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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And My 2011 Calendar Choice Is?

Okay, the fact that I do whole posts about my next years calendar purchase tell you that I take this pretty serious. I mean you are stuck looking at this thing for a whole year. Well at least I am, as mine hangs in my kitchen.

Last years was a no brainer. I saw it and new it was the one. This year was a little harder. There were several that caught my eye (thanks to calendar.com) , but I finally narrowed it down to two.

These two.

201100007886 coffee calendar

My first thought would be to try to find these locally so I wouldn’t  have to pay shipping. So I scoured the country on my calendar hunt. Hallmark? No. Wal-Mart? Yeah, right! Publix? (You never know!) Ross? Uh, uh. Simply Gifts? Nope. Hobby Lobby? YES! YES!

While doing some Christmas shopping I spotted the calendar section at Hobby Lobby. The first one I saw was the Gooseberry Patch one and I thought, “This is the one.” BUT upon further searching, I found the coffee one. Here’s the clincher, there was only one of each left. I had to make a decision and I had to make it now. (I always say that if someone had a camera on me most of my day they would have a pretty good comedy.) So here I stood, calendars in hand. Refusing to put either one down for fear of losing it. I looked at the front, looked at the back, smelled the cover then held it close to my chest.

The Gooseberry Patch Calendar is so nostalgic and precious (and on sale right now on their website). Not to mention it has a recipe for every month. But then on the other hand my new kitchen is going to be done in the coffee theme again. Why couldn’t they have had only one? WHY? WHY? Sorry, a bit to dramatic.

So after what seemed like hours I put one back and walked off with my new calendar. The fact that I got to use my 40% coupon with it was a bonus. So what calendar only cost me $6.40?

This one!


Yes, folks the coffee one won. It now sits happily on my counter waiting for it’s d├ębut in just 2 days!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from inside.



    IMG_1198 IMG_1197







Isn’t it cute? I love it’s whimsy!

So there you have it. A whole posted dedicated to what calendar I bought for next year. If you read to the bottom you truly are my friend. LOL!

Does anyone else take their calendar shopping this seriously or do you buy a Dollar Store calendar and not worry about it?



  1. I usually use the The Palmer Home for Children's calendar but they have not sent it out yet. I may end up having to buy one too.

    I love your choice!!

  2. I like your new calendar a latte! In the realm of all calendars it is the venti of them all. LOL! Does it smell like coffee too because that would be so cool. Remember scratch and sniff books? I had a favorite Mary Engel. calendar that I adored so at the end of that year I framed my favorite pages. You could totally to that next year with your favorite pages. I think you are such a blast! Thank you for all of your uplifting, delightful, honest, crazy, hilarious, posts this year. You are a day brightener for sure. Blessings to you and your family in the new year!

  3. I enjoy your calendar picking process. My MIL usually gets me one so I just keep that one. Although the Gooseberry one looks really cute too so I may have to get that one.

  4. I enjoy your calendar picking process. My MIL usually gets me one so I just keep that one. Although the Gooseberry one looks really cute too so I may have to get that one.

  5. It looks like it is hand painted!

    I like calendars that have pictures/photos that would look great in frames after I am done using them for the year.

    Believe it or not, I often find them at the dollar store! (Shrinking right now!:-)

    If I was just purchasing a calender for myself, I might be a little more indulgent but I always buy three extras for each of our kids!

    Happy planning!Hope you have a blessed New Year!

  6. Uh, calendar? That's what de computer dashboard is good for!!

    Nice pick for the $....though I'm partial to tea not java.

    Great to know I have a "friend" in Florida now! ( ;

  7. ROFL!!! I can just imagine watching you agonizing over which calendar to buy! I like that coffee one.

    We had a special spot at our former cottage where we hung a calendar. We bought Wysocki calendars for years until the price just went too high for my penny-pinching wallet. Then I got whatever was pretty at a local bookseller after they all went on sale for 50% off. Fast forward to now - we have no calendar in the kitchen! And the only calendars we have are free ones (from a tour company, Betty Crocker, etc). Now that we're retired, we really don't look at the calendar much anymore!

  8. I guess I am a true friend because I did read all the way to the bottom. And you inspired me to go calendar shopping. Lol
    Happy New Year and enjoy your new calendar. :)

  9. I like the coffee one too, very cute... Perfect for your kitchen!

    Yes, I take mine quite seriously, though this entire year was a "calendar flop", lol...I bought The Lang Heart and Home...months ago, LOL

  10. Cute! I've been searching for mine as well...no luck so far! Yikes! I love the Gooseberry one though, I've had those before...so whimisical and fun! Have a blessed 2011!

  11. Picking a calendar is totally a big deal for me too. I would have picked the coffee one too.

  12. Oh, our hearts!
    They're broken!

    Just kidding - we still love you, Kim! And that coffee calendar is ALMOST as cute as ours. ;)

  13. I only have a day planner, so picking out a calendar isn't a problem for me, but picking out the perfect day planner is incredible important to me.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. You did sooo good Kim! I love the coffee one! I can so see you in Hobby Lobby agonizing over which calendar....LOLOLOL bless your heart ;) I DO wish I had a video of it but you did good replaying it for us!

    I just love you! :)

  15. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the very deliberate process of choosing a calendar! Your choice was great..and at a great price!

  16. No cutting holes in this one, K?

  17. I take forever to select my calendars - I buy 4 each year and I go back to the calendar store more than once as I try to make up my mind. You have to put up with the calendar for 12 months so it is VERY important that you like it.

  18. Oh wow! You just gave me a reason to go to Hobby Lobby! LOL My family has been trying to get me to go there since we just got a new store in our area... I just haven't had the time.
    Looks like I'll be going there soon! :)

    Hope you're having a great day!

  19. Good choice. Though I liked them both.
    I didn't get a chance yet to pick a fun calendar.. for right now I'm using one from Allstate.. exciting right?? LOL

    Happy New Year

  20. Oh I love the coffee calendar!! I can totally picture you in the store my friend - LOL!! Your new kitchen will be super cute with the coffee theme, I'm sure!

    Big I-was-given-2-chocolate-calendars-as-gifts-so-I'm-good size hugs to you! Love ya!!


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