"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Getting Your Free Coffee?

I did not know this until my Starbucks Gold Member friend Lisa informed me about it.
Did you know that if you buy Starbucks ground coffee you can take the empty bag back to Starbucks and get a free tall coffee? 
Seriously look!
This is on the side of the bag.
And don't let anyone tell you that's it's weird for you to have a ziploc bag full of empty Starbucks bags sitting in your glove compartment. It's okay! Your okay! I'm okay! We're all OKAY!

I don't usually buy already ground coffee but I do like to keep it on hand in case of emergencies so I figure why not get me a free coffee in the process! Oh yeah!

If you have a Starbucks gift card you can register it online and earn rewards and get more free bonuses!
Just keep reusing that one card and rack up the Starbucks points!
If you must indulge in a Starbucks Coffee from time to time then why not earn some freebies! 
That's all I'm sayin'!




  1. No way! I have one of those in my pantry...and it's nearly empty. Delight! Thank you for the 411.

  2. Oh boy!! That's awesome!! I adore Starbucks even more now :D

  3. You know, I do what I can for the world...LOL! Yay for free coffee!! So glad I discovered that (even if it is a little late!)!

    Big so-this-better-mean-that-you-FINALLY-registered-your-Starbucks-card-'cause-I-want-you-to-get-more-free-stuff size hugs to you!! Have a lovely day my friend! I'm going sight-seeing with my Dad today. Love ya!!

  4. Woooo! Yay! Hip Hip Ho-ray!! Three cheers for you! Thanks so much for this.

  5. I love Starbucks! Unfortunately, it's a 45-minute drive from my town. Every time I head to the big city, I always indulge in Starbucks and Panera Bread's pumpkin muffins. Yummm...

    Thanks for the info!

  6. OK, don't hate me coz I don't do coffee... 8-} Anyhow, there's a deal on MyPoints that offers a free sandwich and 25 points for registering your Starbucks card. Might be worth a look for all y'all caffeinuts.

    Love ya loads, sisterchick!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. Good news....I'll be checking this out...I had a wonderful Pumpkin espresso something and other from there this morning, and if it had not been 90 degrees outside it would have been perfect...It would have been like a Fall morning...

  8. I just heard about some of these fun deals. I bought my gift card today and am going to register it tonight!

  9. That is AWESOME! I had no idea....but I love it!

  10. Oh my gosh...I had NO IDEA!!!! We buy that all the time!!!


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