL. I have no idea where to put things. and there are several things I've unpacked and wondered where they came from! Other things have yet to surface. We're about 2/3 done! pbbttt!!!

    I feel your pain!

  9. Packing is no fun! I am glad that you got your chocolate to help you through it:-)

  10. I know...I KNOW! lol
    Thankfully, I have a little more time to pack, I think. So we're de-cluttering as we pack. It's making it easier. I can pack a few boxes a day and it seems better. Oh and I had to start early this time. We've moved several times since we've been in TN and it seems that EVERY TIME we move, I'm desperately packing AS the guys are carrying stuff out of the house! I am determined to be prepared ahead of time THIS time. :)

  11. I can STRONGLY concur with #s 3, 6 and 7!!! Hang in there, it WILL be over eventually!

    And in the meantime, there's coffee and chocolate. :)



  12. We wished we would have given most of our stuff away before we moved. It would have saved a ton of time and money. As it was we gave lots to Goodwill after we paid to have it moved because it didn't go with the house. Hugs, friend.

  13. I just can't leave much of a comment here after having seen the next post! You have learned a lot my friend and packing is certainly NOT fun!

    Big just-think-of-what-kind-of-fabulous-fort-your-boys-can-build-with-all-those-boxes size hugs to you! Love you!!


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