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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Moving Boxes Part 2

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday. It was mean of me, but the story is pretty long and I don’t want to leave anything out. It may take one more post but you’ll get a lot of the detail today. If you missed part 1, go here.

So here we sit, wondering what to do next. We were talking about our options and what we should do. We finally decided to take our house off the market at least through the holidays and then regroup and take it from there. All we need to do is call our realtor and let him know. Not 10 seconds after our conversation ended the phone rang. It was our realtor’s office calling, saying that someone wanted to come and look at the house. Huh? Just 10 seconds earlier we were all set to take her off the market and now someone wants to come look at it? That’s fine. We decided that they’d come look, move on and we’d take her off the market the next day.

So this nice family shows up and spends about 10 mins. looking at the house and then comes out the front door and says we have a lovely home and leaves with their realtor. I call my hubby and tell him that they weren’t interested because past experiences have told us that if they don’t stay long, they’re not interested. We decided to wait until the next day to call the realtor to let him know about our plans because my hubby was at work at this point. About 2 hours after the family came to look at the house my realtor calls and said that we have an offer on our house. WHAT? I’m sorry, WHAT? You gotta be kidding me!  But… but…they didn’t stay long. We don’t have a house to buy any more. We were going to regroup! Thanksgiving is coming up! Christmas! What?

Yup! They loved it. The husband and the Dad had gone and looked at 18 or so other houses prior to ours. Our house was the only one that the wife came to look at with them and she said she walked in and fell in love with it. Make a long story short, we love this family! I’m SO happy that they are the ones buying our house. They are exactly what I envisioned in our home. I got to sit down and talk with her while her husband and her Dad walked around the house as my husband showed them everything and what’s been updated and done. They are a young couple and we all hit it off really well. She wants to homeschool her kids when they get to be school age and was very excited when I told her that I’d be happy to help her in any way. Which of course means that we’ll be talking in the future. Has this every happened to any of you? LOL! You sell your house and become friends with the new owners? LOL!

Back to the story. Now we have someone who wants to buy our house but we no longer have a house to buy. So we set out house shopping the next day. We looked at 3 houses in the area in which we wanted to move and ended up really really liking the 1st one we looked at. Apparently the house is going through a nasty divorce. That’s never good. I asked our realtor who was still living in the house and he said the wife. Red flags started to fly but we proceeded with making an offer. Back and forth we went until we agreed to a price. Papers signed and ready to go.

Or so we thought…..


  1. That's too funny but now you have some new friends! I'm glad you found a house as well. We were in that situation several years ago when we were trying to sell our house as we found a house to buy. The people interested in our home ended up buying the one we were negotiating out from under us. sheesh!

    Thanks for entering the cookbook giveaway at my book review blog. Good luck! The drawing will be on Friday.

  2. I had a feeling when I read your last post about getting an offer on your house. LOL! Hmmm, now I wonder what is happening.. Praying all goes well!

  3. I'm taking notes on all of this because we plan to be in the same arena as you in the next few years. Thanks for sharing the good, the not so good and the suspenseful parts of your experience!!

  4. Wow!! Is there are part 3 to this??? I guess I will hear it later today :)

  5. I just now read part 1 and part 2, and all I can say is "I can't wait for part 3." Can't wait to hear where you're going and when you're going.

    Hope your new home is the home of your dreams and that it's even better than the one you wanted that suddenly disappeared from the MLS.

    Have a wonderful day.


  6. So you are packing of the family and moving to....Texas?! Yippee!!!!

    Okay, a girl can dream. God must have something pretty wonderful in mind for your family. Can't wait to see what He does/or did....I can't take the cliff-hanger endings. You know I call patience the "p" word!

  7. Oh my girlfriend. You have had some craziness going on.
    Our story is somewhat the same ( though I still haven't shared it in the blog world yet..). We sold our house when no one thought we could (not a short sale or foreclosure & got a good price for it).. so now we are waiting to show us the next door to walk through.
    Blessing to you my dear friend.. looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

  8. When I sold my house 4 yr ago, my next door neighbour bought it. I've even been back to the house for a book club meeting. And it was nice to see it again.

    But despite the wonderful memories from the girls childhood, I didn't want it back. She and her family love it. And we love our new place.

    Good luck!

  9. Such craziness! God's timing is all good!

    Big now-I-don't-trust-you-and-I'm-worried-that-you'll-sneak-in-a-Part-4-and-maybe-even-a-5 size hugs to you!!! Hope you are having a very fun and productive day with friends today! Love you!! :)

  10. You are leaving us hanging way more than I did on the Cupcake Saga!! Can't say I like it too much, LOL

    Love you and can't wait for part 3

  11. Girl...you can't leave us hanging like that! How great that you love the couple moving in! Praying that you are able to get the home you love as well.

  12. How neat that you had buyers as soon as you were ready to take your home off the market! Oh, I can't wait for the rest of the story...

  13. Dang...you left us hanging again! I just read these to posts at once thinking I would get the whole story and be done! Hahaaaa jokes on me.....

    We actually sold our first home for the original asking price...no offer of a lower price...they took it and ran! Ha! That will never happen again!
    Can't wait to hear what happens with you!

  14. I would have been a nervous wreck. Waiting anxiously for part 3.


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