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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Funnies! Why I don’t Iron!

friday funnies Happy Friday!
It’s my FAVORITE day of the week.
It’s time to giggle, it’s time to laugh, it’s time throw caution to the wind and enter into the Friday Funny zone without our depends on! Enter at own risk!
If you’d like to join in this funfest and you have a family friendly funny to share then feel free to link up below.

My funny today pretty much confirms why I don’t think it’s safe to iron 
and therefore I will go out of my way not to have to do it. 
That’s what dryers are for right?

See I told you it was dangerous!
Have a fabulous weekend my sweet friends!


  1. Lol! So True!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. That was funny! I came here specifically to get a laugh for the day.

    I'm doing a cookbook giveaway at my blog if you're interested.

  3. I'm the generation that still irons so I think it's hilarious. Love you, precious friend. Come over and see my new doormats!


  4. Thank you for saving us from these dangerous contraptions!!! I think I'll give mine away, it's not used much anyway!!! Loved it. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I'm not one who likes to iron either.

  6. OH that was precious!! I love Brian R. and that was one I haven't seen yet.

    Why are we allowed to have these? (I wish we weren't!) I have a TON of ironing to do today.

  7. I am glad that we have more testimony to support avoiding this mondane task:-)

  8. That was awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL! I KNEW there was a good reason why I don't like to iron.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  10. I will not see my iron and ironing board the same again..!


  11. Laughed out loud!..yep I knew it!
    Get both out of our homes immediately!...hehehe

  12. That was funny. Some would say just leave it to the professionals!

    We are still here at our blog. Just slow going. :)

  13. I hate to iron, so this gives me a great reason to give up this particular chore....tooooo dangerous! lol

  14. Oh my gosh! That was great! LOL

  15. I just love him!! It is all SO true my friend - LOL!!

    Big now-I-need-somebody-to-claim-that-washing-dishes-and-folding-laundry-and vacuuming-are-dangerous-tasks-and-then-I'll-be-set size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day!! Love you friend! :)

  16. Hahaha, this is cute and so true, lol! I had never seen it before, thanks for sharing! I forgot about your Friday Funnies until you left a comment on my blog, so I added your button to my post and linked up!

  17. LOL! Why haven't these things been recalled?!

    OK, you've put me to shame. I just opened up your package and that adorable stocking (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!) is sitting on a dejected little box still waiting to be taken to the PO. Reckon I'm just not used to not feeling infuriatingly (to the guys) chipper and ready to rumble. 8-} I PROMISE, I'll TRY to get 'er done this weekend!

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  18. Hi! Popped over from Marsha's Musings. That's fantastic! Thanks for the laugh. .. It IS medicine! :)

  19. OMG! That was tooo funny! Thanks for the laugh!
    I hated missing this week! I actually went to work @ my husbands for for a few days and made some Christmas $$ woohoo!!

    Have a blessed weekend ~ Love you!

  20. ohmy!! Absolutely loved it. Now have some great feasons to give hubby the next time he asks me to iron

    In HIS Keeping

  21. I completely agree with the whole dryer thing! That's how most of our clothes are de-wrinkled :)


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