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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Tea Time! My newest addition!

It's tea time gals. So grab your tea and sit a spell.
I've got my latest tea cup to share with you.

I got this tea cup a few weeks ago. All I can tell you about it is that it comes from a wonderful southern lady that I just know had to have had many a friends over for tea. She had very good taste in tea cups as you can see with this one that I received.
I love the beautiful gold on the delicate light pink. The handle is just so dainty and elegant.

I know you avid tea cup collectors like to see the bottom of the cup so here you go. I'm not very tea cup savvy, I just know what I like.

Have you ever wanted to throw a tea party but were a little intimidated by the in's and out's of everything?
Well worry no longer. I'm going to introduce to you, one of my favorite tea books.

The Twelve Teas of Friendship
I love everything about this book. The recipes, the information, the BEAUTIFUL pictures. It's one that you'll simply want to curl up with your own cup of tea and read from cover to cover.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look inside!
If you've never purchased a tea book before I highly recommend this one.

I'm actually thinking about having a tea this fall and have been looking through it for recipes and ideas.

I have other tea books that I'll introduce you to another time.

Tell me, if you drink tea, what's your favorite?



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  1. Precious pink cup and the book looks wonderful. Happy Tea Day.

  2. It's beautiful and so girly! I love hot tea, too!

  3. This is a beautiful Royal Standard cup! The pink and gold is fab and the grape leaves and grapes are an unusual pattern. What a lovely gift to receive.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us today.

  4. What a beautiful cup! I've seen that book in stores and have looked at it. NOt too much of a tea drinker except for in cold months as I like to drink it in the evenings. I love fruit teas like pomegranate, peach, etc. :)

  5. How fun that you are getting in on the tea party fun!! You will love love love this.

    What a beautiful teacup. All that gold gives it a regal look.

    I have that tea book...and I love it. It's full of beautiful ideas, beautiful tea quotes, and great recipes, not to mention beautiful artwork. I have several tea books like that, and I usually keep two of them on my coffee table at a time, and then I rotate them out and replace them with two more. In my opinion, you can never have too many tea books.

    Hope your week is going great.


  6. Extremely delicate looking cup...I have the book along with some other Barnes books. I enjoy them all....

  7. Your teacup is so pretty!

    I love to drink tea, but it's usually the herbal kind. Last winter I drank a lot of Ginger Peach tea. We'll see what kind of tea this winter warrants!


  8. I LOVE that tea cup my friend - it's so very pretty!!! What a find!! I pay no attention to the bottoms either, not going for value - just looks.

    Looks like a great tea book too! Big it's-been-too-hot-so-I've-only-had-iced-tea-lately size hugs to you!!! Have a good night my friend!

  9. WOW! That tea cup is gorgeous! I shouldn't surprise me that we have one more thing in common! :o) My mom decided to begin a family tradition for Christmas where she would buy each of us girls a tea cup. Never really collected anything before this, but I appreciate and enjoy seeing the intricacy & delicacy of them now! As for my favorite tea, that is what makes me miss home! We had a loose tea store back in WA state that was AMAZING! I loved her peach, lemon and pear green teas! Just can't find anything that compared to those! She also had a wonderful orange mocha, raspberry mocha and Vanilla Chai tea blends that were so yummy! So much better for you than Starbucks! Not that I could totally go without starbucks every once in a great while but there are fewer calories in tea! SO glad you shared your new find! PRETTY!



  10. OOOO that cup is so pretty! Right now I am addicted to tea and lemondae (arney palmer) but in the winter I drink alot of hot tea. My son loves loves loves his tea! He is such an old man in a young body LOL

    Love you

  11. What an absolutely stunning tea cup!! To die for!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    I love this book and was very lucky to have won this book in a giveaway sponsored by our dear friend, Martha from Martha's Favorites!!It is one of my favorites!!

  12. Happy Tea Cup Tuesday...and Wednesday. I love your tea cup. It is so classy and elegant. Thanks for sharing. Connie


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