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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paper, Printers, and Procrastination, Oh my!

I have a paper problem. You know, the paper from recipes you've printed out (maybe twice by accident) and want to try. The pages in magazines that you tore out, of recipes that you want to try (but never will). Craft pages that you've printed out and want to make (but don't have time).  Decorating pages from magazines that inspire you (and make you jealous).

Can you relate to any of this? Does anyone else struggle with this? Does anyone else have a whole tree spread all over their desk?
Oy! The mountain of paper had taken over and it was driving me nutsy.

So here's what I did.

I grabbed 2 folders and on one side of one, I stuck printed out recipes and on the other side I put the ones torn from a magazine.

The other folder I put my printed craft projects on one side and decorating and or gardening ideas on the other.
Now for at least the time being they are "semi" organized and not all over the place.
Will they ever leave the notebooks? 
I'm not going to answer that. LOL! 
I am the worst procrastinator on the planet and I vowed to get better, but I keep putting it off! LOL!
Have mercy. 
So here's my handy dandy little tip for paper clutter.
Shove it in a folder and forget about it!
Sounds good to me!
What do you struggle with?


  1. Thanks Kim....for reminding me of my many unorganized "things" that I keep procrastinating to take care of. I have the same pile of papers you do. I did finally organize my current school papers and books (that was a bit important since I missed an assignment due to my mess). BUT.. the one really driving me crazy right now is my sewing and craft stuff. There is NO organization to it, and everytime I try to make something or need something I have to search for it! I need to organize this stuff...but keep putting it off! In fact, I have Christmas crafts I want to get making, but put them off because of my unorganized MESS! I will try my best to begin this project .. real soon... I promise. LOL (we have some time before Christmas gets here.. right?)

  2. LOL! I see I'm not the only one. ;) Great idea! Maybe I can hijack a couple of my daughter's folders for this.

  3. I used to do that...then I stopped because I too never looked at them again once they are torn out of the magazine or printed from the computer. LOL They are in my basement tucked away in my files. LOL So much alike.

  4. I did that a few years ago. But, I used a 3 ring binder and separated the recipes by category. It really is my favorite go-to cook book because it holds all, okay nearly all, of my faves.

  5. I'm with you! The paper monster is constantly threatening to take over our very existence in this house! This is a great idea!

  6. I have the same problem. Except I don't tear out decorating ideas because I'm not that creative ;) Right now all of my recipes are sitting in a jumbled mess in a cabinet drawer. But now you have inspired me to get them out and organize them. Thanks friend!

  7. Thanks Kim -- that was helpful.

    Now, can you come over to my house and search in all the drawers and cabinets and under my bed for all the recipes. I'll be out buying the folders. (There'll be cake!!) Thanks.

  8. I did the same thing but I used page protectors and binders. I have used A LOT of my decorating stuff to redo our bathrooms and living and will use another collection to do the kitchen:-)

  9. Ditto to the paper monster invasion! I can't wait til we move... Then I will be forced to part with the lot of them.

  10. Very good start my friend!! I *wish* all my papers could fit in a couple folders - HA! I already have some folders and small boxes and more to be sorted. I organized my tried & true recipes last year, but I still have all of the ones I tear out of magazines and haven't tried. I know most of them could just be thrown away at this point, but there are some good ones in there!

    Big paperwork-just-isn't-my-friend-so-I'm-glad-you-are size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my friend! Love ya! :)

  11. HA! Every now and then, when there's no longer room next to my puter for my tea glass, I'll 'organize' all the papers I've been printing. Amazing the things I find when I start digging, lol! I'm going to stop procrastinating... later.

    I was gonna direct you to a smiley face calendar, but $20 for 12 different-coloured smiley pics just seemed... wrong.

    Love ya loads, later-maid!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  12. pretty ingenious my friend! I am impressed and I would say that is way more organized than just sitting out somewhere and at least they are also caterogorized! :)

    Me? I struggle with mail! YUCK....it has been a battle for years!

    ** sigh **

  13. I tear recipes out of magazines and a few are used but many are placed in a folder and never see the light of day again. I try not to do it anymore!

  14. Packing for vacation. We will be in your state in a few days, and I haven't even started!


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