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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For the LOVE of Boxes!

Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the day that we load the moving truck!

Believe it or not, I’m ready.

I’ve been living with this……


and this….


and these…


AND these….


and plenty more that are not pictured, for waaayyyy to long now.

(Are you as sick of looking at boxes as I am of living with them? LOL!)

As sad as it is to leave a house that has 12 years of memories in it, it’s exciting to look forward to making new ones in a new home. We will take the old memories with us and hold them forever in our hearts.

Good bye little yellow house! You’ve been good to us! But it’s time now to


I’m not sure how long the transition between here and there is going to take (for the internet at least because that’s all I’m really worried about right now. Who cares that one bedroom is painted an ugly orange, I need internet hooked up PRONTO!) but if you don’t hear from me for a few days I’m sure you’ll know from this post, what I’m doing.

Pray that everything (like the internet switcharoo) goes off without a hitch!

Love you my sweet friends!!!



  1. Oh, how exciting!!!! I'm praying for all of you. Now, go have some chocolate!

  2. Bye little yellow house..that I will never get to see..:-(

    Helloooo big new house..with room for lots of company!1 :-)

    Have fun and try not to stress too much..remember it is so hard on the children also!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures and here the stories..hugs and lovin..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. I know exactly what you're going through, LOL! I'll be praying that it all goes smoothly and with nary a tear!

  4. Sooooo very excited for you Kim! Praying it all goes well and you have Super Strength to do all it takes to move....I'm praying for the Internet FO SHO!!!
    Love you!

  5. Yay!! I am so excited for you!! Believing the internet switch will be seamless. I am sad I didn't get down there to stay in the cottage though : (

    Will be praying for you!!

    Love you

  6. All the best with your move!

    I recall after moving several years ago..that I would be very happy if I didn't have to see another box for a loooong time! LOL!

  7. Wow girly you have been busy. Hope that the move goes great and that you settle in quickly. I am ready to move on as well...just need someone to buy my house :)

  8. Yaaaaaaaay! I'm so tickled for you! Lots of prayers are going up for you today! :) Stay sane. Ok?

  9. I know you will be so glad to be done with boxes my friend!! I am praying that all goes well with loading/unloading boxes and getting the new place ready too. Wish I could be there to help out!

    Big praying-for-a-smooth-move-and-seamless-internet-transition-so-you-don't-OD-on-chocolate-and-coffee size hugs to you!!! Love you my sweet friend!!! Have a FABULOUS move!!! Pretend like I'm there lifting that box next to you, or that I'm getting in the way and asking if it's time to take a Starbucks break yet. :)

    Love you!!! Giant HUGS!

  10. Very exciting! I am sure the new house will feel like home very quickly!

  11. Congrats on de MOVE!!!! I'm envious....cuz we are just beginning the process of getting our house ready to sell.... Praying for a smooth transition toward finding your new "normal in a new abode and hood!!

    Thought you'd enjoy this groovy song with a twist of quirkiness. I can see you and your beautiful family pulling something similar off like this!!


  12. So hoping the move goes well.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  13. I understand the memories, but we make new memories in each house!
    good luck


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